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Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

best brunch ever

21 Aug 2013

huge variety of vegan/ vegetarian spreads, cheese, salads, granola, scrambled tofu, etc

Parvis de St Gilles 24, St Gilles, Brussels, Belgium

Overprized and not so yummy

08 Jun 2015

Once again I had the impression that people think that being vegan means being on a diet:
I took the menu which should price wise have been the biggest dish (11 Euros). Got 2 falafel, 2 Pakora, 1 spoon of humus, 1 spoon of tahini and 1 spoon of baba ganoush and a bit of salat and a pita. None of it was especially tasty - humus and tahini tasted almost the same, baba ganoush did not taste like anything. Only the falafel were yummy.
Overall: completely over prized for what you get! There are way better options such as Mr Falafel where you get a pita that you can fill yourself with loads of stuff and get salad as well for almost half the prize

Revaler Strasse 99, Berlin, Germany

yummy and cozy

21 Aug 2013

great food and delicious desserts in a great location

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany


21 Aug 2013

insanely yummy food and great offer!
highlights are: blueberry scone and blueberry cheesecake,chocolate chip cookie, chickpea masala salad and all the wraps and bagels :-)
wanna move to berlin just for this place!!!

Linienstr 94, Berlin, Germany

delicious and high quality

21 Aug 2013

had lunch there which was not expensive in comparison to regular prizes - lunch menu around 9 Euros. and really delicious. just one thing: if you do not eat meat because you simply don't like the taste you should definitely not take any of the soy substitutes - my meat eating friend confirmed that the soy schnitzel tasted 100% like pork which was impressive but not what i enjoy... the other dishes (baked celery with mashed potatoes and tomato capers butter and oven potato with tzatziki) were amazing!!!

Garcia Morato, 5, Alicante, Spain

Awesome mostly vegan place

21 Aug 2013

went there with a friend (carnivore - was shocked that he can feel so full with only vegan food). very yummy vegan 4 course meal and half a liter good wine for less than 12 euro!!! must-go in alicante!

Mainzer Strasse 18, Berlin, Germany

very nice French brunch

21 Aug 2013

we went there for the weekend brunch and really loved it: everything in mini size (typical french ;-) ) so you can try everything for sure: croissants (oven warm), mousse au chocolat, smoothies, filled mushrooms, omelette wraps, crepes (unfortunately cold), different salads and 3 warm dishes. yummy! didnt try bit saw the awesome looking tartes, quiches, etc

Ringvagen 145, Stockholm, Sweden

Super yummy - worth every cent :)

08 Jun 2015

Dare to say that it is the best hummus in Scandinavia with many different toppings! Super yummy and cute design, especially nice to sit outside if Swedish weather allows it. Also very nice owners.
Don't eat too much pita - focus on the hummus. otherwise you can't move afterwards ;)

Avenida de la Constitucion, 16, Alicante, Spain

nice but not amazing

21 Aug 2013

was a bit disappointed by the offer of baked goods. croissants, some cakes and quiche. the sweet stuff i tried was nice but not a must-try... the quiche and stuffed salty pastry was a bit oily but quite yummy

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