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6001, Blue Boy Mansion, Jalan Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great variety but...

03 Jul 2013

You must be prepped for hawker food. If you're used to a western style eatery with good AC, sorry look elsewhere. If you're after cheap and delicious food, then this is the place. I'm stressing the hawker/street food angle since it's effectively what it is. So if you're not use to seeing it, keep an open mind and give it a try. They do one heck of a chicken rice at the mixed rice stall.
It's located just opposed Swiss garden hotel in a little alley way. Just behind the express hotel. It's Asia, so don't let the word "mansion" fool you.

94 Hopkins Street, Footscray, Footscray

Great noodles

14 Jun 2010

I'd try and go during the beginning or middle of the lunar month. Mainly cuz of the specials. Still, during the week they do good noodles and the ginger chicken rice is a bit of a quilty pleasure for me.
Price isn't bad. Come here for the food.
Try their lamb hot pot.
Affliated with the local Buddhist temple.

21 Rosella St, Doncaster East, Doncaster

Nice little place

09 Jun 2015

This place used to be over at Lt Collins in the food court but they've now moved to their new site. Not that I'm complaining cuz it's closer to where I am.

Price wise, it’s not the cheapest but it not the most expensive either. Flavor-wise, I’d describe it as Canto-Vietnamese and if you’re in that mind frame, the food’s pretty good. For lunch, we had the Pho, Mushroom noodles and the Laksa. Serving size was decent size so I can’t complain about that.

Given it’s only open for a few months only, I expect them to find their feet and improve over time but it’s a good start. We’re definitely going back again since we’ve also had their Bo and Kuey Teow for dinner (take away) the serving sizes ain’t bad.

The cons here really are: location and speed. Location is the main problem since their isolated. You must drive to get there and even then it’s hard to find. Here’s the tip: from the city, find your way to Blackburn road (either by the Eastern Fwy, Canterbury or Whitehorse roads – I suggest the Eastern if you can). Make a left at Blackburn road and slow down as soon as you see the Beverley Hill School on your left, and TURN LEFT at that street. Rosella street is the first left bordering the school.

The other con is the speed and to clarify, it’s the wait time for the order to be filled. They need to pick up the pace a little. The restaurant wasn’t packed out at the time and we weren’t rushing to get out however if they get busy and/or we’re in a hurry, then the dining experience might not be too great. Again, they’re new so I’m expecting that they’re still finding their feet.

Flavor and price wise, no complaints. I’ve had food courts that charged me more for substandard food so they’re going a fairly good job in that regards. Just bear in mind that you’re not at an Indian, Thai or Malaysian place where the idea is that the flavor kicks you in the fork. It’s Canto/Vietnamese so it’s more about subtlety.

What I’m hoping is that they slowly develop their menus further and concentrate on being something that is lacking in the veggie food market right now in Vic, and that’s a really good noodle joint that does a good Canto BBQ range: fish ball noodles, beef tendon noodles, etc. As Veggies, we’re inventive and that’s a niche that’s currently unfilled at the moment. There’s a lot of Thais, Indians and Sino-Malaysians but not one that does a decent Canto range.

Shop 4, 26 Princess St, Kew

Charming place for lunch or brekkie

02 Sep 2013

In our case it was brekkie....
Nice friendly atmosphere, reasonably priced and the food was nice. Friendly staff. Definitely will be back here.
The main downer? If you don't know Kew well, might be a little tricky to find but really, it's not that hard. Find Leo's supermarket in Kew and it's next door to Laurents

185 Victoria St, West Melbourne, Melbourne

This is a Melbourne institution

12 Jun 2010

I've being here before. It's not far from the Vic market and a vegetarian supermarket near by. Food is nice and prices reasonable.

422 Little Collins St, Shop 10, Melbourne

Nice little takeaway

07 Jan 2013

Basically a takeaway located at a vocational school with a few other little takeaways. The big problem with this place is it's opening hours, it's at the mercy of the school so strictly business hours and no weekends.
That said, the food's good and in a nice little (hidden) location.
You can order fresh cooked or just get the pre-cooked stuff.
We had their XO noodles.

113 Queensbridge St, Southbank

Good food, nice atmosphere

06 Sep 2009

OK, first of all, I have to say I have a vested interested in this place. I had my Wedding here.

That out of the way. Food and service is good. Nice ambience. Not a bad place for a formal date (quiet, classy and not to pricey).

Besides a good menu, they also do a good steam boat as well. During chinese New Year, they do a Prosperity salad that's one of the best around.

Good take out menu.

They now also sell Frozen vegetarian food as well.

The main downside is parking. You're option is either to park at Crown and walk across (Nearest exit is near Galactic circus towards Queens Bridge). There is parking at the restaurant but it's limited. Someone needs to hold out of the car and ask one of the staff to let them in.

268 Victoria St, Richmond

Good location, good food and good price

18 May 2012

A very nice little vegetarian cafe that does great noodles and a great hot pot.
Good price too. Nice and casual.
Try their Pho, it's good.

L3 264 Swanston St, Melbourne

Nice, healthy and great taste

28 Jan 2013

I came across this place literally yesterday.
It's above Noodle Kingdom on Swanston street, a stones throw from Bourke street, Melbourne Central and QV. Access is via the lift which is the main negative of this place. If you're a bulky wheel chair or have a double pram... plan ahead. I ended up just ditching the double for a single and a baby carrier.
Once upstairs, you're greeted by professional staff with nice decor. Very Eastern Buddhist influence.
Food wise: good price, good size servings and more importantly, tastes great. Loved their Jade Buddha fried rice and that Egg plant... well done.
Criticisms? The lift aside, and there's not much that could be done about that, a few more rice and noodle dishes can't hurt. For the lunch crowd, might be a little limited. Otherwise, it's a nice, healthy option. The thing I love about it is that there isn't an over-reliance on Mock meat. This is a vegie place that knows Vegetarianism's roots.

73 Vincent Street, Daylesford

Nice cafe on the main strip

31 Oct 2010

Mainly vegetarian but the place is very busy. Reason? They make great bread. Full Stop.
Try their rich Hot Chocolate. Coffee's pretty good too.
Great food. Price wise though, it's ok.
I've paid more for a lot worst.
Great ambience with a nice little corner couch with you want to get cozy with that special someone.

Brisbane Area, Brisbane

About the only good thing about Fortitude valley

04 Aug 2009

I was quite disappointed with Chinatown till I found this place. Very good food and good price.
Does a good selection of teas (including bubble tea).
Nice and cosy and not at all threatening, so it's a good place for a first date.
Minor criticism: needs better signage.

Shop 10, 240 Victoria St, Richmond

Good location, nicely priced and good food

15 Nov 2010

OK they've only recently so if you're popping by, just bear with them.
Foodwise, it's nicely priced and very good. Tried their Taiwanese Vermicelli. It's in the busy side of Victoria street.

444 Phayathai Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Get there early

28 Sep 2009

I've been to Thailand a fair few times now and the wife and I love this place. It's a bit of an instituation for us.
It's a food court place but the food is nice. They do fresh noodles and soup there as well.
The trick is to get there early. If you're there around closing time, well it's like any other food court outlet.
Important thing is that it's nice and convenient. If you're vegetarian or Vegan and it's your first trip in Bangkok, head over to MBK first. Get your strength up and then go exploring.
BTW, the food court operates on coupons.

Level 1, 28 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Simple, healthy and very tasty.

21 Nov 2010

OK, first thing. It's all you can eat BUT it's a set menu. For the price, its very good. Ideally located, it's very casual with a positive atmosphere. If you're a backpacker, it's probably perfect for you.

275 Glenhuntly Rd, Elsternwick

I liked it.

21 Dec 2012

First of all, the food here has kick. So if you're ordering their spicey stuff, you've been warned. The style is very Chinese/Singaporean. We had the Fish vermicelli (very nice), the Nasi Lemak (pretty good) and an eggplant dish (bloody excellent).
Staff was great and location is pretty good.
Nothing bad to report.

Suria KLCC, Signature Food Court on Level 2, Stall 11, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About time!

03 Jul 2013

The last time we were in KL, we struggle to find a place to eat so its now to know that there's one at the KLCC as well.
This is one of two Simple life we've been to. The other one was at Sunway. Anyway, the food was delish and healthy. Price is pretty fair. I loved their Nasi Lemak. This one is located in the food court. The one at Sunway is it's own store.

Central Food Hall, 7th floor, Central World Shopping Mall, 494 Rajdamri Rd, Bangkok, Thailand

Nice little surprise....

17 Jun 2013

Located on level 7 of Central World's food hall, its a nice little surprise for us. We were staying at the Centara and thought we're stuck with burgers or had to go elsewhere. Instead, we've got a nice little base here. Basically, it's like the other food stall dotted around. Cheap, nice, Vegan food. Try their chicken rice, but be early though, it sells out quick.
Love their Thai style spaghetti.
By the way, this is one of three

Shop 8, 2464 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

Quaint little place - nice food

04 Aug 2009

First and foremost - there's no buffet.
Having said that, food was nice. Price not bad for GC.
It's not a huge place. It's quite a cosy little eatery.
Good for couples out for food (not for romance) and small families.
We had their set meal.
Downside: location. My advice, drive.

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