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3249 Twelve Mile Rd, Berkley, USA

Amici's - Vegan Pizza's

23 Sep 2012

I have now tried Amici's twice, and so this will be reflecting both times I have ordered.

Atmosphere/Staff - I ordered delivery when my car was broke down (which happens a lot, ugh) in Southfield, Michigan. So I wasn't able to step foot inside but will be sure to update when I do. My first time, I called and spoke with a gentleman who was very friendly. Placed my order and hung up. Forgot I needed a menu (seeing as I told him to just get me something vegan and didn't care too much) so I called back and the girl seemed a bit rude. I would have liked to have thought it was just me. Their driver tried to deliver to the wrong house. Whoops. Good thing I was watching for him. The second time, I ordered a different pie. Nice staff and didn't have a problem with the driver. I am not the type of person to let a first experience traumatize me into lack of business unless it was truly horrendous.

Meal - The first time around, I was upset to learn that despite them knowing I was a first-timer and without menu, they failed to recommend to me their tofu cheese, as it automatically doesn't come on any of their vegan pies. Despite, the pie was pretty good and made on a healthy wheat dough so I tried to order again to see if we could get things in better shape than my first order. The second time around, what I ordered was pretty much like a Mexican-style vegan pizza (with tofu-cheese) and... Oh my am I glad I went back. Unfortunately their 3 vegan pizza's all have no cheese and no name other than a number on a list, so I have no true names to tell you what I ordered.

All around, we had a bit of a rough patch at first, but in the end it was pretty darn good. I will gladly order there when I find myself stranded in Southfield again, because we all know it's bound to happen.

1 S Main St, Clawson, USA

Da Nang - Com Dau Hu Xao

11 Sep 2012

Being new to the vegan/vegetarian thing, understand that I haven't tried many truly vegan items and to top it all off, I have never tried Vietnamese Cuisine. With that being said, I will begin.

Atmosphere - Beautiful. I had ordered take out, but I was sure to look around the place and admire. Upon entering, I was greeted by a very friendly hostess who rang me up without delay so I could return to my job as quick as possible, but was not rude by any means and was very friendly.

Meal - Having found Da Nang via Happy Cow, I had no menu on hand. I told her to pick a favorite meal, or commonly ordered dish, and to place an order of that in for me. With this known, it was a truly random dish that allowed me a unique plate that I would not have likely ordered otherwise. Despite, she gave me the 'Tofu Stir Fry' (Com Dau Hu Xao) and I must say... I polished off half my carry out and was pleasantly stuffed. I am not a huge fan of Tofu, but I would most definitely order this dish again.

All around, I was very pleased where I had originally walked in intimidated and a tad nervous about my random food, but I feel that it had an amazing taste and I will happily order there again in the future!

121 E 13 Mile, Royal Oak, USA

Hippies Pizza - Vegan Pizza

15 Sep 2012

So I have tried Hippies Pizza several times in the past, but I figured I would order a custom pizza this time so the experience was fresh in my mind.

Atmosphere - This location is a bit small and tucked back away from the street. Personally when I go, I like to sit out front where they have a table and a couple bar stools so you can enjoy the day while they prepare your food. The staff on hand is very friendly and welcoming, even when you don't know what you want (like me! lol) most of the time.

Meal - For starters, their menu and topping options are HUGE. I ordered a small pie with vegan (Daiya) cheese, vegan pepperoni, onion, green pepper and mushrooms. So your classic Supreme style pie, but done vegan style. Having never tried Daiya, I was thoroughly impressed. It melted very well over the pizza and wasn't overpowering like your everyday mozzarella can be. Their veggie pepperoni had a somewhat strong spice to it with a hint of pepperoni flavor. One thing that I truly appreciated, however, was that they keep vegan options for a flavored crust. Olive oil and herb, or a vegan-friendly butter with herb. (I, personally, was very fond of the 'special herb' mixture that they have. It tastes great if you ask them to sprinkle it over the entire pie.)

All around, I was very satisfied as I had never tried the vegan pepperoni before this past meal. It's a great option for delivery, or picking up on your way home where you can relax. It unfortunately doesn't have dine-in, as it a smaller business.

750 S Old Woodward Ave, Birmingham, USA

Be Well Cafe - Tropical Sun & Liver Cleanse

24 Sep 2012

I dragged another non-vegan friend to this place who is a bit of a health-food nut, so I got to try two items at this location.

Atmosphere - The staff member who helped us was very friendly and more than willing to walk through the menu with us, knowing that I am a new vegan and my friend wasn't vegan at all. It was a tiny area considering the way that the building is set up, but it doesn't take long to prepare the drinks.

Meal - The Tropical Sun was quite tasty (being that I like coconut and pineapple) and it was a bit of a more mellow taste. The Liver Cleanse (which I only tried a sip of) had a bit of a stronger taste to it, but it wasn't bad at all considering that I'm not a huge fan of beets. I would order either one again in the future.

Their whole menu is quite unique and it will take some time to try the different options. As we were leaving, the girl on staff was kind enough to let us know that they also recently began making a 'raw ice cream' that isn't on the menu yet and consists of banana's. I will have to be sure to try that the next time I'm in the store.

13944 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, USA

Red Star - General Tso's Chicken

23 Sep 2012

During one of my random runs to Southfield, I found Red Star via Happy Cow. It was still a 15 minute drive, but when I discovered it was vegan and Chinese, you couldn't stop me.

Atmosphere - It's a bit small, certainly not intended for large parties or anything. The gentleman I spoke with was very friendly, making recommendations when I told him my friend was not vegan, but I was. Despite which, my friend ordered a vegan dish out of curiosity. Almost the entire menu is vegan friendly, having fake chicken and beef products to replace the meat ones.

Meal - It didn't taste identical to chicken, but even my meat-eating friend was impressed with it. I asked for additional spices which were quite a bit spicier than I anticipated, but it was still really good. I managed to wolf down half my dinner. The spring roll wasn't terribly good, but the egg roll was really yummy. Both rolls are vegan friendly as well.

All around, it was well worth the 15-20 minute drive. I was particularly upset when I realized that with vegan meals, I wouldn't be able to enjoy sweet and sour tofu or anything because no Chinese places carried it, and the fact that they carry these products is excellent for business because it makes very nearly their entire menu vegan-friendly. If I could give this place 5 cows (which I wish I could) then I totally would.

141 W Maple Rd, Birmingham, USA

Sweet Earth - Vanilla/Chocolate/Passionfruit

24 Sep 2012

So my friend and I stumbled into this place, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Atmosphere - There is plenty of space if you wish to sit down and eat inside. Everything was very clean and well tended to. The woman who helped me was very friendly and showed us directly to the vegan friendly items, seeing as this was my first trip inside. In the center of the building was a setup where you can top your ice cream with different options. When asking questions, the staff on hand didn't know everything we asked, but knew where to look to gain the right information for us.

Meal - I put a little vanilla, chocolate and passionfruit (the flavors of the week) into a cup, topped with some strawberries and raspberries. My favorite flavor was the passionfruit. Delicious and full of flavor. The only downside was that they only have a small handfull of vegan friendly flavors.

On a side note: My friend and I were both happy about the fact that they use biodegradable spoons!

2880 W Maple, Troy, USA

Whole Foods

25 Sep 2012

I am sent here quite frequently for random items. Every item I have ever needed has been quickly found and in stock. When I need more than what is on the shelves, the staff has always been easy to find and whereas just about every time I have been in line there are a good 3-4 people ahead of me in each line, it takes the staff little to no time (I haven't ever waited in line more that 5-10 minutes) to ring in my items and get me out the door. Despite the constant chaos, the store remains very clean and the staff is always extremely friendly. I will happily shop there time and time again.

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