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The Absolute Bottom Line

I feel quite strongly that, at this juncture in evolution, the greatest hurdle for all who would hope to see an end to violence and injustice on earth, is the widespread failure to recognize and denounce the exploitation, fear and suffering that is inflicted, every day, with impunity, upon undeniably innocent and sensitive animals.

I am, at once, both inspired and confounded by the genuine concern and good will of many millions of people for the plight of others who suffer, but whose compassion, most regrettably, does not extend to the same plight and suffering of animals, including, but not limited to, the billions who are imprisoned and slaughtered, needlessly, for food.



This apparent disunity of conscience, and the resulting denial or apathy with regard to the unintended pain and suffering it produces, constitute, in my view, the greatest obstacle to the attainment of an absolute bottom line of morality.

If we fail to recognize, and denounce the untold suffering that is unnecessarily inflicted on truly innocent and sensitive beings who have never threatened or harmed us in any way, seeking only to survive in relative comfort and safety, as do we,
how can we even begin to imagine achieving reconciliation amongst peoples ensnared in years and years of conflict, injustice, violence and retribution?!

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