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So who exactly were Jessey Wade & Ernest Bell ? Why have they dropped from the memories of  most of today’s animal lovers? About Jessey Wade’s personal life we have discovered very little; we do know that Jessey was working for animals / fighting for animals from the mid-1890s onward. We have records of her  dynamic pro-animal activities for a period of approx. 50 years. The Ernest Bell Library has more than 150 pieces of Jessey’s…

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Animal Rights/ General/ vegan history/ Veganism/ vegetarian history

The Isle of Vegetariana by G. Bedborough

This is one of the earliest vegetarian children’s stories in English that we have discovered. George Bedborough’s thinking is delightful. I particularly love his reflections on militancy. ! Please remember that this story was written more than 100 years ago – just pre-WWI – it is ‘pre-factory farming’ & does not go ‘all the way to vegan’. The ‘non-vegan’ section is highlighted in purple. Mrs Duck and Mrs Cow are pragmatists –…

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Animal Rights/ vegan history/ vegetarian history

Remembering Vegetarian Pioneers – Henry S. Salt & Ernest Bell

Updated – Mon Oct 13, 2014 The Humanitarian League’s team has had a busy year –  promoting veganism, opposing vivisection & planting many trees. During the past 12 months The Ernest Bell Library has been given / has purchased more that 200 of the items on our main ‘Search List’ & has ‘found’ another 300+ items previously ‘unknown to us’. We now have more than 300 pieces of Ernest Bell’s own writings.…

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The Innocents

It is enormously tragic, that the defenseless, the harmless and the gentle sentient beings from whom we might have learned so much, who would have trusted us, and by whose acquaintance our lives could be so much enriched, are rewarded with imprisonment, torture and slaughter. I am often reminded of, and haunted by, a post to the HappyCow blog on July 30, 2011 from Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati. The piece, entitled “Bruno: A New…

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The Absolute Bottom Line

I feel quite strongly that, at this juncture in evolution, the greatest hurdle for all who would hope to see an end to violence and injustice on earth, is the widespread failure to recognize and denounce the exploitation, fear and suffering that is inflicted, every day, with impunity, upon undeniably innocent and sensitive animals. I am, at once, both inspired and confounded by the genuine concern and good will of…

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Animal Rights/ General

Honoring Mothers of All Species

We just received this press release we would like to share with you… This Mother’s Day, Farm Sanctuary Encourages Public to Honor Mothers of All Species Nation’s Leading Farm Animal Protection Organization Offers Opportunity to Sponsor an Orphaned Animal or Courageous Mother in Need Watkins Glen, NY – May 5, 2010 – Last September, the heartbreaking story of Angelo, a lamb born inside a transport truck and rescued by a…

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Sponsor a Baby…

We just received this and would like to pass it on to you… This Easter, Parents Urged to Sponsor an Animal in Need for Their Children, Not Buy One Watkins Glen, NY – March 22, 2010 – They are cute and fuzzy and at first may seem like the perfect Easter gift for a child, but all too often the ducklings, chicks and bunnies that are cherished on Easter day…

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Animal Rights/ General

Colouring in cruelty

It’s time for my monthly ramblings from the world of vegan parenting… It’s been raining, and raining, and raining some more these last few weeks so we’ve been spending a lot of time colouring  in pictures.  Littlepixie is getting bored of her colouring book and my drawing skills are reasonably close to abysmal, I mean I know what I’m trying to draw, it’s just that our pencils are quite clearly…

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