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cannibal planet

I am convinced that were it not for the convenience and the distance afforded by the myriad available venues from which we purchase all manner of of consumer goods, we would see some changes in our shopping lists.

It’s so easy to buy things without the vaguest idea of the real story preceding their arrival in the marketplace. In many cases, perhaps most, the supply-chain history would be of little interest, let alone sufficiently disagreeable to prove a “deal breaker”.
In some cases, however, I believe that many people would find the real story very disturbing, indeed.

If fully aware of the process by which the lamb chop, pork chop, veal or steak has arrived at the grocery store, where we find it, neatly packaged and covered with plastic, or the bacon cheeseburger at the fast food restaurant, some people, I expect, would find these items at least a little less appetizing.

This “process”, by which these “products” are made available, is actually a truly heart-breaking story of birth, confinement, suffering, terror, and finally, premature death by unnatural causes (slaughter).

Still, no doubt, many who might find this story unpleasant will find a way to forget it..
…just not think about it.

I am willing to bet everything I have that if the prospective diner were required, in person, to choose a living animal, and, looking into her or his eyes, slaughter her or him (regardless of method), we would see many millions more people opting for a “meatless” meal.

Of course, there is absolutely no likelihood that the vast majority of meat eaters will ever be confronted by this face to face scenario, and there is an enormous industry to make sure of it.

However, if, in your heart, you know that you are one who would not, or could not, kill an innocent and helpless animal for your casual dining pleasure, I would, respect-fully, encourage you to consider the fact that, insofar as you are paying someone else to kill these animals for you, there is, unfortunately, complicity and compromise.

To those who believe that they need to eat meat to live, I must say it’s simply not true. It is well documented that many of the longest lived and healthiest peoples on earth have diets consisting of little or no meat.

There was, perhaps, a time in the distant past of human evolution, when killing animals was a necessity for survival. That time is long…long… gone for the vast majority of present day civilizations, yet we continue to drag the ball and chain of dead habit on and on.

In closing, I wish to say that, although I certainly don’t see sufficient evidence that would justify an assumption, I do have good reason to hope that real change for the better regarding concern for the rights and welfare of animals is, at least, a possibility.
…..why?… happened to me.

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