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Portland VegFest 2015 – Tips and Highlights

Portland VegFest 2015 - Tips and Highlights

Watch our highlight video of Portland VegFest 2015 in Portland, Oregon. Interviews by HappyCow’s Ken Spector. Locals talk about Portland’s favorite vegan restaurants, products and other vegan tips. Watch our video highlights here: For more info see:…

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Looking Behind The Label

Ethical Consumerism

Overstimulated. Thats how I felt when I returned to Europe after 8 years working and living in Latin America. It became apparent to me that the media have to SHOUT to get our attention; overpopulation, sustainability of food production, loss of natural resources, animal welfare, human health, and so on. Information overload. Two years later saw the start of Veganbnb Travel; vegan adventure holidays in Guatemala and Spain and the…

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Portugal’s Lovely Vegan Businesses – which are thriving in spite of the recession in Europe

Europe is in recession; Portugal, Spain and Greece are suffering with especially strong recessions. Many would agree this may not be a time for starting a business – ……but, a few vegan ethical businesses are flourishing, specially the ones related to Portuguese vegetarian foods. I was inspired to write this article when I found out that friends of mine, Rafael and Ana, had recently started a 100% vegan business called…

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Debunking the Myth That Being Vegan Costs Too Much

A very common belief these days is that it costs too much to be a vegan or vegetarian. That’s kind of like saying living in California is outrageously expensive – all too true if you live in Malibu, but not quite the case in Lancaster or Bakersfield. The reality is that eating healthy veg friendly food doesn’t have to cost a whole lot. Here are some of the best ways…

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The Price of Food and Reviews on HappyCow

Comments from a HappyCow visitor, “Geena” on HappyCow reviews: Being in and around the natural food business on the wholesale side I am on the pulse of wholesale food costs. Dining at vegan establishments around the country I see firsthand the good intentions and dedication to make available cruelty free food to the public.  It is common on veg/vegan sites to see reviewers complaining about the price of the food…

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