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4 COS4S (Four Things), Part 3

By Kathryn Hayward, M.D. and Elle Stetson-Dibble There are few activities that affect our individual health and well-being more than what we put in our bodies for nutrition. When we make daily decisions about what to eat, we usually think about how that food is going to taste, going to make us feel, and how it is going to affect our health and our weight.  However, we often do not think…

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4 COS4S (Four Things) Part 2

International Integrators Facilitator Caty Genestra Villalonga has started a movement in Spain around the common expression “4 COS4S” or “four things” to increase awareness about the benefits of eating whole, plant-based foods.  As discussed in the January 25th blog, the 4 COS4S Project started by inviting restaurants on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca to add “4 things” (“4 cosas”) to their menus whose ingredients are whole food, plant-based and do…

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Meeting Your Nutrient Needs On A Vegan Diet

Meeting Your Nutrient Needs On A Vegan Diet

As a registered dietitian for 25 years, I know a thing or two about nutrition. And not so long ago, a vegan diet was cause for concern among the health care community because of concern regarding potential nutrient risks. Flash forward to today, and growing research points out that a well-planned vegan diet can not only meet your nutrient needs, it can offer a range of benefits, such as a…

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Portland VegFest 2015 – Tips and Highlights

Portland VegFest 2015 - Tips and Highlights

Watch our highlight video of Portland VegFest 2015 in Portland, Oregon. Interviews by HappyCow’s Ken Spector. Locals talk about Portland’s favorite vegan restaurants, products and other vegan tips. Watch our video highlights here: For more info see:…

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VeganGMO – Jamie Foley & The Animalist

NOTE: The views expressed in this interview represent those of the author / the interviewees only and are not those of HappyCow. HappyCow has decided to allow this post to spark discussion, not as an endorsement. Jamie Foley was raised in the American South but now lives in Oakland, CA where he’s a biotechnology student. Right now he is a visiting Fellow with the Cornell Alliance for Science in Ithaca, NY. He started the…

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