10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World

Who doesn’t love tacos? Friends all around the world are fans of this versatile Mexican classic. Whether filled with veggies, hot sauce, or plant-based meats, you may be wondering where exactly to sample the best vegan versions. That’s what we’re here for! This is HappyCow’s list of the 10 best vegan taco restaurants in the world.

VEGuerrero by jaimee.a17

10. VEGuerrero – Mexico City, Mexico

This authentic Mexican restaurants offers a variety of vegan meats, including their own house-made seitan. Their mission is to expand the plant-based gastronomic experience, through ethical culinary culture. Now that’s something we’re into!

Very nice food and amazingly cheap!

AnthonyMontaner on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
Tiki Loco by Pebbles K9

9. Tiki Loco – Dallas, USA

This eclectic Mexican cafe opened in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas in 2018, and became fully vegan a year later. Almost everything on the menu is also gluten-free, which is a big win.

It’s the only restaurant where I loved everything we ordered and we ordered a lot.

VickyLorenzen on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
Tacotarian by JeweliettePears

8. Tacotarian – Las Vegas, USA

This plant-based Mexican eatery offers a variety of unique vegan taco fillings, such as jackfruit barbacoa, mushroom asada, chorizo, and no carne asada. There’s something interesting on the menu for everyone.

This place rivals the best vegan tacos I’ve had in Mexico. Very fresh, very clean crisp flavors.

rmagarik on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
Jajaja by jasoncurry

7. Jajaja – New York City, USA

This restaurant serves modern Latin and Mexican vegan cuisine within Manhattan’s Chinatown. Stop by for a colorful array of dishes and contemporary atmosphere.

The menu is amazing, the drinks were fantastic. The food was awesome!

SummerLee on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
El Cocinero Restaurant by jeanne0623

6. El Cocinero Restaurant – Van Nuys, USA

This  popular all-vegan Mexican restaurant in the San Fernando Valley was opened in the summer of 2020. It’s run by the owners of the successful pop-up Vegatinos.

Some of the best food you’ll eat. Take someone here and they wouldn’t know it was plant based. This is the kind of food that converts meat eaters to plant based food. 

ghostfrog on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
El Cantaro Vegan Mexican Restaurant by EmmaWells

5. El Cantaro Vegan Mexican Restaurant – Monterey, USA

This casual, colorful eatery serves food to-go style with an eat-in area, offering a variety of faux meats and fillings. Located in the New Monterey area since 2013, it has accumulated over 164 rave reviews on HappyCow.

This place is incredible!! Authentic and looks like any other taqueria but vegan!!

aner1kind17 on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
Nissi Vegan by DocHardy

4. Nissi Vegan – Austin, USA

This stationary food truck serves authentic tacos and other Mexican street foods. It also offers vegan protein for sale by the pound for those who like to cook at home!

This place actually goes above and beyond making truly Mexican street-style dishes.

chlacher on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
Nuno’s Tacos & Vegmex Grill by Nuno_Vegano

3. Nuno’s Tacos & Vegmex Grill – Dallas, USA

This eatery offers Mexican street food with space to sit down and enjoy your meal. Their extensive menu offers eight different house-made veggie proteins.

So good. My omnivorous family didn’t even know it wasn’t meat until I told them afterwards.

ladyofnasrin on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria by LGraves

2. Por Siempre Vegana Taqueria – Mexico City, Mexico

The first vegan food truck in Mexico City, this taco stand offers eats-to-go near Parque México. It boasts 90 reviews with an overall 5-star rating on HappyCow. They also have a brick-and-mortal location here.

It’s always great, amazing quality, staff know what they are selling, they are super friendly, there’s always a line but it’s worth it!

sugz on HappyCow

10 Best Vegan Taco Restaurants in the World
Taco Party by alevtina

1. Taco Party – Somerville, USA

Do you like tacos? Do you like to party? If so, this is the place for you! Originally a taco truck and catering company, it’s been brick-and-mortar in the Boston area since 2015, with the over-all highest rating among all those on this list!

These are seriously the best tacos I have ever had. Really fresh tasting, and just all around amazing. 100% vegan!

soyboy3 on HappyCow

Where’s your favorite vegan taqueria? Let us know in the comments.

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