悦意坊 serves Singaporean Chinese cuisine. Wide selection of a la carte items. On the menu are mock sharkfin soup, tom yam soup, and yam basket. There is a set menu for 4,6,8 and 10 pax. Instagram: @yesnaturalsingapore. Last orders 30mins before closing. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

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26 Feb 2024

Confusing vegan labels

There's only a handful of dishes marked with "vegan option" label. Waitress confirmed these are the only vegan dishes which seems odd. Asked about the daily special, and even the rice contained animal products.

Ended up leaving. I had more luck with omni restaurants altering their dishes.

Bakery next door has some nice, clearly labelled pastries, hence the rating.



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18 May 2023

Good vegetarian selection in comfortable settings

Tasty choices, well presented and friendly staff.

Pros: Simple but pleasant ambiance. , Friendly staff.


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11 Mar 2023

Lunch at Yes Natural

Very delicious, not a fan of fried noodles but was very tasty. Good Chinese food and variety of options. Reasonable price. Will come again.


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11 Jan 2023

Great place for small gatherings

Those dishes we ordered are tasty, not too oily or salty.
They have a varied range of other dishes, from soup-based, gravy to fried ones. This catered to a wide range of age group, so even the seniors like to come here.

The waiter serving our food was friendly and patient, which we are grateful for. Moreover, the beautiful manager has a fun personality as well which made our experience a great one.

I would definitely go back again and recommend to my friends and family! #Veganuary

Pros: Friendly and patient staff , Lots of vegan options

Cons: Seats are old, cushion dented in the middle


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25 Dec 2022

Awesome vegetarian food options

Place, food , variety . Must visit place for a vege lover.

Pros: Delicious food, Fast service , Welcoming ambience


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14 Sep 2022

Chinese Dishes

Chinese restaurant which is eggless and allium-free, pretty vegan-friendly with a clearly labelled menu. Taste is generally good; highly recommend the Organic Miso Poached Rice! They have CNY sets too, albeit on the pricier side. Their bakery and retail shop are located next door. All conveniently located near Aljunied MRT.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-14


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19 Jun 2022

Delicious food, spacious restaurant

[Alliums Free Vege]We have enjoyed our meal @yesnaturalsingapore 😋 Restaurant is spacious, perfect for gathering.Foodie are yummy

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Spacious restaurant


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26 Dec 2020

Cooling, spacious restaurant with healthy food

Reasonable price for quality food

Pros: Vegan option available


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20 Sep 2020

Lovely Claypot Curry Vege

Curry vege served piping hot bubbling!!
Fresh eggplants, cauliflower, cabbage, lady fingers and tau pok!!! 💚

Fried Mee Hoon soso
Salad noodle with generous peanut sauce
Sushi Salad roll was crunchy and refreshing

Olive rice was super duper salty!!
The grains are fatty to munch BUT REALLY TOO SALTY.


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13 Jan 2020

Variety of options

Plenty of options to choose from on menu. Mostly Chinese vegetarian, including mock meat. Waitresses were very helpful and friendly. Service was efficient during the busy lunch period. Check out the bakery and grocery store next door while you're there. Plenty of organic and egg free options.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Clean and bright atmosphere


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05 Dec 2019

Friendly staff and great food

Lots for vegans. I had the vegetable rice which was great and then the monkeyhead mushroom dish which was ok only


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09 Sep 2019

Healthy Chinese Cuisine

Friendly staff, head captain Judy is a very chatty lady. You can join their membership via Avacado to get rebate on your next visit. Close from 3-6PM.

Pros: Healthy Vegetarian. No MSG. , Clean and cozy. , Food served quite fast.

Cons: Expensive. , Small portions. , Hard to find parking.


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22 Sep 2018

Chinese oriented

Great vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Chinese oriented dishes. The stone pot curry was very nice. And also do try the monkey head mushroom with herbs.


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26 Aug 2018

Bland and boring

I got a glass noddle dish and my boyfriend got friend rice and they were both the only affordable things on the menu at 7 and 8Singapore dollars (other dishes on the menu were upwards of 20-35$). They were bland and boring and we only forced it down because we paid for it. Had to ask for lots of spices to make it even remotely interesting. Won’t be eating here again and I would recommend you save your money and efforts for other places. The bakery next door has some nice vegan pastries and friendlier staff, pick some stuff up from here instead.

Edit: forgot to mention that both mine and my boyfriend stomach did flip flops all day after eating this food.

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-26

Pros: Quick

Cons: Bland, Over priced, Is it all vegan?


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04 Jul 2018


Good soup without MSG

Pros: Fish soup delicious w yam, Ginger tea nice, Friendly services


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26 Feb 2018

Lousy services standard, Food so so, Experience.👎

First time visited to "Yes"yesterday. Very disappointed with the service and food standard.

The China Customer Service Manager shown colour to us after I requested to change a table.

The Manager intentionally use her elbow directly to me while she is "helping" to distributed utensils to us with a very angry manner by "throwing" things on table.

The chopsticks dropped while she is helping to "Throw" the plate on the table. Although she had accepted my request to changed to the corner seats....In order to show her unhappiness, she practiced her "throwing skill" by " throwing" the wooden board with receipt on our table!

Understand u r very unhappy to see customers comes in a family but u had to work during CNY....We are here to enjoy our foods and not here to endure your unhappiness ok?!

Feedback from a very disappointed customer 25.02.2018(年初十)

Cons: Expensive


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30 Jan 2018

Great place

Been here so many times. Always order tomyam soup with noodles, stone pot curry with an addition of mock meat(make sure to ask them to remove milk from the curry if you are vegan), followed by a mock meat dish.

Pros: Nice staff, Great environment

Cons: A not so great drink and dessert menu in my opinio


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18 Jun 2012

Not suitable for people preferring homecooked meal

I visited this restaurant wanting to try something new but sadly the food there wasn't really to my liking. There were not many individual set meals. The stone pot rice was quite well cooked but more for those who prefer healthy meals with brown roce and vegetables. There was no mock meat imcluded in the meal. Another dish i ordered was the baked noodles with vegetables and ham. Being a baked dish, i feel that the cheese is already enough. Mayo that was added inside made the dish too flavourful. A few bites of it would already make you full. It would be good if you would like a healthu meal and don't mind paying for it as the price can be rather high.

Pros: friendly staff, healthy food

Cons: little selection for individual set meals

Peace ...

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24 Feb 2010

Pocket Salad @ Yes Natural

As a vegetarian, I am looking for creative, delectable vegetarian food if I need to travel quite a distance to a particular vegetarian eatery.

I wanted to try the Korean Pancake but it was not available. Therefore I ordered their Pocket Salad and Homemade Dark Plum Juice.

Like their Pocket Salad - light, crunchy and refreshing... If there is other sauce option beside mayo, that would be good!

Another item on the menu that I like is the Stone Pot Rice. It is simple and yet gives satisfaction. Piping hot food is really appetizing. Oh, it comes with pickled papaya or pickled pumpkin.

Sometimes, vegetarian eatery do serves items which we don't really get elsewhere - like their pumpkin pickle which I like it very much. It also the same texture of those green papaya pickle but pumpkin is full of goodness.

Tasted Pickled Pumpkin? No, maybe, make a trip there and hopefully, they have it. The place is real easy to locate, it is at the buildings just outside Aljunied MRT (left side - few shops down the road).

Must Tries: Pocket Salad, Homemade Dark Plum Juice, Stone Pot Rice

Pros: Healthy Organic HomeStyle Food


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14 Dec 2008

Yes Natural

I think it more or less is value for money. The food is unique-try the pocket salad, baked cheese rice, or for a homely, cheap dish, try the braised rice.

The ambience in the restaurant is great-since its quite a new restaurant. The staff seem to work very well with each other, and are always polite and helpful.

The restaurant is wholly vegan and is organic. The food served is neither oily nor too bland, serving up to its "healthy" reputation.

The pricing of the food is slightly more expensive than in Singapore's hawker centres, but certainly worth your money for the quality of its food. It has a health-food sister store chain a few streets away, and an organic, vegan bakery right next door. Worth a visit!

Pros: Unique food, Great ambience, good location, Value for money

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