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Serves meat, vegan options available. Sports bar and restaurant chain with a variety of vegan items including vegan buffalo wings, orange Gardein chickn, burger with vegan cheese, and more. Menu may vary by location and some items may need to be modified to make a dish vegan. Possibility that deep fryers, cookware and grills are shared with meat products. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-10:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-1:00am, Sun 11:00am-10:30pm.

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First Review by veglife00


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04 Sep 2018

too expensive, not unique

The Gardein menu has few already vegan options (mostly vegetarian that would be too plain if you removed dairy), our service was middle of the road, and i felt i ended up paying double for the quality of food that i got. $18 for orange chicken when they aren’t even making the vegan chicken in house? great view and location, that’s about it.

Pros: nice view and location

Cons: expensive, meh service, many vegetarian items, but not vegan



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23 Mar 2018

Great Gardein Burger

The Gardein burger is delicious! I ate at the bar, and the bartenders were very friendly. When I ordered the vegan burger, the bartender clarified what all it came with to ensure I was getting the full vegan option (ex. he told me I could get fries on the side, but the salad was vegan). The meal was filling, which was greatly needed after a day of traveling.

Pros: Vegan options , Friendly staff

Cons: A bit on the expensive side


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22 Jun 2017

Yummy, but vegans be cautious

Hubs & I went here bc of all the Gardein options - which I really appreciate Yard House offering, however: a handful of them aren't vegan, which you wouldnt really know unless you ask. My husband had the orange chik'n which was great, I had the vegan burger, and we shared the vegan "wings"... only to find out after none of the wing sauces are vegan! Our fault, we shouldn't have assumed. I ended up emailing Yard House to confirm vegan options: the Chik'n Rice Bowl, Vegan Burger, and Orange Chik'n are vegan as-is, and to make other options vegan you need to double check with waitress what can be done. They also told me the wings could be veganized by asking for them with Smoky BBQ or Franks Hot Sauce next time. Overall, though, food was great and now that we know, we'd go back.

Pros: Lots of meatless/easy to veganize options

Cons: Specifically vegan items not clearly labeled


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26 May 2017

Loved it, Hated it, Love it again

So at first I was so excited about Yard House and their Gardein options but yes it is frustrating because most vegetarian things aren't vegan and the things they think are vegetarian are questionable like frying stuff and did they check if cheese was rennet-free?

Aside from that, this is a perfect place to go with non-vegans who you don't want to freak out and you also want a delicious meal.

The menu has one item labeled "vegan". It's the burger. Get it! It's so good. Then I get a side salad with it. It's pretty big or it was when I ordered it. You could get fries but I'm pretty sure they're fried with fried chicken. Not sure if it's separate. This is very filling.

I know they have lots of alcohol but I'm never in the mood when I go so can't speak to it.

The place has a good view of the river and Roebling bridge.

Some servers are knowledgeable and some are not at all.

I get a craving for this burger at least once a month now.

Pros: vegan burger, fancier place to bring non-veg friends/family, good views

Cons: very confusing vegetarian menu, server knowledge is uncertain


Points +83

26 Feb 2017

Vegans beware :(

I've eaten a couple times at Yard House, because I was super excited to learn that they have a Gardein menu. Places where vegans can go to eat with non-vegans are kind of in short supply, unless you're ready to scrutinize and customize everything.

The dishes I have had are generally good. Both the Gardein orange "chicken" and Gardein "buffalo wings" taste great. The vegan quinoa burger not so much, in my opinion.

The problem is, I've just learned that most of the Gardein options are not even vegan. The orange chicken is, but NOT the buffalo bites, for example. There's butter in the sauce!

That's on me for not asking before ordering, but I guess I figured if they were taking the time to make a fake meat dish, they'd avoid putting stuff from animals in it, at the very least. Since the intended diner is probably choosing it because they don't WANT to eat stuff from animals, you know?

Pros: Generally tasty food, Good service

Cons: Gardein dishes not necessarily vegan


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04 Dec 2016

Gardein galor

I love this place. They have a whole section on their menu dedicated to meals that include Gardein as their protein. I've had a couple different items here and have not yet been disappointed. Their beer selection is also extensive, amazing and well organized.

**NOTICE** fried items, such as their french fries, are not vegetarian.

Pros: Gardein, Vegan Friendly

Cons: beer


Points +32

Non Veg
28 Jul 2015

MEH, not my favorite

went there on a sunday for lunch when they JUST opened. not impressed with the lack of service, since me and my husband were sitting at the bar. I know i had asparagus, which i liked a lot. don't remember what else i had (maybe a burger i shared with my husband). thought the food was okay, but i am not sure i would go back to that location.


Points +120

24 Nov 2014

Disappointing, but appreciate the effort

I was excited to find a place while in the area with a ton of beer on tap AND a whole menu dedicated to things I can eat made with delicious Gardein! Well, it was kind of a let down to be honest.
Only a couple of items on the Gardein menu appeared vegan without customizing. Customizing the Gardein BBQ Chicken Salad seemed like a safe bet, so I ordered with no cheese and no ranch, at which time the server asked "are you vegan?" and I said yes, and she offered some vegan dressing options. She also gave me a heads up that they fry the tortilla strips and the fried onions in a fryer that fries actual chicken and offered to leave them off. I greatly appreciated her realizing that and giving me that option, which I took her up on. My husband is veg but not vegan, so he ordered his Gardein sandwich as is.
The food itself was good, but not great, especially for the price. My husband said "we could have gotten our own Gardein and made much better food for a fraction of this price."
The beer selection was plentiful and delicious. The cost of beer was a little high as well though.
Overall we had excellent service and great beer, but the food was a bummer. I really do appreciate their effort with the Gardein, but you'd think if they are offering an entire section of the menu as vegetarian, they at least wouldn't use shared fryers.

Pros: Great beer selection, Spectacular service, Gardein menu

Cons: Have to customize for vegan, Expensive for what you get, Shared fryer used with veg options


Points +52

07 Sep 2014

Yard House

This place was great! I wish there was one closer to me. I had the gardein buffalo bites, and my carnist friend said 'It's just like chicken'. I also had the gardein chicken stir fry. Excellent fresh dish and I had the option with brown rice. So many choices here!

Pros: Many tasty vegan choices, Great atmosphere, Good value

Cons: A little noisy


Points +20

03 Jul 2014

Very Happy with the number of choices

Was pleasantly surprised at the amount of choices that were available. I had the vegetarian tacos and they were excellent. I did not try the Gardein dishes but they had many choices. I will definitely be back.

Pros: Lots of options, Very good service, Very reasonable prices


Points +60

26 Jun 2013

Not for the health conscious

I was very excited about going to Yard House when I saw that they have a whole vegetarian section using Gardein products on the menu. But, that was before I looked at the nutrition facts and saw that the average calorie count per dish is between about 700 and 1900 calories and fat gram count for a dish ranging from 20 to as high as 117--and most dishes are on the high end of these ranges. I'm not sure what they do to these healthy ingredients to make them so unhealthy, but I really wish they would change the nutrition profile because they have so many veg options!

Pros: Large vegetarian selection

Cons: Very high in fat and calories

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