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Large and well-stocked natural foods supermarket chain, acquired by Amazon.com in 2018. Offers selections in natural groceries and specialty foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well home cleaning and natural body care products. Find vegan foods like tofu and soy products, plant milks, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, frozen meals, vegan burger patties, cereals, nuts, and much more. Has deli and prepared foods department. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by thoor_ballylee


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22 Jan 2023

PCC is Better

But if this is your only option, you will find vegan food to eat. It’s just not as green, worker-friendly or vegan-friendly as PCC.



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29 Mar 2012

Great Selections for Vegans

I recently went full vegan and was having difficulty finding deli food that complies with my new way of living. The Bellevue Whole Foods not only has several choices of delicious vegan menu items, many of these dishes are also free of oil. I quit that too. I've been to the one in Redmond which has less choices. Bellevue carries a no oil Garlic Tahini salad dressing that Redmond does not have. It is the best salad dressing I've had bar none. The only produce I saw that looked peaked was the mangoes. Other than that, the produce offered is more than satisfactory. I shop at Whole Foods almost every day. I really appreciate the vegan offerings. It gives me ideas of what I want to make in my own kitchen when I have time to cook. I give them 5 stars for this alone because I haven't found another store that comes close to being as vegan friendly as Whole Foods (yes, I've looked). They also have plenty of selections for everyone else too!

Pros: huge deli, great for vegans, large variety of specialty items

Cons: parking is a nightmare, not suited for people on a budget


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09 Mar 2012

Prefer the Co-op

Not the cleanest store in town and the fruits and vegetables look awfully tired. It's also expensive. If I have my druthers next time around we'll be heading to the Kirkland co-op. In a pinch, Whole Foods works. But as a produce-lover I'd even steer people to a nearby Central Market before just about any Whole Foods Market. This particular Whole Foods does offer a large salad bar and buffet, as well as a pizza oven and some other eateries, if you're after something to eat.
Updated from previous review on Friday March 09, 2012

Pros: conveniently located, peculiar atmosphere, tries to be as good as a food co-op

Cons: sad produce, peculiar atmosphere, filthy bathrooms


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22 Aug 2010

died and went to yuppie hell

This is the worst Whole Foods experience EVER. Hardcore pretentious yuppies (welcome to Bellevue lizard) at their finest.

The veggies were really not healthy looking. Every other HF in the area looked much better, not sure what their problem is. The broc stalks looked frozen (a common problem throughout the area actually) and brown. A WF has to have stellar produce to be good and worth the hassle, expense and yuppie crap.

I will not be going back to this store again.

Cons: see review


22 Feb 2013

went back bc we were right there, in a time crunch, and so on... by far the WORST WF EVER! Hardly any vegan deli options. NJ and FL, farther from being Vegan Meccas than this place have tons more. Yuppies here suck so bad, they act like you aren't even there. Produce looks sad too. BOOO.


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30 Aug 2009

This Whole Food has a lot for Veggies of all kinds

I haven't been to very many Whole Foods, this is the only one I've been to more then once, so I won't be able to tell you how it rates compared to others. I shop here a few times a month, it is close to work and they've got some great stuff. For vegetarians there are so many options and even us Vegans can find a lot to eat here. There salad bar looks very good, I haven't ever eaten from it, so I can't tell you too much about it, but there are vegan baked goods, I have bought a pie and a cup cake before and they were ok. Good sellection of fake meats and cheeses and prices are alright. In the back near the dairy is the fake meat section and they have many vegans foods just around there, I always find new things to try. They have a good selection of vegan items throughout the store, takes a while to find them, but there really is a lot to find here. Depending on what you're looking for, you can do very well for your self here in the Bellevue store. Prices of some items do tend to be a little high, but this is Bellevue and some of the items are very well priced, so over all it's not too bad. I stop off here every few weeks to pick up a few things that they have very good deals on and always end up leaving with more goodies then I intended to buy. Good enviornment, if you're in need of some veggie goodness and you're in the area, this is the place to go.

Pros: sellection is great

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