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Serves meat, vegan options available. Japanese restaurant with vegan dishes including ramen, corn tempura, edamame and more.

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08 Feb 2023

To be Frank.


Non-vegan restaurant that does its best to cater to vegetarian and vegans.
Not any 鈥渧egan鈥 options really so you need to let them know.
Helpful and attentive staff/service
Taste: I got a tofu appetizer dish that they said the 鈥渃runch鈥 wasn鈥檛 vegan so I feel as though that possibly would鈥檝e carried a majority of the flavor, so it was basically cold tofu in whats seems to be soy sauce with a few greens. Not too great- could definitely be better.
The ramen: I鈥檝e had ramen in Austin Texas that made this kind of seem like dog water lol.
Not terrible, doesn鈥檛 taste bad, but the flavors aren鈥檛 there and the broth wasn鈥檛 as flavorful as I know ramen could be.
Plate to table: fast
Reasonable atmosphere in the restaurant. Could imagine being more of a place to visit at night as opposed when it鈥檚 brighter outside
This place could do much better in terms of vegan meals, needs significant improvement. There are a lot of factors that make me want to rate this a 2, but for those craving ramen- I鈥檓 hopeful that there are others on the island that may hit and may actually be preset as vegan. This isn鈥檛 necessarily a 鈥渟tay away鈥, but rather a tread lightly and promote options because I think it may help the rest of their food selection.
If I were to bring a non-vegan friend here and told them to eat what i ate, they would be pretty sad.
If I was invited to come here, people including myself would ask if it鈥檚 enough or is there anything special to it.
They could definitely use mushrooms, tofu, seitan, tempeh, potatoes, and I couldn鈥檛 mention spices as I am not aware of what they use or what makes up a good broth, but I think they could do much better
I鈥檝e been to vegan Japanese restaurants that tasted significantly better, and I think that they could learn a thing or two from them.
I think the rating is pretty appropriate as the variety and taste isn鈥檛 there, and I am pretty done with going light on some of these places that are overrated. I think that some people have a refined palette as they may not have tried these options or been other places that serve these foods- but from my comparison and it standing alone- it鈥檚.. not great. And not worth the money in my opinion.

Pros: Kind /cooperative service, Food to table speeds

Cons: Lack of variety, Mediocrity



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23 Aug 2021

Amazing Vegan Ramen!

Let's start by saying there is always a wait at this ramen shop. They have a waitlist you sign on and husband and I waited about 35 mins to be seated (which is not bad with how busy they are). I am a huge ramen fan and prior to eating at Wagaya, the best vegan ramen I've had is Hiro Nori in Cali. I have to say, Wagaya's vegetarian ramen (vegan if no egg) was a VERY close second! I have had it two nights in a row now to get my fill while visiting Oahu (once as delivery and it was still so good!). I love that you can customize your broth spiciness, saltiness, noodle thickness, and other toppings. I got level 3 spicy (of 5 total) and it was a pretty accurate assessment of level 3 in my eyes. My husband and I enjoy Carolina Reaper sauces for reference, and I would say level 3 spicy is enough to cause a slight runny nose after finishing the bowl. Noodles were perfect and I had to get an extra order of noodles each time 馃榿 Great place and it certainly scratches the itch for ramen! Very creamy miso/sesame broth that is close to what Tonkotsu broth tastes like if I had to compare.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-23

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-23

Pros: Quick service once seated, Customizable ramen, vegan option, Delivery!

Cons: Long wait, No reservations


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18 Mar 2021

Really great ramen

Visited with husband and daughter. They are not very adventurous eaters and sadly had never had real ramen before. We got the vegetarian ramen without egg making it vegan. We also got edamame, the potato mazuki (without butter it is vegan) and the corn tempura/fritter. Everything was so good and approved by my picky eaters. Service was super friendly.

Reasonable pricing given the Hawaii 50% mark up factor. 3 of us with ramen, 2 corn tempura, 1 edamame, 1 potato dish, 2 Sapporo and a sprite =$101 including tip.

Note due to COVID very limited seating. Easy waitlist app will get you a seat or get it to go.

Pros: Few but good vegan options, Super friendly service, Clean

Cons: Hawaii pricing


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07 Feb 2021

Best Ramen Ever!!!

It鈥檚 lame that this app doesn鈥檛 allow you to rate this place 5 stars because it鈥檚 not a full vegan restaurant. It deserves a 10 star!!! Hands down the best ramen in Hawaii and in my life. There are a lot of vegan options including the ramen. Check it out!

Pros: Vegan options


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20 Mar 2020

Excellent ramen

There is a vegetarian ramen on the menu that can be accomodated vegan (with no egg). We had this one with my husband and it was very flavoring.


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26 Jan 2020


I found this place years ago and love it! The vegan ramen is actually incredible. You can choose the thickness of noodles (which are all vegan), the spice level, and amount of noodles. I always go with the thickest noodles possible and spiciest possible.





Just look at the picture! It was fantastic and beautiful. I returned so many times over the years. Hooray for delicious vegan ramen!

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