The only place around which offers a vegan version of trdelník (Czech cake,) without cream or ice. Previously named Creperie U Kajetana. Has plant based milk for hot drinks. Open Mon-Sun 10:00-18:00.

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First Review by ALR14


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30 Jan 2024

Tasted good

Well labeled vegan options. We enjoyed our touristy snacks!



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14 Jan 2024

Vegan chimney cake!

Helpful staff and tasty Czech chimney cake; we had the apple, cinnamon and whipped cream.


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02 Jan 2024

Vegan Trdelnik in the heart of Prague

Amazing vegan Trdelnik, reasonably priced too.


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27 Dec 2023

Vegan Trdelnik with filling!

It was the only place we could find the vegan Trdelnik with filling (we found one on the Namesti Miru Christmas Market but it was only the roll, no cream) it had three different options of toppings and it was good. Everything closes early and they only had take away. Must try when in Prague.

Pros: Only place with toppings


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23 Dec 2023

Vegan whipped cream!

More pricey than other chimney cakes you can get in Prague but vegan selection is great! And vegan whipped cream. Nice that you can go inside to eat too!


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13 Dec 2023

Vegan trdelník

The dough was very good and tasty. The filling ,in my case apple, was not bad but nothing exceptional. If I could order it again, it would be without it.

Updated from previous review on 2023-12-13

Pros: Some vegan options , Very tasty pastry


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07 Dec 2023

Great vegan options

3 clearly labeled vegan options (raspberry, banana and apple).


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07 Dec 2023

Vegan Options

Happy to be able to try the famous trdelník with filling. I had the Apple Strudel one and it was really good. The whipped cream doesn’t have much taste but the apple strudel filling with vanilla sauce was really good as it was the dough itself.


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22 Nov 2023

I love this place

The only one with offer vegan options in Prague. And really tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-22

Pros: Tasty, Friendly crew


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22 Nov 2023


We had the vegan chimney cake and it was very delicious


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30 Oct 2023

Vegan trdelnik

Tried the apple streudel trdelnik (no vegan whip cream since they were sold out) & I thought it was yummy

Pros: 3 vegan options, Clearly labeled

Cons: Make sure to specify vegan!


Points +412

26 Oct 2023

Awesome to have vegan options

Loved the variety of vegan options for chimney cakes. I tried one with whipped cream and bananas. I didn’t love it but I was happy to be able to try it

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-26

Pros: Variety of options, Location

Cons: Overall tasted meh


Points +76

25 Oct 2023

Vegan trdelník

We were so happy to be able to try this traditional dessert, the only place in Prague that we found so far that offers a vegan version. It was really tasty and there’s a few vegan options to try, including homemade caramel sauce.


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12 Oct 2023

Apfel strudel for the win

I was really excited to try a trdelnik with vegan whipped cream, but I was disappointed because the cream was very tasteless and the banana one was overall bland and dry, while apfel strudel was a bit more elevated and rich in taste, but the cream was still a problem.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-12


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16 Sep 2023


After one year of living in Prague I was finally able to try the famous trdelník! They have three vegan choices: banana, raspberry and apple strudel. I tried both apple strudel and raspberry. The apple strudel had a very good and abundant filling and I really liked it, while the raspberry was lighter and less sweet with all whipped cream on the top and raspberry on the bottom. I liked the apple strudel better. For the dough I was afraid (from the smell coming from all the other places in Prague) that there was too much cinnamon (not a fan) but instead it was just the right amount.


Points +913

13 Sep 2023

Liked it but overrated

3 Kinds to choose, which is in fact one with banana and cream, one with strawberry and cream and Apple Sauce and Raisins and Cream. Sadly no vegan ice cream.
Had the Apple Strudle which is very difficult to eat because there is nothing but cream on top and the rest of the filling is deep inside.
I recommend to buy a second neutral one to dipp into the cream, good for sharing.
My oatmilk cappucchino was a little bit to small imo, the cup was dirty. 😩
Anyways, the Trdlnik was fresh and tasty and I liked the fact, that it is possible to sit outside in the back. (We dried our wet table by ourselfes after rain)

Pros: Fresh Trdlnik, Seating outside

Cons: Dirty old Cup, To much cream


Points +313

11 Sep 2023


Výborný trdelník na skvělém místě u Pražského hradu. Základní trdelník se skořicí je vegan a na výběr je několik možných vylepšení. Káva moc dobrá, v nabídce mandlové a ovesné mléko, jen tedy bohužel za příplatek 20 Kč, ale díky lokalitě pochopitelné. Nádherná vnitřní zahrádka, celkově milý odpočinek od ruchu místa. Doporučuji😊

Pros: Prostředí, Výběr, Lokalita


Points +221

06 Sep 2023

Try it!

The right place to try Trdelník if you are vegan. Three different options and tasted great!

Pros: Offers a vegan version of a traditional treat, Nice for take-away

Cons: Food is messy to eat


Points +90

01 Sep 2023

Apple Strudel trdlenik

After visiting the castle, we had lunch at Vegan Prague then here for dessert.
After seeing everyone eating these everywhere, it's nice to try one.

We both got the apple strudel flavour- lots of great tastes and layers of different fillings: apples, custard, cream... so good!

Just wish there were more options and more of these in Prague. But for now, go here when you visit and enjoy!!

Pros: Lots of places to sit inside and out, 3 good options! , Very tasty

Cons: Seemed to be lots of flies when we went, Only 1 in Prague!


Points +79

31 Aug 2023

Great to try something new

So glad we found a vegan version of this Czech dessert! We tried the raspberry and the apple strudel ones, both of which were lovely. Definitely on the messy side so be prepared

Pros: 3 vegan options , Clearly labelled

Cons: Slightly messy


Points +76

01 Aug 2023

Vegan trdelnik with whipped cream

Only “complete” vegan trdelnik in the city, so I was happy to find it! There were 3 main options, all of them filled with vegan whipped cream (very light) plus toppings (raspberries, banana, apple struddel). It can get a bit messy to eat! I enjoyed it but it’s not the best sweet treat I’ve ever tried.

Pros: Only “complete” vegan trdelnik in Prague, Few options, Good location

Cons: Not overly delicious


Points +28

23 Jul 2023


So glad I got to get this—- I had been seeing it all around Prague and was really craving it! So delicious! They had three great vegan options, and I think you could also choose to make your own. I got the Apple Strudel— it was sort of a mess to eat but delicious.


Points +309

23 Jul 2023

Vegan trdlnik in Prague!!!

Very tasty, they have three vegan options

Pros: Nice staff, Several vegan options

Alicia Spanidutch

Points +790

22 Jul 2023

The one and only

Only place where you will find them with toppings. Clearly marked and no problem to get vegan options!


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02 Jul 2023

Vegan trdelnik

The only place with vegan trdelnik. It was super good with vegan whipped cream and raspberries! They also have a comfy garden and self made lemonade.


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18 Jun 2023


- tastes amazing
- very friendly staff which answers all your questions
- vegan whipped cream is apparently based on lentils
- apple strudle = heaven (even without cream)
- vanilla and salted caramel sauce are vegan
- can ask to taste the sauces (salted caramel isn’t lotus biscoff)
- seating area inside and 2 little tables outside


Points +185

10 Jun 2023

A must have

The only place I've found vegan version of trdelnik. They are served freshed, 3 vegon versions to choose from.


17 Jun 2023

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