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Chocolate maker offering options for vegans: dark chocolate bars, flavored dark chocolate bars (such as almond, violet, chili pepper, Sicilian salt), candy fruits covered in chocolate; cocoa beans; vegan dark chocolate ice cream in xummer. Moved here Jun 2015; previously on S. Polo 2898/A. Open Mon-Sun 10:00-19:00.

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First Review by Jess McNeill


Points +26

06 Dec 2023

Carlo Goldoni's Hot Chocolate

They have a recipe for Hot Chocolate taken from Carlo Goldoni's diary from 1750, it's vegan and includes potato powder as a thickener with spices, it's quite an experience. I heard it described as the Red Bull of it's day.

The Gianduia tart was out of this world, that's a must try.

The staff were ultra friendly, highly recommened.

Pros: Hot Chocolate, Gianduia, Vegan Options in the shop

Cons: No Plant Milk



Points +28

22 Nov 2023

Rich vegan hot chocolate

I’m vegan but also allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts. I explained my allergies and being vegan to the workers and they were so kind explaining everything I could have on the menu. Try the dark hot chocolate even if you’re not vegan (I got the small size it was perfect) and you’ll love picking apart the flavors and spices. Really recommend.

Pros: Nice, Allergy friendly, LOTS of Vegan options


Points +267

10 May 2023

Lots of choice

Very friendly and knowledgeable about vegan options. Lots of options available and what I tried was very tasty.


Points +708

19 Feb 2023

Delicious but expensive

I asked the friendly staff about the vegan options and she kindly showed me everything. A huge choice of vegan sweets!
I had the vegan lemon ginger pie which was nice.
I also ordered the hot chocolate which was delicious and very rich. Next time I will choose the smaller size.

Pros: A lot of vegan options , Well informed staff

Cons: Very Pricy


Points +79

10 Dec 2022

Wonderful variety and quality

It is really worh stopping for a dessert with a good Coffee hot chocolates
It is diffcult to decide with so many options

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-10


Points +203

20 May 2022

Deluxe chocolate place

Pretty place with a nice overview of all the handmade deliciousness.
I highly recommend trying the traditional venetian chocolate drink with zero sugar, wow!
They even had vegan chocolate and pistachio spreads!!

Pros: Quiet a lot of vegan choices, Really delicious , Not crowded

Cons: Not cheap, but fair for the good quality


Points +21

20 May 2022

A vegan dream

OMG the vegan cold chocolate is a dream came true! The taste of real cocoa with spices. And the cookies, the cakes, the ice cream are fabulous! I even forgot to take pictures as o was sooooo delighted. Do not miss this place!

Pros: Vegan mango ice cream , Their kindness , Their amazing tea selection


Points +73

28 Apr 2022

Amazing vegan pastries

This little shop sells the most amazing vegan hazelnut tart I have ever tasted! They also have other vegan cakes and vegan dark chocolate and hazelnut spreads. They make it fresh everyday and they all also have a pastry school, if you are in Venice you MUST visit this little gem!

Pros: Amazing fresh cakes , Clean and tidy, Also sell coffee


Points +215

25 Oct 2019

Amazing chocolate

We got the dark almond chocolate and it was surprisingly incredibly delicious and unlike any dark chocolate i’ve had before. However, it is quite expensive, but definitely worth it! The woman who was working there was very friendly and willing to help too.


Points +186

20 Apr 2019

Chocolate as an art

They don't sell Hersey bars here. This is all made in house, daily, and at a very high level. Many vegan options and the staff knows what is vegan-friendly. The fresh stuff is sold by weight. Lots of pre-packaged stuff too. Of course with all that and being in Venice, it's not cheap, but very worth it.

Pros: Vegan aware, good selection

Cons: pricey, some of the best looking stuff isn't vegan


Points +48

09 Feb 2019

Great chocolate shop with vegan options

The old-fashioned hot chocolate (vegan, just chocolate and spices) was delicious. If you like dark chocolate, then you should try it! The kind lady in the shop explained that Venetians used to drink this kind of hot chocolate around 1750. Other vegan options include plain chocolate and chocolate covered fruits or nuts. I tried a few chocolate covered fruits, which were also tasty.


Points +167

23 Jun 2012

a vegan aware chocolate shop

It is great to have a chocolate/candy shop that is aware of their vegan options (rare in the USA in my experience!). I loved the chocolate covered fruit that we got here. There were a ton of dark chocolate bar options as well including a chocolate lilac bar that was awesome (and did not last long despite its large size!).

Pros: Vegan Aware, Lots of options


Points +218

23 Jun 2012

Chocolate-covered fruits worth it!

We came across this place by accident, and am I glad we did. The proprietress was able to point out the vegan options, which included a variety of bar chocolates, fruit candies, and chocolate covered fruits. While these are only three different types of chocolates, there was a lot of variety within them. We shared a chocolate bar with lilac (wow!), but the chocolate covered fruits were the highlight. I had an apricot, and it was unlike any chocolate covered fruit I have ever tasted. It was a gigantic apricot covered in a rich dark chocolate. My partner had the fig, but I didn't get to sample it because the fruits brought out our selfish sides and we didn't even share.

While you may long for some of the other non-vegan treats on display, I don't think you will be disappointed that you made the trip to Vizio Virtu.

Pros: chocolate covered fruits, creative bars, owner knows what is vegan

Jess McNeill

Points +62

04 Aug 2011

a little vegan dissapointed... :(

This place was beautiful. After a long walk to get there, we found out that most of this things in the place were not vegan. LOTS of vegetarian stuff though. The only truly vegan things were the dark chocolate bars and the sorbet. The sorbet was delicious though! If you are vegetarian, you'll be in heaven!

Pros: beautiful chocolate, large selection

Cons: few vegan options

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