Thai vegetarian food restaurant formerly known as Kon Rak Pak, then reopened in late-2018 with the same chef. Offers a variety of savory entrees as well as drinks like mango shake, thai iced tea, hot lemongrass ginger tea. Open Tue-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, Tue-Sun 6:00pm-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by OngYi


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11 Nov 2023

Extremely tasty

Excellent taste, my omnivore friends also like to go here



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02 Nov 2022

Best vegan food I’ve eaten in KL

There was a huge variety and it was very difficult to limit my choices but whatever I chose made my mouth and tummy very happy. Will definitely go back there when I come back to KL ♥️

Pros: Totally vegan, Food was absolutely delicious , Service was excellent


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23 Sep 2022

Poor reaction to the food

I wanted to try eating out after eating healthy home cooked vegan meals for months. We ordered kankung belacan, masalman curry with tofu and tomyam with mushrooms. I immediately noticed the tomyam noodles were very much sweet, sour and salty- very strong flavor. I drank a glass of water with the food but still was thirsty. Had explosive gassy diarrhea and hour later. I suspect MSG in the food. Not coming here again.

Cons: Unhealthy additives , Too much salt, sugar and chili , Expensive


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13 Jun 2022

Didn't enjoy the service

Took a long time to order. Wanted to try more dishes but was ignored by staff. Food was OK but a little bland. Didn't enjoy my visit.

Pros: Large menu

Cons: Poor service, Expensive


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21 Feb 2022

Thai food cravings, cruelty free

I tried only two dishes: the Fresh mixed herb salad, and the Grilled lemongrass chicken. Both were excellent. That said, the 'chicken' was only your regular plant-based mock meat, nothing too convincing. Depending on your preferences, that might be a good thing or not.

Pros: Fully vegan menu, Cute restaurant

Cons: Pricey


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06 Nov 2021

Best Thai vegan

This place is just amazing. The best of both worlds: Thai (my absolute favorite) and vegan, how can you not love it. Food is absolutely amazing, the portions are very generous and staff is super attentive.
Cannot recommend enough the starter platter as well as the sweet and sour fish fillet (to die for). Be careful that most dishes are quite spicy, the norm with Thai food.

It has become a bit pricier but I would suppose effects of the extended lockdown (visited October 2021). As with most places in SE Asia, aircon is always on full blast, so it's chilly and can get unpleasant if you spend too long inside.

Pros: Food, taste, portions, Ambience, decor

Cons: Aircon always on full blast, Higher prices


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21 Feb 2020

really tasty thai food

food here was really good, enjoyed everything except the tom yum.. was lacking in depth of flavour.. my favourite of all was the deep fried brinjal and the red curry tofu

Pros: lots of options, really tasty


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22 Jan 2020

Green curry to die for!

Everything I've tried is delicious except for the tom yum which was underwhelming.

Cons: Slightly pricy compared to other Thai restaurants


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25 Dec 2019

Really good

This is currently our favorite Thai restaurant. Food is awesome. Really delicious. Especially must try their red ruby


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19 Dec 2019

Delicious food, wish I could eat it all!

We ordered the lemongrass mock chicken, fried aubergine, mock mutton massaman curry and crispy fried tofu starter. Food was absolutely amazing with an authentic Thai taste. while the fried aubergine was tasty, worth bearing in mind it taste subtle in comparison to the curries and other flavours.

Our favourite was the lemongrass mock chicken - it’s a must try in our opinion!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Tasty mock meat, taste tailored to each dish

Cons: Mock meat (if you don’t fancy it), A little bit expensive (but worth the treat!)


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28 Oct 2019

Great ambiance!

This was my first time 27 Oct 2019 and I was surprised at the various menu options.

Pros: Clear menu, good prices 👍🏾

Cons: Didn't know about them earlier 😜


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18 Oct 2019

Nice Vegan food and Environment

Second time visit here. This time I order their carbonara spaghetti which come with 2 satay sticks. Their satay is the best that I had so far. Like it very much. Will come back again 😋

Pros: Tasty and variety of vegan food 👍🏻

Cons: 4G receiving here not so good


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02 Oct 2019


Recommended to me by a non vegan. So good! Great service despite closing between lunch and dinner. Food was really good. They list how spicy dishes are on the menu.

Pros: Large restaurant can accommodate groups

Cons: Closes between lunch & dinner service


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24 May 2019


Best vegan food I've had in the last 6 years I have been vegan. So glad to find this place.


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22 Mar 2019

Great vegan interpretation of non-vegan dishes

Great atmosphere and satisfying food. I like the use of faux meat in most of the dishes - my omnivorous friends were confused about whether it was vegan or not. Always an amusing discussion! The cashew-based carbonara was very passable and the tom yam soup left me feeling clean and healthy. Free choc brownie was delicious!


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18 Mar 2019

Veggielicious indeed!

Amazing food. Didn't know that there were ways of making a salad still seem exciting to me considering how many of them I have eaten. The menu did warn that it could be addictive and they weren't lying! Most of their menu consisted of veggie versions of meat dishes. Am sure that they would've served it without mock meat if asked but I was quite happy just trying the pure veggie dishes on my first visit.
Personally, I don't care much for the militant vegan decor (the posters, messages on the wall etc.) when I'm eating but if you don't mind this, it shouldn't be a problem. The whole place is really white and again, this isn't to my tastes. Could be cosier!
Definitely the best Thai food I've ever had (generally, I'm not that much of a fan) and would happily visit again.

Updated from previous review on 2019-02-12

Pros: Good area. Other places worth visiting nearby, Delicious and moreish food, Know how to make salads interesting

Cons: Not cheap, Vegan restaurant first, Thai restaurant second, Very white decor


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17 Mar 2019

Excellent all vegan Thai food

This place is highly recommended for all vegan Thai food lovers. Must go

Pros: Very good ambience, Good taste is excellent , Ingredients were very fresh

Cons: None


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13 Mar 2019

Creative and good

First vegan Thai I’m coming across. Salads were absolutely brilliant! The 2 cooked dishes I ordered felt a little pre-prepared (with sauces) and less of the subtle flavours of home cooked Thai food. I hope the chefs take this review into account because it’s a great concept with lots of potential. Well done and worth a visit. Great deco and atmosphere, clean and helpful staff.

Pros: Good selection and tasty , Clean and nice deco, Brilliant salads

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09 Mar 2019

Different name. same great taste .

previously named Kon Ran Pak, just a change of name . same crew. same chef. same great taste .


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17 Feb 2019

Fantastic Vegan Thai

Great great find in PJ. Delicious vegan Thai food and a very extensive menu. Quick and friendly service and very clean. I’m not a big fan of mock meat and seafood however it was good and there are many items without if this is your preference. Highly recommended and already looking forward to returning.

Pros: Large extensive menu , Authentic flavours , Large portions and great value

Cons: None whatsoever


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10 Feb 2019

Super Nice Vegan Thai Food

This is by far the best vegan Thai food I have ever tried. The green curry is a boom and I love every single dish which I ordered. Even my omni parents love the food here as well and they were drowned by the super yummy green curry. The restaurant decoration is simple yet it brings out the harmony feeling. I love the vegan quote and celebrity’s photos on the wall. And not forgetting the red ruby dessert. I was surprised to have jackfruit slice with the red ruby and I love it so much as it tastes so good, not the super sweet type but rich in coconut milk flavor.

Updated on 10 Feb 2019:

After change of owner, the food is still fantastic as my previous visit! Love this place so much! Please stay there as long as possible so that everyone else can taste the super yummy plant based Thai food! 💚

Pros: Great vegan food , Nice place , Fast serving

Cons: Noisy when crowded , Get very crowded during peak hour


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05 Jun 2018

I love this place...

thank you for having a All vegan Thai Food here in KL .. PJ

Pros: Best Hericium Mushroom green Curry , Great staffs , Loads of options


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12 Feb 2018

Excellent Vegan Thai Food

At the time of writing, it's the only fully vegan Thai restaurant in the Klang Valley.

Have been here numerous times and have always enjoyed the meals.

Here's what we ate this time:
1. Green Mango Salad RM16
2. Massaman Curry Lion Head Mushroom RM25
3. Clear Tomyam Soup with mixed vegetables and tofu RM13
4. Brown Rice RM3.50 per person
5. Hot Water RM1

Everything tasted great. This is a 100% vegan restaurant so we could eat anything and everything on the menu if we wanted ;)

Prices are before GST.

Pros: Delicious food, Clean


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24 Apr 2017

All vegan Thai food - yum!

An extensive menu with a great choice of dishes! Many dishes can be prepared with lions mane (monkey head) mushrooms or tofu if you don't fancy the vegan meat/seafood (which can be very realistic!). All of the food I have tried here has been tasty and fresh. The green curry, massuman curry, kafir lime chicken strips and green mango salad are personal favourites of mine. Despite this being a fully vegan restaurant, this is a really accessible place to bring non-vegans - I recently came with pescatarian friends and after seeing how busy the restaurant was, eating the food and seeing the artwork (there are photographs and quotes from veg*n celebrities on the walls) they said they felt inspired to become vegetarian!

Pros: Fully vegan menu with lots of choice., Tasty food!, Clearly pro-vegan yet accessible and friendly.

Cons: Can get very busy - need to book!


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01 Apr 2017

best Thai food in the life time

Best recommand Thai vegetarian restaurant, the staff are friendly and helpful. i found this restaurant because i saw the rating are very good and i don't make any booking in advance and today is my mother birthday, the staff very helpful and she recommended alot of nice food for me. best recommand Green curry and TomYum Kong.


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26 Jan 2017

Must visit Restaurant in KL

food was delicious and its totally veg, if you are a veggie please visit this restaurant with and service are excellent. You should not miss the green curry lots of variety, clean restaurant, fully veggie menu.
Non-Dairy,No Eggs, No garlic and onion, meat-free
my hot fav list
1 Stir-Fried Fresh Mixed Mushroom
2 Tap Tim Krob/diced water chesnut drizzled with fresh coconut milk
3 Pineapple Fired Rice
4 Belacan Fried Rice
5 Kaow Neaw Mamuang / Sweet Mango Sticky Rice
6 Lohan Delight / Favoutire Lohan with fermented beancurd

Pros: Non-Dairy,No Eggs, No garlic and onion, meat-free


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16 Oct 2016

Awesome Thai Vegetarian Cuisine!!!

If you are yet to visit Kon Rak Pak, you really should.

When I entered the restaurant, I was welcomed by an elegant atmosphere and there’s a stylish photo wall display that I really impressed. Yet, the food and service are excellent. You should not miss the green curry and mutton curry that I highly recommended.

I will certainty be returning in the near future.

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