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Vegetarian food truck company turned brick & mortar with several outlets throughout the Boston Metro Area. Serves burgers, sandwiches, vegetable platters, fries, daily soup, hot & cold beverages and more. Menu changes by the minute to keep up with daily available produce from farms in New England. For this reason, there is no set or static menu. Most dishes can be made vegan upon request. Open Mon-Tue 7:00am-10:00pm, Wed-Sat 7:00am-2:00am, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by 770veg


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Mostly Veg
24 Aug 2023


Clover now serves bowls instead of platters at this location (it's basically a new menu). I got the beet poke bowl. It was alright but a little heavy on the seaweed. The watermelon poke at Life Alive is much better.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-24



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11 Jul 2023

Late night Vegan

Late hours. Paid street parking available. Dine in and take out available. Not all vegan. Staff was helpful guiding me towards vegan options. 1st time here. Chickpea Fritter was a nice serving size. I had a Mayor Menino Soy BLT. Again, decent serving size. Tortilla soup was very good. Mezzo platter was a combination of all of their daily salads. Fresh tasting. French fries with rosemary were also good. Overall, I enjoyed the food and the help from staff. The portion sizes were decent and they were open late when other vegan restaurants closed early. I would come back because I enjoyed it. Is it a “must do” next time I’m in the area? No. I will try other places 1st before coming back.

Pros: Business hours, Portion size, Friendly staff


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08 Jan 2023

Decent and quick takeout

Quick and courteous to-go service.

Pros: Good service, Nice options


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17 Aug 2022

Yummy foods, brilliant concept!

Yesterday was my second or third time here, and first time since pandemic started. I learned there are multiple locations! Had only ever come to location on Mass AV by Central T stop. I got the blue oyster mushroom platter, and it was delightful! Ate the mushrooms for dinner, then the sides (arugula salad with big tomato slices, chickpea salad with tomato base, braised carrots. All delicious, and I don't usually like cooked carrots!)

I only wish there were more labeling distinguishing what is vegan vs. Just vegetarian. Love the taps for water, and the reusable cutlery.

Pros: Lots of vegan options. Whole place is vegetarian , Sandwich vs. platter option

Cons: Their olive oil cake had dairy and eggs (labeled), No list of ingredients in their dishes: ask!


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20 Jun 2022

It's fine if there are no other options

This place is open late, the food is mediocre at best, all the food was cold when I ordered it which was a bit strange, definitely nothing special


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15 May 2022

Good experience, just wish it was 100% vegan

Glad I tried this place! When in Boston I almost always go to Veggie Galaxy, but end up feeling bloated during whatever show I came for, because of the junk food. I got the Mayor Merino soy BLT, Chickpea Fritter platter, Fancy Hummus with Rainbow Carrots and Rosemary Fries. Everything was really good and decently priced. I loved the variety of pickled salads that came with the chickpeas fritters.

Pros: Compostable packaging, no food waste , Good prices, fast service, Feels healthy but is satisfying

Cons: Not fully vegan (but everything clearly marked), Vibe inside the store is kind of stuck up


Points +58

05 Oct 2021

Had no vegan options

The menu seems to change frequently so maybe it's better now, but when I went a while ago nothing was vegan. The server was nice about it and offered to replace a hard-boiled egg with a tomato for me, but it made for a disappointing, expensive and unfilling meal.


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18 Aug 2019


We came for breakfast and assumed that because it’s a vegetarian place there would be vegan options but all they could offer was a vegan muffin, even asked if there was anything on the menu that they could adapt to make vegan but the answer was no, even the granola they couldn’t do with alternative milk. The muffin was really good and my brother who loves meat didn’t even realise the impossible sandwich he had was actually vegetarian. Apparently they have lots of vegan options on the lunch menu but yeah not so much for vegan breakfast!

Cons: Lack of vegan options, Expensive for portion size


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30 Apr 2019


OK for vegetarians, but disappointing for vegans. The sandwiches very quickly get soggy, with the bread falling apart and the juices dripping. The sides (when getting a plate, like lentils and shredded carrots) are all drowning in sauce. The falafel are too greasy and thick.

They had (have?) an impossible-burger meatballs option, but it's not vegan: they add eggs to the vegan meat to make the meatballs. They wrote an angry blog post about it, explaining that they didn't understand why vegans were unhappy about that, since there were other vegan options, and pointing out that they made food for everyone, not for vegans (not sure why food for everyone couldn't be vegan…?)

Pros: Quick service

Cons: Not very vegan friendly, Greasy


Points +25

31 Dec 2018

Not Great For Vegans

There are very few restaurants that are open late in greater Boston. The fact that this vegetarian location is 24 hours is very awesome. Cheers to that!

My two biggest issues are that:

1. While there usually is a vegan bbq sandwich on the list, (which is great!) they don't typically label which items are vegan on the menu. Often the employees are helpful, and the website does include ingredient lists as well as allergen information. While it is a pet peave of mine when (vegetarian restaurants in particular) do not readily offer the vegan status of items, it is great they at least offer it online. It would be very cool Clover (if you are reading) if you used vegan labels in the store.

2. Some of the "should be vegan" items, Impossible Meatballs (include eggs/dairy) and Just Egg (include cheese) for example, are not vegan at all. There does not seem to be a clear way to order them vegan at all either (please let me/us know if you find a way!). From what I have gleaned online is that the company's stance is that vegans do not comprise the bulk of their customer base and therefore are not a priority. Plenty of vegans have lashed out online. Clover if you are listening, while I'd like to appologize for that I have to say my feelings are hurt by the decision to make these items non-vegan. I hope that changes!

Pros: Late Night Hours, Many Other Locations

Cons: Sparing Vegan Labelling


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22 Oct 2018


Many vegan options with the ability to easily make the non vegan dishes vegan friendly. Great staff. Eco friendly establishment where all things are compostable. Many coffee and beer options with an array of plant minded book options. Try the chickpea fritter, you will be impressed for sure!

Pros: delicious, efficient, fun

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