A vegetarian gelati bar, with a range of vegan flavors (chocolate, pistachio, coffee, vanilla, hazelnut, and fruit varieties). Buy by the cup or combo - combo includes a hot drink and baked good. Located next to Duomo Square. NOTE: Reported November 2023 to have limited vegan options – please send updates to HappyCow. Open Mon-Sun 10:00-21:00.

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First Review by Lu73


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25 Nov 2023

No cones if eating in, additional fees

3 vegan gelato flavors plus sorbet. What got me was in order to sit in the table atee you had to order from a table, not the counter. That would be fine but upon ordering a gelato cone at the dining area we were told cones are for take out only. If we want a cone we can’t stay. There was no sign and the waiter, who I felt bad for had to tell several others. There was also an unmentioned additional fee to eat at a table. Understandable for a restaurant but not for 1 scoop of gelato.



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07 Sep 2023


Amazing place with lots of vegan options including ice cream and standard gelato. Flavours were fantastic and only €3.50 for 2 scoops.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great taste


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11 Aug 2023

Great vegan flavours

Hazelnut was exceptional, and the cones good, only downside that there weren’t many flavours.
Coffee was also amazing, one of the best cappuccini I’ve had.

Pros: Gelato excellent , Coffee, Location

Cons: Limited flavours


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24 Jul 2023


The ice-cream ist fantastic and handmade. Best ice-cream ever. The vegan flavours are also sugarfree. Very friendly Service.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-24


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04 Mar 2023

Good gelato

There were 3 vegan flavors when I went there - hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate with raspberry - and they are sugar free We asked about the fruit ice creams as they are vegan in many places and we were told they can't guarantee the sugar used to make them is vegan so they label them as such. They also have a vegan cone, which you need to ask for when choosing the flavors. All the flavors tasted good, as well as the cone. One cone with 2 balls costs 3,5€.


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19 Oct 2022

Pistacchio & Nocciola

Great tasting pistacchio and nocciola flavors. The third flavor they offered was lampone & cioccolato which wasn’t as good as the other two. They have a plain vegan cone but you have to remind them to get one.

Would be great to get more options.


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18 Oct 2022

Tasty, but only 3 flavors

I liked the ice cream. The good thing: they have vegan cones. Unfortunately, there are only 3 flavors available.

Cons: only 3 options


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13 Aug 2022

Sehr gut

Vier vegane Sorten. Klar als diese ausgewiesen.


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24 Jul 2022


First I was confused because the vegan flavors are at the end but they had my fav (hazelnut) in vegan, that I haven’t had in forever!! It was really nice and they even had vegan cones that were better than most usual ones

Pros: vegan options other than fruit, Fair prices


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12 Jul 2022

Clearly labeled options

I had the small cup (two flavours) and it costs 3,50€. They have three flavours that are clearly labeled as vegan and are also gluten free. The fruit flavours are lactose free.

Pros: Clearly labeled, Gluten free options, Lactose free options


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09 Jun 2022


Excellent location, right by the cathedral, surprisingly cheap at only €4 for 3 scoops. There were only 3 vegan flavours but they tasted incredible, the raspberry one was brilliant

Pros: Great taste, Good value

Cons: Not too many vegan options


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15 Aug 2021

Très bonnes glaces !

Glaces véganes avec cornet vegan bien indiqués !
Choix de sorbets et glace pistache, noisette, framboise/chocolat
Prix très attractif comme la plupart des glaciers d’Italie !


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31 Jul 2021

So good!!

There were only four vegan options (hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate and cinnamon) but they were super good! Prices are not expensive and the vegan flavours were also sugar free!


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16 Jun 2021

A dream

With my friends we went there because it’s been 2 years since I could taste my favorite Ice cream Flavour : Pistachio. What a slap in the face, it was amazing. I savoured every spoon of it. Will definitely comme back !


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23 Sep 2020

Great vegan gelati

They had three vegan options clearly labeled as vegan (hazelnut, pistacchio, dark chocolate with raspberry) and some other fruity flavours and dark chocolate that I assume to be vegan as well, but I didn't ask.
I had pistacchio and hazelnut in a small cone (costed 3 euro, which is an average price) and they were delicious! Staff spoke english and was friendly. Would eat again!

Pros: Tasty gelati, clearly marked as vegan


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21 Sep 2020

Frosty voluptuousness for the vegetivorous.

Easy access to the Galleria and the Duomo.

note: visited prior to the deordination of social distancing.

Updated from previous review on 2020-09-21


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05 Apr 2020

loved it!

do not remember the flavours we had, but they were amazing. generous portion sizes for the price. great city centre location too

Pros: amazing flavours, traditional gelato, good portions for a good price

Cons: outside of season, lack of comfortable seating


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29 Dec 2019

Great place with delicious vegan ice cream

Fantastic place with 3 vegan ice cream like flavors as well as vegan sorbet. I was a little confused. Apparently there is a different system for ordering at the counter and eating outside or sitting inside.

Pros: Very friendly and patient explaining vegan option


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25 Aug 2019

Weird experience but tasty ice cream!

They have very good ice scream at this place! But a bit expensive when you eat in. We didn't get a cone at the terrace and payed €6 for 3 flavours, you pay less when you take out.


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30 Jul 2019

Lovely icecreams

Several vegan choices, I had hazelnuts and dark chocolate with raspberry and both tasted amazing.
The price is an average price for ice creams.

Pros: Hazelnuts vegan ice cream


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23 Jun 2019

Best ice-cream ever

Had the hazelnut, the pistachio, and the raspberry chocolate one. Absolutely amazing. With vegan cones. And the nicest people ever

Pros: 6 vegan flavours, Vegan cones, Nice people


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27 May 2019

Perfect location for good vegan ice cream

This gelateria offers homemade vegan ice cream in a separate fridge. They have 6-9 different flavors including hazelnut. Ice cream are good (but a bit too sweet to me) and not that expensive for the place. It is very centrally located behind the Duomo, explaining why it is so crowded and customers form a big impersonal queue. I would go back again to try their other flavors.

Pros: vegan ice cream clearly indicated, central location, good vegan choice

Cons: crowded, too sweet


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24 Apr 2019

Hazelnut ice cream!!!

This place was my favorite one to eat ice cream in Milan. Located right around the corner from the Duomo, they have several vegan flavors, which are clearly marked. They also have vegan waffle cones and if you order vegan ice cream flavors, the staff will ask you whether you want the vegan cone as well. I had hazelnut ice cream two nights in a row because it was SO good.
Can be kinda crowded, but service is really fast. You pay at the cashier for how many flavors you want (small, medium or large cone or cup) and then take your receipt to the counter where you order. Might seem a bit confusing at first because you basically have to order twice, but this ensures a super fast service, since the staff working behind the counter won't have to deal with change. Definitely recommend coming here!

Pros: flavors other than fruit sorbet, vegan cones, fast service


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23 Mar 2019

Very good!

My favorite was the pistachio, a flavour I'm normally avoiding, but I also really liked the liquorice. Nice surprise!


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20 Mar 2019

Yummy ice cream and friendly service

There are 6 ice creams labbeld vegan (whereby there is also no sugar added) additionally all the fruit ice creams as well as the dark choclate are vegan. Oh and they have vegan waffels! The Service is great and they are super helpful.

Pros: Lots of vegan ice creams, Great service


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04 Nov 2018

Gelato next to the Duomo

Some great ice cream in a very central location. The prices are fair too. They had 6 vegan flavors (clearly marked), also vegan and gluten free cones. We came back again the next day since it was so good!

Pros: Great location, super delicious, good price


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06 Sep 2018

Nice vegan icecream!

Some nice vegan flavours. They have 6 'special' vegan flavours as well as all the sorbet ice creams (almost all fruit flavours are vegan as well, just ask them!). Price is good as well (take away is a lot cheaper!), especially next to the Cathedral! Note that you have to order from the card if you want to sit down. You can't sit down with your take-away.

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