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Vegan soft serve ice cream walk-up window est. 2021. Offers sundaes, shakes, and toppings. Open Wed-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by wft


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19 Nov 2023

holy cow!

amazing lil all vegan ice cream shop. i’m a milkshake fiend and the vanilla w/lavender shake did not disappoint

Pros: all vegan , ice cream and milkshakes , nice staff!!!



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24 Sep 2023

Best soft serve!

Is it ok to say it’s the best? Whatever, I’m saying it. From the ice cream itself, to the literally toasted marshmallows, to the amazing staff - my first time visit to this unassuming window shop couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m not even positive what I had, it was what the guy recommended for me. I think it was the cinnamon toast pumpkin spice something something, lol. I don’t know, but it was enough to have me completely hooked. (I’d include a picture, but I was too excited to eat it after he gave me a sample of that seasonal ice cream)

Went with my very non-vegan friend who also raved about how good it was. I can’t believe it took me this long to find out about this place. And learning that they take care of their staff just pushes this place over the top.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-24

Cons: Wish they had a downtown Chicago location.


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03 Sep 2023

Absolutely delicious!

So many options and so tasty!! I got chocolate and vanilla swirled with a chocolate shell and sprinkles and bro this was so so so good go there right nowwww eat up!!! It's so worth it!! I think they make it in house and it's with oat milk :)

Pros: Fast, Friendly , Allergen friendly!!


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27 Jun 2023

Absolutely decadent and delicious, creamy and creative oat-based delights!

A really cute shop in upscale Lincoln Square. A second location is in Wicker Park. Live music on Thursday evenings in front of the store. We made a trip in from the burbs and it was so worth it! Tahini and strawberry olive oil swirl soft serve was wow. Hopefully they will branch out to the NW suburbs.

Pros: 100% vegan, Cute apparel options , Multiple locations (Lincoln Square)

Cons: A little pricey but worth it


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06 Jun 2023

I don't know how they do it

There's no way this is vegan (but it is)

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Looooooong lines


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04 May 2023

Where has this been all my life

As a nearly decade long vegan, my only “miss” has been soft serve ice cream. Not anymore!!! Hubby and I went here even though it was 50 degrees out, and were delighted with the cute little window cafe, the charming staff, and the delicious ice cream! I got a vanilla large cup with peanut butter shell, and hubby got chocolate vanilla swirl regular cup with toasted marshmallows. The ice cream was super cold and held its shape for almost the entire time we ate it! The peanut butter shell was soooo tasty and salty, and my husband said the marshmallows reminded him of a gummy bear texture - which he loves!

I love that this place doesn’t accept tips as they pay their workers at least a living wage- um, awesome!!! They have so many choices, I can’t wait to come back. The ice cream was SUPER cold, so I’m definitely going to wait until it warms up a bit to come back, but I’m excited nonetheless!!

Pros: Charming staff, Amazing choices, Delicious soft serve!!


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09 Mar 2023

everything is great!

I've had a few things here--different flavors of ice cream and different toppings mixed in--everything is delicious. The waffle cone is what I dream about most!


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28 Nov 2022

Cute place

The ice cream was good, nothing spectacular but definitely worth checking out and supporting.


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22 Oct 2022

Top notch vegan froyo

This place is amazing! The seasonal flavors are great (especially the pistachio) and the toppings are too. One of the best vegan froyo places I’ve been to

Pros: Great taste, Cool toppings

Cons: Kinda pricey, Somewhat secluded


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12 Oct 2022

Amazing ice cream

I tried one of the peanut butter flavors. They have a creative selection of combinations, fresh ingredients, and kids-sized cups. The real deal!! I highly recommend it.

Cons: No parking available


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25 Sep 2022

Great vegan ice cream.

Went there the first time today and I am happy I did. It’s up there with some of the best.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-25

Pros: 100% vegan

Cons: Expensive


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11 Sep 2022


One of my favorite spots to go to when I go into the city! Really great options and staff is great. Even my non vegan friends love their ice cream!


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18 Aug 2022

Vegan soft serve, yes please

Vegan ice cream, so delicious. You need to go here now!


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15 Aug 2022


their seasonal option (strawberry olive oil) was so satisfying and changed my opinion on soy based iced cream. great stuff!!!

Pros: perfect

Cons: waffle cones ain't cheap


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10 Aug 2022

Inner Child Happiness

I was never a fan or regular dairy ice cream in pints or gallons but loved having a turtle soft serve sundae. When I went vegan I only ever had a craving for soft serve and this is it! I had the candy bar sandae and added chocolate cake pieces and it was divine. Happy danced the whole time eating it. My inner child was so happy. They have different flavors every month besides the regular chocolate or vanilla. Must try!

Pros: Lots of toppings and sauces, Gluten free options, Drinks and pastries

Cons: Pricey but worth it for the treat


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14 Jul 2022


Texture is on point and I really enjoyed the flavors. Took a pint home.


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14 Jul 2022

Nice but too sweet

The staff is super friendly, and the ice cream seems to be fresh. If you like sugary chocolate and vanilla, you might love it, but it was too sweet and big for my taste. They sometimes offer a special flavor like black tea, which is very creative. You can try a sample before ordering it.

Pros: Fresh, Offers one special creative flavor

Cons: Too much sugar, Few flavors to choose


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11 Jul 2022

My gosh

For me, this was a dream come true. I had the candy bar sundae, and it’s a good job I don’t live in Chicago, cos I think I’d end up fat and poor. I will say that the star here was probably the toppings over the ice cream (I had the vanilla/chocolate swirl), but I’m not complaining. So good.


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23 Jun 2022

Delicious 😋

The cookie crumble / peanut butter / caramel toppings were so good!

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-23

Vegan Vagabond

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29 May 2022


Waffle cones, soft serve, and lots of tasty toppings. I’ve been many times and they never disappoint. Bring your wallet, you’re going to need lots of cash. Not cheap, but worth it.


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07 May 2022


Most definitely the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had. Super smooth and the flavours were on point. The chocolate hazelnut soft serve paired with candy bar topping is like, a ferrero rocher meets snickers kind of situation. Super indulgent.

Also love their tipping policy — fair wages are a given and factored into the pricing, so no additional tips are accepted.


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23 Apr 2022

Never disappoints!

We travel from the far east side of Chicago to get our ice cream fix !! Their season ice cream right now is Chocolate Hazelnut & it’s SO good!

Pros: Vegan ice cream !!, Friendly staff, Seasonal flavors


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10 Apr 2022

Awesome ice cream!

I had a delicious hot chocolate and a scrumptious Handshake - vanilla chocolate swirl soft serve with chocolate cake pieces. So good!

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-09

Pros: All vegan, Great service , So many options


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20 Mar 2022

It's okay!

It is okay and doesn't live up to the hype. I wouldn't go back to this place again.


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27 Feb 2022

Doesn’t live up to the hype

My boyfriend and I are both vegan. We've been excited about Vaca’s for a long time. We finally got there tonight. Unfortunately it was a disappointment. The ice cream consistency is pasty and heavy. I got vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake pieces. It was inedible. The cake pieces were dry and tasted like stale play-doh. I legit wasted $10 on it. I didn’t finish a single bite.

My boyfriend got the s’mores sundae. He ate it - said it was okay. Same complaints about the ice cream consistency.

Service was very friendly. That was a pro. You can’t go inside — It is still walk-up only to an outdoor window, so be prepared to wait outside for your ice cream. We went in February, and there was still a decent line of people, waiting outside for their ice cream, in 20 degree weather. Only in Chicago 😉.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly service, Claims to pay employees a livable wage

Cons: Expensive , Doesn’t taste good, Still only allows orders from outdoor window


09 Apr 2022

We are so sorry this was your experience! During this winter, which was our first, we had some issues with the machines where if they weren't frequently used the ice cream consistency wasn't the best. We tried our best to remedy this, but it's possible that a few times we slipped. This is definitely not how our product is supposed to be, I assure you. If you shoot us a message or email with your email address, I will send you a gift card in case you want to give us another chance. I sincerely hope you do.
Mariana, co-owner


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17 Feb 2022

I’m Obsessed!

This is my favorite soft serve ever! The oatmilk really sets this place apart from the rest, along with whatever else they’re adding to the mixture. I usually get a DIY cup or handshake. I tried a regular shake, but will stick to the others. It’s so addictive! I’m happy I don’t live close bc it could be dangerous for my waistline.

I hope they add brownies as an option for a sundae or topping.


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17 Jan 2022

I’m eating soft serve in winter

Vegan soft serve at Vaca’s is what I needed on that cold January chicago day. Tahini soft serve with chocolate coating and sprinkles took me back to my childhood days of eating ice cream. I’ve wanted vegan soft serve for decades. Vaca’s soft serve is creamy and delicious, even in the middle of winter. I walked there and got the large because I knew the calories in and the calories out were in my favor. Also ordered a cortado. Yum. Oh and i got some
Croissants to go. So buttery and flakey just as a croissant should taste. Having the owners work the window made my vegan heart swell. I will support this team and the fantastic desserts. Can’t wait to try a sundae.

Pros: Everything vegan including baked goods, Soft serve machine that works😄, Plenty of topping choices

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