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Offers extensive vegetarian menu including a variety of mockmeat dishes. Organizes monthly free vegetarian cooking training salon. Founded in 2003, near east gate of Tsinghua University, Hai Dian District. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-9:30pm.

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03 Jul 2023

Tasty vegetarian food near Tsinghua

Open as of July 2023. Chinese name is 天厨妙香素食(清华店). There is another location on the east side of Beijing.

I've been to this restaurant a few times, and the food is very tasty. The menu has pictures and (usually accurate but occasionally confusing) English descriptions of each dish. Prices are a bit higher than usual for Beijing but not unusual for vegetarian restaurants, and certainly lower than American/Western prices. The food is of high quality, with a wide variety of vegetable, tofu, and mock meat options.

The restaurant is located in the pictured building, directly inside the door on the left. It is also possible to order delivery on Meituan.

Pros: Tasty food, Wide variety of options, Menu with pictures and English dish names

Cons: Slightly pricey by Beijing standards



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08 Aug 2019

Good food, good location.

At first I thought it was a little expensive, especially since there is a vegan buffet (Suhu) right across the alley. But I quickly started to like ordering from there with WaiMai if I didn't have time to stop by Suhu. The food is really good and if you're up for something other than a buffet, then I definitely recommend this place.


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10 Jan 2019

Nice, tasty, not expensive

Great place to have dinner/lunch, lots of Chinese dishes and some are more western like. The place is quite and homelike.
Don't try to get there from the inside of the university since it might look it's accessible from there. Follow the location on the app and look at the pics in this page, the place is not so hard to find.
I'm not sure about the opening hours but it was open when I came there at around 14:00 (some others places are close at the afternoon).
Make sure what you ordered is not spicy (if you don't like spicy), and if the dish is served warm or cold (since some can mislead westerns). also SOME DISHES AREN'T VEGAN.
Crew is helpful and nice, and the process are pretty reasonable (like $$$ out of $$$$$)
The food:
Meat ("burgers") and french fries - very good meat like burgers with nice meaty texture, fries are ok, very satisfying and tasty overall.
Taiwanese shrimps noodles - fresh ginger flavor, a little oily, filling and a great side dish.
Dumplings (non colored ones) - asked to takeaway them so haven't had the chance to try them yet but the dish look pretty big and smells good.
Soy and dates smoothly - very different from western smoothies I know and make. Have to admit I didn't like it much, it felt really heavy and the taste wasn't my favorite.
(Second visit:)
Tofu pan - soft tofu with good salty sauce, very hot and big. Good and very filling dish.
Great place overall, would love to come back there if I have the time.


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22 Jan 2018


The One of the best places to eat in Bj!
Food is delicious, service awesome, everything clean.
Totally recommend!


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13 Sep 2017

Better directions ot Tianchu

Tianchu Miaoxiang Vegetarian restaurant, near Tsinghua University, Haidian, Beijing, 12/9/2017

Food good though, like many other places, rice comes after all the other dishes have been served which means if you like to eat the contents of dishes with rice you need to ask for the rice to be brought with the first dish. Service not fast and dishes not very hot when brought out (suggesting they’ve been sitting waiting to be brought to the table)
Pleasant atmosphere, quiet. Portions not large but not small and prices moderate.
Here are directions for getting there from the nearest metro station as the ones from the Tsinghua University south gate are only useful if you can find the gate which is actually about 200m down a side street.
From Wudaokou station on metro line 13, walk west along the north side of Chengfu Lu. Go across the Zhongguancun East Road intersection (only about 250m from the station) and then go another 100 or so metres to Zhongguancun East Road Number 1. If you reach the pedestrian bridge over Chengfu Lu you have gone about 100m too far. Zhongguancun East Road Number 1 is opposite the Beijing Chaoshifa Chainstore Co. Ltd and has signs about TUSholdings and TusPark. Go along the left side of Zhongguancun East Road Number 1 until just before the street turns to the right. You’ll see a building after the street turns which says Innovation Plaza but that is too far. Instead, the restaurant is inside the shiny, grey building on the left. It is called Valley Mansion and has the number 1-3 on it. There is a restaurant visible from the driveway but that’s not Tianchu Miaoxiang. There is a big sign facing the street saying vegetarian restaurant and going to that will have you within 20m of the emtrance to the restaurant.

Pros: Food good, Reasonably priced, Good atmosphere

Cons: Service so so


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12 Jun 2016

good place

The place is in the building just behind the Google one. You can either reach it from Chengdu lu, or by crossing the science park if your come from shuangqing lu. But do not enter qinghua university as it is outside.

Food was good, lot of choice, reasonable price. I would give 4 stars for it. The reason I only give 3 stars is that the room has nothing special, ie it is not a place I would spend a couple of hours. Service was ok though nothing extraordinary. But definitely recommended for the food, which at the end of the day is what we come for, isn't it?


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13 Dec 2015

Excellent gourmet vegan food in Wudaokou

I went to the Tsinghua branch of the restaurant after trying the other one in Chaowai. This one is only 200 meters away from Chengfu Lu in the heart of Wudaokou, much easier to find than the other branch, and just as excellent! We ordered stir-fried winged beans (清炒四角豆), cauliflower on a hot plate (铁板松花菜), braised eggplant chunks served on a "paper" dish (纸锅茄丁), and Kung Pao monkey-head mushrooms (宫保脆珍). Too bad there weren't any more shaomai 烧麦! The chrysanthemum tea (玉菊活颜茶) was also excellent. A lot of food, for which we paid around 90 RMB (14 USD) each. The place was crowded but cozy (the setting is actually very similar to the Chaowai branch), the staff friendly and efficient. Tianchu Miaoxiang and Suhu are definitely the best options in this area, and possibly in the whole of Beijing. Greatly recommended.

Pros: Very rich choice, Reasonably priced


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13 Nov 2015

Really good vegan food near Tsinghua

I'm at Tsinghua University a lot. This place and Veggie Tiger are wonderful resources to have nearby. I eat at both. The food at both are really good. I probably life Veggie Tiger a bit more because they have so much variety of good Chinese tea. But I Also really life this place.

Pros: Very good vegan food. Near Tsinghua University.


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24 May 2015

Tasty and affordable

We went there on a week day around 7.30. There was quite a few people already waiting for a table. We had to wait for around 15~20 min. But it was okay since we didn't know what to order so we used that time to look thoroughly through the menu.

We ordered 4 dishes and we paid around 120rmb. The portions are a bit small. Two of the dishes were really good! But the other two didn't impress me.
If you're around the area give this place a try! The menu is quite big and varied, so there's a lot to choose from and for a good price.

Pros: Varied menu, Affordable

Cons: Have to queue, Small portions


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30 Sep 2014

Absolutely delicious

This place was wonderful. I ate here several times while visiting Tsinghua University, and I really loved the food. Everything I had was uniformly well prepared, well balanced, and delicious. The staff were helpful and friendly, even though I spoke no Chinese. The menu had sufficient English to make it clear what I was ordering. (Like almost all Beijing restaurants, it had pictures.)

My only complaint is that it is hard to find. Here are directions. From the south gate of Tsinghua University walk south until you reach the main road (Chengfu Road). Turn left and then turn left on the next street. Follow this street back into the Tsinghua science park. The road will take a sharp left turn, before it does the restaurant is on the main floor of the building on your left. It is *not* the restaurant you see from the street but rather it is inside the larger building.

The restaurant is not on Google maps, but is inside of a building that Google maps calls the "Innovation Mansion."
Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 30, 2014

Pros: Delicious food, Good service

Cons: Hard to find


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12 Jan 2013

Worth looking for

This is a small little vegetarian restaurant, which is difficult to find, but really worth looking for. It's close to the East gate of Tsinghua university and the old Google building is next to it. It is at the bottom floor of one of the office buildings. You just have to keep asking if you can't find it right away. :)

It's cafeteria like, not as fancy as the Chinese vegetarian restaurants usually are. But the food is really good, the menu is also in English and it has pictures. Lots of different kinds of mock meat dishes. I think it's open 10am-10pm. At lunch time the restaurant was really packed with locals, but after 2 pm it was much less crowded.

They follow the Buddhist principles and they have Buddhist literature, but their library includes also lots of Chinese language animal rights literature (Francione, Regan, Singer etc., but also Chinese books about treatment of animals). Restaurant uses some milk products, but not eggs, nor 5 pungent spices. They have many different varieties of tea and different fresh juices.
Updated from previous review on Friday January 11, 2013

Pros: Excellent food, Pro animal rights, Friendly service

Cons: Difficult to find


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18 Jul 2010

good food close 2 the google building...

really nice dishes and teas. i loved their chicken with peanuts and chilly. unfortunately they never have the wrapped tofu. but the chicken stick have been a good replacement. i love mock meet :)

Pros: cheap, fast

Cons: hard 2 find


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23 Mar 2008

Pleasant cafe-like atmosphere

This is a good place to go if you happen to be in the vicinity of Beijing or Tsinghua Universities or the Summer Palace, but tricky to find the first time around. If you don't read Chinese, the Chuang Ye building is a highrise named "Innovation Plaza." The restaurant isn't actually in this building, but everyone we asked once in the vicinity knew where it was. Easiest access is from a parking lot around the corner that has a sign for Dough Works, and a red sign on a wide pillar for this restaurant in the far right hand corner of this lot.

They have a wide assortment of dishes at 10-30 kuai each, with color photographs and english descriptions on the menu. They also have fresh juices and brown rice on offer. We went on a Friday night and had a short wait.


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13 Oct 2006

Cool Place

Today I decided to go to another place. Tomorrow going back to Singapore.
Since there is no Chinese address, I called the restaurant and asked for directions.


Pros: Reasonable Price, Excellent food

Cons: Don't accept Visa/Master

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