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Serves meat, vegan options available. A retro diner/coffee shop with plenty of clearly labeled vegan items. Fair trade, organic and local ingredients. Reported closed January 2023.

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First Review by EverydayTastiness


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09 Feb 2023

Covid times attempt at brunch.

This review may be a product of covid.

This concept is not intuitive. Half commited comic book / retro theme. You need to join a wait list through yelp, which is fine unless you don't use yelp like myself.

Seated with printed menus, but had to download the online menu to figure out what the vegan options were.

You order at a screen at the counter back by the front door. Now if you would like a additional item like a different drink you need to go up and order something else in the middle of eating.

I have the Trash Browns which was unseasoned tofu, hashbrowns, red pepper, broccoli and a side of toast. Not sure how this made it on the menu of a business.

During the meal a man came in off the street and through the dining area where he went table to table asking for spare change.

I then went to find the restroom. There was no signage indicating any, but I saw a door with a very lightly frosted glass that looked like a closet or kitchen entry. I could more or less see into the room which turned out to be the washroom. The single toilet tucked right next to the door.

I was not expecting to put in so much effort into brunch.

Updated from previous review on 2020-10-16

Pros: Friendly staff, good chai, good coffee.



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17 Nov 2022

Perfect breakfast burrito

I was having a major craving for a breakfast burrito and they did not disappoint. Delicious and hearty.


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22 Aug 2022

Thoroughly meh

Ordering & paying on my phone was easy and I do it regularly in other cities. It was easy to customize the orders.
Kids did BYO tofu scramble and we had tofi trash browns. The food was fine, but nothing was seasoned. We shouldn't have had to add as much salt and pepper as we did. The vegan milkshake was tasteless and far too expensive for what it was. The mimosa was made with sparkling wine that had clearly gone flat.

But the worst was the service. The man behind the counter was talking on his phone almost the entire time we were there. He didn't notice that my husband's food was up so his was ice cold by the time he got it. I've ordered online in many restaurants and still the servers were polite and attentive. There was none of that. Perhaps it's a gimmick given the name of the restaurant? Either way the meh food was made worse by the bad service.


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20 Jun 2022

Vegan-friendly diner and drinks

Order through your phone (no cash). You can find a fully vegan menu there; it’s extensive! Excellent quality, reasonable prices. Perfect for brunch or happy hour. Too bad it’s not open for late nights!

Pros: Fully vegan menu available , Great location and (casual) atmosphere, Excellent quality, variety, and pricing

Cons: Closes quite early for the type of place it is


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17 Feb 2022

Great menu selection

Typically a vegan breakfast out consists of the standard “avocado toast” or a “grain bowl.” Not here! An entire vegan menu with pancake and scramble options! All reasonably priced too!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-16

Pros: Entire Vegan menu, Fair price

Cons: No WiFi and you have to order with your phone


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13 Jan 2022


Their brunch is what pulls me here. Old classics veganized well and good here.


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01 Aug 2021


I love that they have a separate vegan menu! I got the pancake “side” and the BYO tofu scramble. The tofu came in blocks so it wasn’t really “scrambled” but it was still good. I hear good things about their vegan shakes so I will definitely be going back! Decent prices too.
The only thing was, for the pancake you can choose a topping for an extra $2.00 - I asked for blueberries and I got about 5 on top… other than that, good experience.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-01


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11 Mar 2020

Cute diner with great shakes!

They have good breakfast options like tofu scramble but I love their vegan chocolate shake and chocolate cake! Their shake is my favorite in town!

Pros: Best chocolate shake


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31 Mar 2019

Low service, good options

As can be derived from the name, this place doesn't put too much attention on service - the orders have to be written down and the receipts be brought to the counter. There are a few promising vegan options. By its look, it's a rather nicer dinner with a nice, slightly retro vibe. We only had a pot of coffee which was reasonably priced ($5 for almost a liter) and they didn't charge us extra for soy milk, which I appreciate.


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08 Jul 2018

Great place for vegan brunch

They have a few vegan options for all meals - their brunch has great vegan diner-style food.


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10 Jun 2018

Good, not Great

The Bad Waitress is a cute counter-service restaurant on Eat Street. They have lots of vegetarian and vegan options, some of which are fantastic (guacamole) and some of which are just okay (veggie wraps).
Typically service is good but they have some issues when they have new staff. I've had several mistakes made with my food.
Prices are moderate. Overall you can go here and expect a good meal.

Pros: Good food, Location, Outdoor seating

Cons: Service


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06 May 2018

Very good!

Went for brunch and had a tofu scramble and chose my sides, it was very tasty! I didn’t love the daiya cheese as the only vegan cheese option though. I also had the vegan banana chocolate chip bread and it was delicious! I got a coffee and they did not have almond milk which was a bummer, but they did have soy so it is workable! They had so many vegan options and I cannot wait to try more!

Pros: Many vegan options!, Helpful servers, Easy to make substitutions if you want them

Cons: No almond milk


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04 Aug 2017

Good Americana style food

Definitely a good place to try out for the Americana style cuisine. There are a few good vegan options on the menu - but I recommend the vegan vanilla shake


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09 Nov 2015

Chili Mix-up

Food was good. However i ordered the Vegan Chili and the brought me regular chili and had to spit out a piece of chicken. The apologized and brought me Vegan Chili. They should probably separate those more and was pretty upset i had chicken in my mouth. However the food was good and i would still give it another shot.

Cons: easy mix ups


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03 Aug 2015

My Favorite!!

This is my go-to place especially when I go out to eat with non-vegan and non-vegetarian friends and family members and they love it too! The staff is friendly despite the name and I love the diner itself. It is also located on Eat Street in Minneapolis which is one of my favorite areas in the city.

The food is delicious! My favorite dishes: The Amsterdam Hash (v), vegan pancakes w/ chocolate chips or blueberries, vegan sausage as a side w/ anything, made from scratch veggie burger (v), salads, central valley veggie wrap (v), chips & salsa w/ guac and the tripoli hummus trio.

Pros: Vegan-friendly, Coffee, Friendly Staff


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23 May 2015

Best vegan burrito & chili ever!

Found several vegan & vegan-adaptable dishes. Chose vegan burrito with side of vegan chili. Was a great, healthy, fresh, filling dinner. Servers very accommodating of substitutions. Have had others of the vegan demarcated dishes with great pleasure.

Pros: Great service & vegan-friendly., Excellent food., Reasonably priced.

Cons: Crap parking around establishment.


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20 Sep 2014

retro diner

A retro diner with superhero themes. Write your own order down on the paper and bring it to the cashier. Vegan items are clearly labeled. I didnt enjoy my vegan cake much; it was a giant pancake the size of the plate. They charged $2 for a tiny pile of strawberries on top. Vegan milkshake was good though. I would recommend the chocolate over the vanilla.

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