Original location of this donut shop. Offers several vegan options daily, from cake donuts to raised and creme-filled. Flavors may include a 'chocolate darling' with chocolate and peanut butter or a 'misfit' with an orange, ginger & cinnamon infused glaze. Open Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by cookiem


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13 Aug 2023


Amazing doughnuts. They had at least eight vegan options when we went, and we tried six. The femme fatale was my favorite - a great combination of flavors.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Options clearly marked and in a separate case, Delicious



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15 May 2023


We wish we didn’t have to go all the way to the cities for vegan donuts (we live in Duluth). Worth the trip!


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02 May 2023

Small Vegan selection, but yum!

Only 6 or so vegan flavors, but the one we tried was very good!

Cons: Expensive


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05 Mar 2023


The last time I got a vegan donut from here it wasn't as good as all the other times and vegan selection has gone down. Still a great option

Pros: Tasty vegan filled donuts!, Price is fine, Friendly staff

Cons: Vegan options have gone down , Not always super fresh seeming , Can be crowded


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05 Mar 2023

Delicious donuts

Looking for fancy vegan donuts? Go here.

Pros: Delicious donuts, Chill atmosphere

Cons: The only downside is that it's not all vegan.


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28 Feb 2023

Yummy donuts

I love getting donuts from here when I have a craving for something sweet!

Cons: Needs more vegan options


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18 Feb 2023

Several delicious vegan options

I love the Misfit glazed donuts especially. The glaze is orange, ginger, and cinnamon. They have several of their top-sellers as vegan options so you can try them out with your non-vegan friends! The chai tea is also lovely.

Pros: 7 vegan options, Vegan milk for cafe drinks


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25 Oct 2022

Amazing vegan donuts!

The donuts are delicious and the bakery is so cute!


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26 Aug 2022

thank goodness for vegan donuts

Galm doll doesn’t beat the fluffiness of AZ’s Sojo’s vegan donuts but these donuts are still amazing and I’m so grateful they have plant based options! these donuts are on the drier and more dense side, even in the AM so maybe some improvement could be done there ? the owner told me they used to house make their Chai with honey but when they started carrying vegan donuts, he switched the Chai out for something that’s vegan friendly. so thoughtful!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-26


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23 Jul 2022

Vegan options!

There was 4 vegan donut options! 2 filled, and 2 sprinkle. I got the chocolate with vanilla cream filled one, which was good. Nothing outstanding, but vegan donuts are hard to find in the twin cities, so I really appreciate the options. I’ll definitely be back!


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20 Apr 2022

Best vegan doughnuts ever!

Such a cute place! And delicious doughnuts!

Pros: Lots of options, Cute environment

Cons: Run out quickly


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03 Apr 2022


I tried their vegan donut once but I was not very impressed. Perhaps it was an off day, but I found them to be dry and pretty average. I haven't come back since, but I do appreciate that they have vegan options. Maybe I would try it again some day if I had a donut craving.

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26 Mar 2022

Delicious donuts

I got donuts here for my birthday, and they were delicious. Lots of fun flavors to chose from.


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06 Mar 2022

great vegan donuts!

got a selection of donuts with my non-veg friends and absolutely loved them! they had a great vegan selection— my favs were the misfit and hippy chick (the strawberry was absolutely delicious)!!

Pros: lots of vegan options


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06 Mar 2022

Fun options

My favorite was the Misfit - really wonderful ginger/cinnamon flavor. My son liked the raspberry filled.

Pros: Vegan options


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25 Feb 2022

Bomb vegan donuts

Tasted just like the non vegan options


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13 Jan 2022


You might want to order ahead of time, since they sometimes run out of the vegan offerings earlier in the day. Just order a dozen and be done with it all.


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06 Jul 2021

Great Vegan Donuts

The staff is very kind & helpful! The vegan donuts are pretty good! My non-vegan boyfriend liked them too!


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11 Mar 2020

Best vegan donuts!

You won’t be able to tell the difference between their vegan donuts and animal-based donuts! They’ve even had raspberry and custard filled donuts and I heard they came out with a vegan Mac and cheeze donut!

Pros: Dedicated case for vegan donuts


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06 Feb 2020

Best vegan donuts!

Their vegan donuts are super bomb. I especially like the Femme Fatale, it's filled with yummy raspberry curd. Definitely come in a bit early, they don't make a huge amount of the vegan donuts and they've run out of them a couple times that I've been there. A teensy bit pricey, but understandably so and totally worth it.

Pros: Great donuts, Variety of flavors, Cute theme

Cons: Run out of vegan options quickly


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23 Jan 2020

very tasty and pricey!

We've been to Glam Doll twice when visiting the twin cities. The donuts are good, but they are pricey and the vegan options are even more pricey!

Pros: tatsy, always something vegan offered

Cons: $


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19 Nov 2019

So good

Great vegan donuts, very friendly and helpful staff! Careful, I ate 5 donuts in two days!


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23 Oct 2019

Best vegan donut I’ve had

Oh my goodness these donuts are a blessing. Only a 30mjn walk from the uni of Minnesota, and they were so worth it. I grabbed 2 for a friend and I and we were both very impressed. Donuts were fluffy and not too heavy on frosting. They had 7 vegan options when I was there and like 20 non vegan. And not too expensive. Price ranging from $2.50 - $4 per donut.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Well priced , Big sitting area


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04 May 2019

Great selection

You could never tell the difference, these are so good!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Gluten free options

Cons: Parking isn’t the best


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31 Mar 2019

Great donuts, expensive coffee

The vegan selection of donuts is in its own section, which I appreciated, with prices being reasonable in a range of $2 to $3.5. Coffee is pretty expensive. While I found the offer of a donut with caramelized bacon a bit appalling, I was very satisfied with my peanut butter and chocolate donut as well as the chocolate donut with vanilla cream filling.


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15 Jul 2018

real cute place!

first of all, i love the cute pinup girl vibe. super cute place inside and out! the staff was very friendly. they have a whole case of vegan flavors as i pictured, which was a good variety flavor-wise and they all looked amazing. they also have vegan options for coffee too, which they advertise on their menu! it was early afternoon on a saturday and they still had a good selection in the vegan case, so hoping that means they accepted feedback & got better with following demand and baking more of them? (one comment mentioned them always being out). overall nice place and will be there again!

Pros: friendly staff, diverse vegan flavors


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09 Jul 2018

HOLEy moly!!!

Eat more hole foods am I right?!! They had a GREAT variety of donuts. Will definitely be dreaming about their donuts.

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