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Serves meat, vegan options available. Family-run Thai food restaurant. Menu is rather meat-heavy but does offer tofu option. Let your server know if you're veg/vegan. Reported open November 2021. Open Mon-Tue 11:30am-8:00pm, Fri-Sun 11:30am-8:00pm.

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First Review by DWNPhoto


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07 Nov 2023

Spicy lunch

With limited choices this was very tasty!!
I had the pad Thai and hubby ordered the Thai Thai curry. Both had great spice, had my nose running:) The restaurant was extremely clean and the staff was very nice. A little pricy, but considering how hard it is to get fresh food to this location. Happy it was so good!!

Pros: Clean & friendly, Great choices, Very tasty

Cons: Price was high:(



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20 Mar 2023

Good Option for the area

At our last visit we did not receive a menu that clearly marked the vegan options, but staff were very knowledgeable and didn’t hesitate to tell us which items could be made vegan. We ordered Thai style tofu fried rice and the Thai Thai special curry. The fried rice had a very subtle flavor to it for those looking for less spice. The Thai Thai Special curry was excellent and I’d highly recommend it. Only downside is they are incredibly pricey, but that’s pretty standard for the area. I did share the fried rice with my sister and we were both full after the meal, but I wouldn’t recommend sharing if you enjoy larger portion sizes. It was a pleasant sit-down restaurant with lots of spots to sit.

Pros: Ton of vegan options

Cons: Overpriced


Points +22

Mostly Veg
23 Jan 2023

Catered well to vegans in our group as well as one with special dietary needs

Vegetable & tofu options with all entrees #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Good service, Family owned.

Cons: A little on spend side.


Points +59

03 May 2022

Good good!

Quick service and clearly marked vegan options. They have quite a few vegan options and we split the summer rolls and yellow curry. It's nice too because they don't use fish or oyster sauce for their curries. Good warm meal for a rainy evening. :)

Pros: Lots of vegan options and good portions, Quick service, Good vibes

Cons: Little expensive but understandable.


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03 May 2022

So satisfying!

Really good variety of vegan friendly options that are clearly marked. They don’t use oyster or fish sauce unless specified. Got the summer rolls, which were really tasty and fresh. The mint was a nice touch. Also got the vegan curry, which was some of the best thai curry I’ve had. Really good portion size even though it’s kind of spendy. Worth a stop in after exploring the park.


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23 Mar 2022

Decent amount of vegan options

Vegetarian/vegan options clearly marked. I got the yellow curry, level 5 spicy and it was pretty good. Other travelers got noodle dishes and they were OK.

Cons: Expensive


Points +162

22 Sep 2021


Not sure if it's just temporarily closed but they are currently not open any day of the week.


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07 Aug 2021

Clearly labeled vegan options

We were very happy our food here! The vegan entree options were clearly labeled. Our waitress was very helpful and went above and beyond to make sure our dishes were vegan, especially our appetizer that did not have a vegan label. The summer spring rolls, yellow curry, and tom kha were so good!! The portion sizes were generous as well. The non-vegan members of our group also really enjoyed their meal.

Pros: Clearly labeled (delicious) vegan options , Helpful staff, Generous portions

Cons: No appetizers are labeled vegan


Points +137

26 Jul 2021

Updated menu makes vegan options clear

Reading through prior reviews, I can see that there has been confusion in the past about what is and isn't vegan at Thai Thai Restaurant. Thankfully, this problem has been solved! The vegan soup and curry options are now clearly marked -- there are one of each. For soup, the Tom Kha is vegan, and for curries, the Yellow Curry is vegan. Both delicious, and sharing these two dishes was plenty of food for two people. I would recommend going on the early side, given that things can get busy. We arrived around 5:30 and were immediately seated, and our food came out very quickly. Given the extremely limited options for vegan dinner in Volcano, this is definitely my top choice!

Pros: Clearly marked vegan soup and curry options


Points +52

27 Jun 2021

5 stars by me!

It won’t allow me to give 5 stars, but just tell the server you’re vegan and the food was delicious!!!!


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01 Nov 2020

Fish sauce deniers

We made it very clear that we were vegan. They steered us away from the curries, which all contain shrimp paste. They suggested any of the stir fries could be made without fish sauce, so we ordered our default: Pad Kee mow ($17).

One bite and it was clearly doused in fish flavor. Told the waiter and were told, “oh no, there’s no fish sauce.” Decided that was it. We’d make due with the appetizer: salad wraps, which were quite tasty, but in no way sufficient for a meal.

Be careful. There are very few options in Volcano one the sun goes down for omnivores and vegans alike.


Points +198

05 Feb 2020

Nice place in a town with few options

Quite a few noodle dishes available with tofu, plus spring rolls. I got the tofu pad Thai which was flavorful and a good size portion (just be sure to ask for no egg). Staff was nice, understood vegan, and beer was reasonably priced as well. Great meal after a day of hiking.


Points +24

21 Dec 2019

Great place for all eaters!

Everyone was super nice and helpful. They don’t use fish sauce or egg, so most things are super easy to make vegan!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Helpful staff, Tasty food


Points +25

25 Jan 2019

Good thai food

Good Thai food at a convenient location if you are staying in Volcano.
They don't use fish sauce in any of their dishes, but I didn't ask about shrimp paste (as mentioned in another review). The food was good and service was quick and attentive. The papaya salad was almost as good as in Thailand

Cons: Expensive, probably due to the location


Points +44

24 May 2018

Excellent service and food ok

We went here with a friend who lives in the area. The staff is friendly and the place clean. The food tasted ok. We ordered the phad se ew which is my favorite. It was on special but what we got nowhere resembled the dish. Instead it was wide noodles in a ginger sauce. No black bean sauce to be found. The phad Thai was better and the spring rolls very good. The staff was very accommodating of my friends special order f a dish the no longer offer and I heard the staff offer to make a special dish for another customer.

Pros: Excellent service, Clean , Ok with special requests

Cons: Food may not be what you are used to , Hot tea tastes strange. , No black bean sauce in phad se ew


Points +19

20 Mar 2018

Amazing thai

Amazing pad Thai and green curry. They made it without fish and oyster sauce. The spring rolls were fresh too.


Points +49

31 May 2017

Very disappointing! Vegan equals bland.

My husband and I have eaten here several times over the years, whenever we're in Volcano. In the past, we've loved the food. This time, we asked the server if any curries could be made vegan and were told that all the curries use a base which contains shrimp paste. We ended up ordering a stir fry dish and pad kee mao noodles, both requested medium spicy, as well as Tom Kha soup, all of which we were told could be made completely vegan. All the food came out together, and the two entrees had exactly the same sautéed vegetables and tofu, except that one contained plain white rice noodles. Neither had any sauce, nor Thai chili, and didn't look like the dishes typically would. We pointed this out to the server, who then told us that, in order to make the dishes vegan, they were unable to add any sauces, which are made using oyster sauce. We were offered soy sauce and Hawaiian chili sauce to add to our plain veggies and noodles and were told "You were the ones who ordered it vegan", as well as "We can't take anything back once you've ordered it"! The Tom Kha soup had plenty of lemongrass, galangal and Kaffir lime leaves, but no chili and no saltiness, so it just tasted sour. I was able to make it taste reasonably as it should by adding the soy sauce and chili paste. To make things worse, the server told us that, if we had eaten at the restaurant before and the food was made differently, she could guarantee that it had NOT been made vegan. So, it appears that the only way to get vegan food here is to accept bland food lacking in the typical Thai flavors, as they don't make an attempt to substitute for non-vegan ingredients.


Points +383

25 May 2016

Wow, fantastic Thai food

Took a group of us here for dinner after receiving an email directly from management that they had lots of options and coulee make any changes needed to accommodate as well.

Not only was it one of the best servings of yellow curry I have ever had, but the sticky rice for the wife, best phad thai of my sister's life, and something called Thai Thai Curry that put a friend of mine in a food coma.

If you're on the island, eat here. All I can say.

Pros: Excellent food, Flexible to dietary needs, Good service

Cons: Not all vegan? About all I can think of.

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