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Serves meat, vegan options available. Mexican restaurant at the airport. Order your meal by combining from 3 choices: base, sauce, and protein. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by m@earthville


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24 Feb 2024

Good Enough. Not great !

Very few vegan options at CLT, this was good and better than eating nuts. Joking aside been here many times and will be back.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-02



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22 Feb 2024

Great spot w/ vegan options in Gate C of CLT airport

So many good vegan options for an airport restaurant. Everything was fresh and delicious-great choice while traveling.


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03 Jan 2024

$17 for a mediocre burrito

Will keep you from starving in the airport. Make sure to specify "Mexican style" if getting the burrito.

Cons: Small portion, Very expensive , Limited options


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10 Jul 2023

Koru Touch

We are devote Vegans. Flying today from CLT to Frankfurt. In arriving and sailing thru security, we were in a 3 hr hold to board.
The menu only allows 2 options in Vegan fare. The burrito with pickled onions had allot of flavor, the portion small. However the blood sugar levels appreciated the nosh! It’s a Vegan desert at the CLT Airport, but I’ll take what was offered. As the Executive Lounge of AA supplied nuts only in the food offerings.

Pros: Vegan option , Fast service

Cons: Minimal choices , Airport prices


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01 Mar 2023

Airport food at its finest

I got mine from the Pronto shop to the left of the main entrance to the restaurant and was excited because they have a labeled vegan option. Honestly the quick Mexican food shop by Burger King would have been better. If you’re in a pinch, this works but the hot sauce is the only thing that gave my burrito flavor.


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10 Feb 2023

Blegh. Skip it unless desperate

I second everyone else’s experience of having bland, subpar quality food. I ordered their vegan burrito and I don’t even know where to begin. Plain white rice. Pickled vegetables. Over-cooked veggies. Unreal.

Pros: It’s sort of food

Cons: Expensive , Bad quality


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03 Dec 2022

Bland and expensive

Food was bland, but ordering it "Mexican style" with Pico and pickled onions helped. The alcohol markup was rediculous even for an airport-$21 for a glass of wine.

Cons: Expensive even for airport , Bland


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05 Sep 2022

Expensive, bad food

The guacamole tasted stale, the vegan tacos were cold, too sweet, and served on brittle cold tortillas. It was very expensive. For an alternative, try the veggie roll at Hissho sushi by Cíao, which is tasty but not otherwise on Happy Cow.

Pros: The vegan tacos did not contain animal products.

Cons: Tastes bad., Very costly., Wet and cold.


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05 Feb 2022

Yummy airport option

Verduras as burrito w rice & refried beans, the
Mexican way with pickled reds - yumm!


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12 Oct 2021

I should have heeded the reviews

The food was bland, even the salsa. My tacos were so full of liquid that I couldn’t hold them, they fell apart. One vegan option, served as a taco or burrito. Disappointing - Wasn’t worth the money.

Pros: Nice establishment

Cons: Overpriced, One vegan option, Bland


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30 Jul 2021

It's technically food

Confirming what others have said, the verdura burrito is vegan. It's not very good though. Rice, beans, corn, and some pico/pickled onion. Also pretty expensive. But hey, at least it's something.


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05 Jun 2021


Rare vegan option at this airport but as the other reviews say - pretty flavorless. There is one vegan option but it's expensive for being subpar. In hindsight, I would've just gotten an impossible burger from burger king.

Pros: One vegan option

Cons: Bland, dry, expensive


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09 May 2021

didn’t know vegan

Got the veggie burrito, specified vegan no cheese, and i think it came with sour cream. annoyed as this was the only option in the airport. be sure to specify everything

Pros: fast service


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03 Sep 2020

Very Bland, but...

Got the tacos verduras. Very bland all around. Corn tortilla was flavorless, beans and veggies not very well spiced/seasoned, salsa was meh. The plus was that the ingredients tasted fresh and healthy and not overly salted.

Pros: Nice to have a vegan option in a desert of meat. , Fresh and healthy tasting, Nice servers and staff.

Cons: Very bland


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05 Mar 2020

Add guac!

The burrito by itself was bland. But salsa and guacamole are game changers. It was really good.


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04 Oct 2019

Boring vegan burrito

This place has a vegan burrito from a special menu. However, the servers didn’t understand what vegan truly was, so make sure to explain to them that beans cooked in lard are not vegan haha. However, it did have vegan options and unlimited chips and salsa.


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04 Aug 2019

Vegan options, but not my favorite

Charlotte airport has little to offer for a vegan diet. This establishment has a vegan burrito/tacos on their menu; beans and rice with a little corn and green peppers. The burrito is a little bland, I recommend smothering in hot sauce if your palate allows!

Pros: Vegan option on printed menu, Fast service

Cons: Could be seasoned better


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30 May 2019

Ok but could be better

Ordered vegan burrito. It was a white flour tortilla with mostly rice, some beans, tomatoes and a little bit of corn. They could have done a lot more with it like roasted/sautéed vegetables especially for $12. Came with salsa and a little iceberg lettuce.

Pros: Vegan labeled burrito,taco, Conveniently located at confluence of terminals

Cons: A little pricey for what you get


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24 Nov 2018

Get the verduras burrito

The burrito with verduras is really yummy. This place is pretty good if you’re feeling like a lonely vegan in the airport

Pros: Vegan option is LABELED , Yummy af, Good guacamole (but order without quest fresco)


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06 Aug 2018

quick, fine

The verdura vegan burrito was fine and ready in under 10 minutes.

Pros: quick, tasty

Cons: limited options


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21 Jul 2018

OK in a pinch

There are probably better options for veg*ns at CLT airport. The only three plant-based options here are beans and corn in two forms (taco or burrito) and chips and salsa — but at least the taco and burrito options are marked as "vegan," so there's that.

I ordered the tacos with corn tortillas, which unfortunately I can't recommend. It seems they may have been sitting for a few minutes before they were brought to my table, as the tortillas had become soggy so I was unable to pick up the tacos. So my meal was essentially a corn-bean casserole, and without much flavor. You might have better luck with the burrito, which uses flour tortillas that might hold together better.

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