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Award winning Southern-inspired bakeshop/cupcake shop with vegan and gluten-free choices. All products are made-in-house from scratch daily. Uses high quality ingredients and some are fair trade and organic. Eco-friendly. Mostly vegetarian, however does serve a meat option on Sunday. Open Tue-Sat 10:00am-7:00pm. Closed Sun-Mon.

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First Review by BanezaM


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Mostly Veg
29 Dec 2023

Limited offerings

There were only 2 vegan choices and no additional dairy-free options.

I chose the cookie sandwich, which was tasty and had a nice texture, but it was pretty much a sugar bomb.

The other offering was a vegan, gluten free chocolate cupcake.



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03 May 2022

Sugar Mama's Disappoints

Talked to staff - vegan items like cupcakes and pies in the shop case are not a priority, but they do make custom vegan cakes. They have a vegan cookie sandwich and a vegan chocolate cupcake.

Updated from previous review on 2019-05-09

Cons: Few vegan options


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Non Veg
30 May 2019

Running a business is not just product, it's customer service and I have never been so disrespected as I was at Sugar Mama's.

I ordered a cake for my daughters 18th birthday with very direct specifications. I was down to the point as my daughter is very particular about the cake she likes as we recently moved to Austin and her favorite cake is back in Chicago. I first spoke to an employee over the phone where I described the cake which should have included custard and FRESH fruit. I was told that it's no problem they are able to make just what I want. I then followed up with an email once again describing my order, which I still have. I got the cake on the day of her birthday and when I cut into it I was shocked. It was nothing like I had asked for. There were no fruits, no custard, and the flavor was all wrong. Thinking that a mistake has been made I took the cake back to Sugar Mama's the next day to figure out what went wrong. Once I started speaking to an employee about my concerns which were immediately disregarded. I told her that the cake ruined part of the party and with attitude, she replied: "I doubt our cake ruined anything". They claimed to have made the perfect cake and saw nothing wrong with it as if they walk on some high ground and are the authority on what I like and asked for. When I mentioned that there are clearly no FRESH fruits they scoffed and told me they don't use fresh fruits. Taken aback I wondered why they even took my order or didn't think to mention over the phone or over email that they cannot give me what I am paying for. It's borderline fraudulent. I brought up the fact that as a business with morals and respect for their customer they should have mentioned that they do not use fresh fruit and asked me if a jam alternative was ok. Once again scoffing they said that they made the cake up to my standards and it doesn't matter if they use fresh fruit or a jam. DOESN'T MATTER! How can their customers order not matter? Irritated I demanded my money back and they claimed that it's the policy that they can only refund 50% of my total. How can any self-respecting business screw up so badly, not care to think about telling the customer that they don't have what they want, proceeded to take my money and then tell me I'm in the wrong and they don't care about refunding me the full amount?! To top it all off they finished off by emailing me telling me that I am banished from ever stepping foot in their store. I don't know who they think they are and who they think made them the authority on quality of baked goods. BEWARE!


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Mostly Veg
26 Oct 2018

Disappointing selection

Really not much for vegans, a couple of cookies and a cup cake that was the plainest of all of them 👎🏼


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13 Dec 2017


I’ve had better vegan cupcakes in Austin. This spot wouldn’t be my first choice. Fun little space though.

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