Second branch of this Szechuan themed vegan restaurant, est. 2020. Offers both spicy and non-spicy dishes. Examples include dan dan noodles, dumplings, wontons in chili oil, and eggplant in hot pepper sauce. Casual dining. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-12:00am, Sun 11:30am-11:00pm.

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First Review by monicapoo


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28 Feb 2024

Creative Szechuan

This place is not a typical Chinese restaurant; in addition to being all vegan, its dishes are more creative. I am not their ideal customer, since I don't like food that is too spicy. I had their peppercorn brussel sprouts, which were very tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-15

Pros: Creative, nice atmosphere, good service, for those who like spicy food

Cons: If you don't like spicy food, , your choices are more limited



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17 Feb 2024

Can’t wait to be back

Everything I’ve had here is delicious. And spicy is actually spicy- which is great because I love the heat.

Pros: Very quick


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07 Feb 2024

Spicy food for the win

I've been eyeing this restaurant for months ever since I saw it on TikTok, and today I decided to order it through DoorDash! I scheduled an order for 12pm and they started making the food the second they opened. I was so excited to get my food and the first thing I noticed was how heavy the bag was! I spent close to $37 in food which was a bit hefty in my opinion, but once I was done with lunch I realized how worth the food is for the price. I barely made a dent in my meal! The portion sizes were huge. I ordered the mapo tofu and the spicy wontons and only ate a third of the wontons and a bite of the tofu before tapping out. Please note, if you cannot handle a lot of spice, this might not be the restaurant for you. Spicy Moon specializes in dishes from the Sichuan region in China and they are known for their mouth numbing spice. I love spicy food and have a pretty good tolerance and ordered the tofu in level 4 out of 10. It was still pretty spicy!
Even though the food did make my nose run a little, I would for sure go back to this restaurant. The food is genuinely so tasty and flavorful and the restaurant is completely vegan! Definitely worth it in my opinion

Pros: Spicy food, Huge portions


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04 Feb 2024

Good food nice portions

Had a good time, we where seated near the entrance, was windy

Pros: Good portions, Healthy food

Cons: Pricey , No place to put a jacket


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29 Jan 2024

Just okay!

This place is fine. Service was a bit lacklustre. Wontons in chilli oil were tasty but the bun was very average, only had a tiny bit of filling.

Pros: Wontons

Cons: Service was meh, Other food meh

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16 Jan 2024

Margin for improvement

Service was good, but the food is really not great.

Pros: The area, The atmosphere

Cons: Food, Food, Food


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08 Jan 2024

Terrible oily food

Happy Cow reviewers tend to rate vegan establishments highly and as a vegan, I get it…you want vegan restaurants to thrive; however, this place is just not good. I came here the week before Christmas and had a reservation, yet we were still seated at a cold, tiny table by the door. The table was incredibly small, like I’ve seen bigger end tables, so it was a struggle to get three apps and two drinks to fit. There weren’t chairs but instead these little stools to sit on and no place to put your winter coat, so I had to fold mine up and sit on it. The food was either tasteless or ridiculously spicy. A bottle of still water cost $10! One bao bun cost $8! My husband had a non-alcoholic Thai iced tea that was possibly only one cup in volume that was $14! Now I understand that this is NYC (I lived in BK for over a decade) but c’mon! Small portions, terrible tasting food, high prices, AND horrible ambiance… how does this place get good reviews?! The only redeeming quality was the staff. Our waiter was attentive and kind and the host was friendly. Aside from that, I don’t understand how this place has repeat customers. Two stars for it being vegan and having nice employees but do yourself a favor and try vegan dim sum in Chinatown, or Zen Vegetarian in Flatbush where you will enjoy your meal and save a hundred bucks.

Pros: Staff

Cons: Food, Price, Table and stools


09 Jan 2024

I have yet to go, in SPITE of being a NYC resident. Apparently, I haven't been missing anything - and oily food? Nope, that's a definite pass. Thanks for the honest review.


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31 Dec 2023


lighting a little dark and the ambience in the 6th street location is better but food is still phenomenal


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31 Dec 2023

So yummy

The decor, service, and food was wonderful! Very quick! We had the Dan Dan noodles w vegan beef and the mapo tofu w a side of rice - so yummy. The drinks were a bit expensive but not out of range for the West Village. Cupcakes are pretty good too :P.


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31 Dec 2023

Eye-opening even for non-vegans

I took my non-vegan friends there and they loved it. Food was delicious and so many choices. Definitely recommend.


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26 Dec 2023

They Don't Miss

You come in here knowing it's a vegan restaurant, but honestly, once you take a bite you'll forget because everything tastes awesome.

Had their beyond fried rice, dan dan noodles, chopped cheese spring roll, and shiitake bao. The chopped cheese spring roll sounds whack, but I would've eaten a whole basket if they had given it to me. Couldn't fit the crabless rangoon in my stomach if I tried, but that looks tasty too and something I miss a lot since I became vegan.

Definitely coming back here.


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16 Dec 2023

Sooo flavorful!

Wow! One of the best vegan Asian food places ever. All the dishes we tried were so flavorful, service was great, and the food came super fast!

Pros: 100% vegan , Quick service


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14 Dec 2023


Loved the fried eggplant, Mapo tofu, and noodles. Entrees were $17-20.

Cons: Loud music


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09 Dec 2023


This establishment is the best Chinese meal I have had.

Just like a good movie, I ain’t gonna spoil this one for you good good vegans of the earth. A must try when in New York

5 stars from niki_nine


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11 Nov 2023

Dan Dan Noodles are amazing!!!

As a love based person, I can spot love. This Spicy Moon Dan Dan Noodle fills the hole in my soul. Pure love!!

Pros: Dan Dan Noodles, Steamed vegetable dumplings.


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02 Nov 2023


I’ve been to one of their other locations before so I knew what to expect - yummy food. My only complaint is that I absolutely hate that the menu writing people just assumed that every one is very familiar with Szechuan cuisine so the menu is basically just dish names without any descriptions. Well, I’m not everyone so I always end up pestering the servers…ordering ends up a very inefficient and long process.

Other than that, I’m always happy to return to Spicy Moon and wouldn’t be ashamed to bring a carnist here.

Cons: Menu lacks dish descriptions


24 Nov 2023

It’s a chain store, they actually have three locations , did you try all three? Each one of them are very different. The one that I’ve been to the waiter is actually Latino though lol and I heard he only work there three days, and I went at Jan 3rd, which means someone just quit right after the new year count down lol, too much stress ….


24 Nov 2023

Yesss I’ve been to their other locations. The waiter this time also wasn’t Asian to my surprise, but he was very knowledgeable about the menu and very sweet!


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24 Oct 2023

Tasty tapas

Spicy Moon checks all the boxes: fun vibe, shareable tapas so you can sample a lot, and delicious food.

This is a popular place so you might want to get a reservation. Note that apparently they have a 10 minute late policy and won’t seat you if your full party isn’t there yet. They also asked us to leave after about an hour so it’s not a restaurant you can just hang out at.

Pros: Setting, Tapas style


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14 Oct 2023

YUMMM omggg !!

the food came unbelievably quick !! i swear we ordered and within a few minutes our 1st dish was @ the table -- and it wasnt even an appetiser !! we ordered the kung pao tofu [ my fav^^ ] , the cold sesame noodles [ my 2nd fav -- i like tht they werent nutty -- j sesame !! ] , the wonton soup [ it was a bit 2 much scallion 4 me but my mom rly loved it so ... idk ] , and the veggie steamed dumplings [ i didnt love themmm i dont think it rly fit the rest of the cuisine tht we ate imo ?? ] aaand finally the coconut mochi was absolutely delicious !! i adore coconut so this was perfect 4 me loll !! i was a little disappointed tht they didnt have the chocolate hazelnut mochi [ and apparently not 4 awhile ] despite still having it on all the menus ... ahh plz bring it backk id love 2 try ittt !! ill def come back regardless tho^^ the food is rly yummy overall and id love 2 try more things !! i do want 2 point out tht our waiter was v kind and helpful. only thing is tht he was def v overwhelmed ... i hope they get more staff in the future so tht its easier 4 every1 !! thx sm 4 the delicious dinner^^ !!!!

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-14

Pros: v quick service 4 all dinner, yummy overall !! i liked smth in everything !!, friendly staff + rly nice atmosphere !!

Cons: slow service 4 dessert [ j 2 mochis ... ], def understaffed which is sad 2 see


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12 Sep 2023

Must try!!

Food was so amazing. This is one of the best vegan places I have been to. Spicy wontons are the best, we ordered it thrice!!


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30 Jul 2023

Great Chinese food.

We ordered 3 different things and shared them. Great concept, tasty food. Completely plant based.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-30


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18 Jul 2023

Everything ordered was delicious!

Defintiely going back when I get the chance!

Pros: Food was delicious, Service was excellent

Cons: Small, not enough indoor seating


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07 Jul 2023


Staff was very attentive. Food was nice. The portion was big, so I got the rest of the soup that I couldn't finish in a box.

Pros: Nice food, Attentive staff

Cons: Expensive


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29 Jun 2023

Spicy Moon

I recognize I’m one of the few unimpressed by the food here. But I really felt like every menu item was an oil bomb. I tried two spicy moon locations and had the same experience. I had the vegetable scallion with tofu here and it was soaked in oil. And here I thought I was ordering something healthy and not drenched in oil! I probably won’t come back after two disappointing experiences.

PS- There are 9 calories in every 1 gram of fat compared to 4 calories for proteins and carbs… I’d rather have more food density than overloading myself with and unnecessary amount of unsatisfying oil calories that also have little nutritional value. 😕

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-29


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24 Jun 2023

Delicious food at an all vegan place!

This place was so busy on a Friday night. Though we had reservations, it still took a while to get seated and to order. The food came out very quickly though. Had two orders of the steamed vegetable dumplings, a spicy tofu bun, vegetable ramen with tofu, kung pao veggies tofu and 1 lychee mochi and 1 chocolate hazelnut mochi.

Pros: Fantastic food, Food was quick to come out once placed

Cons: So so loud! Felt like I was out clubbing , party of 5 didn’t have reservation seated b4 me


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10 Jun 2023

Dan Dan Deliciousness

The crab rangoon, mushroom bao buns and Dan Dan noodles might have be taking special trips into the city. Perfection. And a fun vibe. And lively cocktails!


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02 Jun 2023

Twice cooked “pork” was pretty good

I haven’t found a place that does twice cooked pork vegan and they do it here but it’s with beyond sausage so it’s not super authentic as opposed to a vegan pork belly. But the flavor was pretty good and I enjoyed it. Nice vibes but I do like the East village location better


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30 May 2023

Worth it!

This place is amazing! It has a cute vibe and delicious food. We were traveling from out of town and don’t have anything like this at home. We loved it! Meals are big, we could of split one!

Pros: All vegan , Cute vibe , Large portions

Cons: On expensive side

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