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Manhattan vegetarian Indian restaurant near NYU. Offers an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-3:00pm, Mon-Thu 5:00pm-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 5:00pm-11:00pm, Sun 5:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by shekala


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25 Feb 2024

Huge selection

Almost everything can be made vegan which is awesome! I really enjoyed my meal here.



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16 Dec 2023

Excellent Indian in Greenwich Village

Wide ranging menu with at least 80% vegan items, along with a menu for those who follow Jainism. All dishes were perfectly spiced and served piping hot. It was a treat to eat a vegan naan. Their signature dish has to be the selection of dosas. Large enough to split between 3 people! Attentive service, along with very reasonable prices (for NYC) make this my go to for Indian when I'm in the area.

Pros: Wide selection of vegan dishes., Reasonable prices., Friendly, knowledgeable service.

Cons: Located on busy street, so atmosphere not serene.


Points +110

16 Nov 2023


I am so impressed with this place! The food is delicious, I got the Matar paneer (sub tofu) and garlic naan which they will make vegan if you specify (first time having restaurant naan in years!). Everything is vegetarian and most things can be made vegan. I can’t wait to go here again and try more of the menu!

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Mostly Veg
25 May 2022


Definitely get the rice table, you can try everything and it’s all delicious


Points +28

26 Oct 2021

Delicious/healthy Indian. I eat here all of the time. I never get sick of it.

Solid all around. Service is good. Good indoor and outdoor seating.

Pros: Many vegan options, Authentic, Healthy


Points +898

24 Oct 2020

Helpful service, well-marked menu

Helpful and kind service, well marked menu with vegan and gluten free options.
We had Bombay Bhelpuri and Gobi Manchurian as appetizers. Potato-Spinach Dosa, Uttapam and two curries: Gobi Aloo and Okra for the four of us and it was all good. Curries were almost the same which we didn’t notice when ordering ao they were a little disappointing. But everythibg was really tasty.


Points +26

05 Jun 2020

Great vegan Indian food!

Completely vegetarian, and most are already vegan or can be made vegan! Definitely satisfied my Indian food craving.


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03 Jan 2020

The lunch buffet is fresh, delicious, amazing!

Stopped in for the lunch buffet. Was greeted by friendly staff who pointed out the one non-vegan item at the buffet. The price was very reasonable. Each dish was fresh, flavorful, and unique. Incidentally this is also a great place for gluten sensitive people. Would highly recommend!

Pros: Tons of vegan options, Reasonably priced, Friendly helpful staff


Points +34

10 Jun 2019

Yummy food

Many options and delicious food. Service was a tiny bit slow but the staff was super sweet and accommodating

Pros: Yummy vegan food, Dosas


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Mostly Veg
03 Sep 2018

A favorite in Manhattan

Have both ordered off the menu and had their lunch buffet. Everything was very fresh and flavorful.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Very nice staff, Accessible restroom


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03 Nov 2017

flavorful vegan curries available

not the best indian i've had in the city, but it was quite delicious. i had alu gobi and the palak tofu extra spicy and i was impressed by both. the naan isn't vegan tho but my sister liked it. what i liked the most tho was we ordered dosa podi--ground chili in oil on the side & i've never had anything like it & i lived in india! it was amazing! like a chili peanut butter or something. recommend that for a flavor enhancer or just to eat spoonfuls of like i did.

Pros: dosa podi, great service

Cons: too pricey for me, very tight space


Points +108

26 Jul 2017

Good for vegetarians, difficult for vegans

I love Indian food, but due to the consistent presence of dairy in most vegetarian Indian food, I haven't eaten it at a restaurant in ages, so I was really looking forward to trying this since they were fully vegetarian and listed as vegan-friendly. The food that I did get was tasty, albeit very spicy, so it wasn't a complete disappointment.

However, as a vegan who also has rather severe reactions to dairy nowadays, this restaurant is difficult and, for the thriving vegan community in NYC, is not worth the trouble. Even the manager failed to understand that vegans do not consume any dairy. The appetizers and entrees came out with sauces on the side that I couldn't identify, and when I asked the server and manager if they were vegan, the response from the manager was that one of the sauces "has a little bit of yogurt" without noting that we were vegan or removing the sauce (after sending two sauces back to the kitchen, they finally stopped adding dairy sauces to the plate). Fortunately I didn't accidentally eat any dairy, but when even veg-friendly restaurants know to not send out dairy to a vegan customer or can note on the ticket that the table is vegan, I feel like this is really inexcusable for a vegetarian restaurant that is supposed to be more vegan-aware. The server, while rushed, was much better about making sure the dishes were vegan, while the manager didn't seem to prioritize that we got vegan dishes.

Most of the entrees were vegan, which was great. Unfortunately, no desserts were vegan, which is a shame since, from the menu, most could have been made dairy-free. Service was also slow and we were often ignored for the bigger parties, and our drinks were often empty, and given how spicy the food was, we needed all the water we could get.

It wasn't the worst dining experience I've had, and the vegetable biryani was amazing. However, given the slow service and concerns with eating vegan there (and lack of any vegan desserts), I probably won't be returning to this restaurant any time soon given how many other truly vegan-friendly options are in the city.

Pros: Authentic-tasting Indian food, Wide variety of choices

Cons: Slow/inattentive service, Not very vegan-friendly


Points +70

10 Aug 2016

Best Indian I have ever had

My non vegetarian girlfriend reluctantly joined me - boy was she pleasantly surprised!!! I thought it was the best Indian food I have ever had, and I try them all.
The Gobi Manchurian (spicy cauliflower) is a must. In fact, everything we had is a must. The lunch buffet is a real bargain at only $11.95.
Very clean and beautiful atmosphere.
Don't miss this new addition to the New York veggie scene. We will be back often.

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