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Food truck turned brick-and-mortar burger bar, opened here Jan 2019. Each order of burger or sandwich comes with a side of fries and a pickle. Additional add-on toppings available. Reported open May 2020. Black-owned. Open Tue-Sat 12:00pm-7:30pm. Closed Sun-Mon.

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First Review by AliviaJayne


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15 Jan 2024

Best Burger I have had.

Was cautious because the hype but it was the best burger I have had even before I was vegan.



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09 Dec 2023

Worthy of all the hype.!

I had the Menage a trois burger and it was sooooo gooood! Loved every bite. The sweet potatoe pie was to die for.

Pros: The seasoning on the fries was fire , The sauce on the burger had me in pure extacy


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26 Aug 2023

Tasty Treats with Endless Options

A Champion leading American Vegan spot. Southern-style Burgers, Fries, Beverages, and Desserts.

Surprisingly I randomly felt like having a (off-menu) VEGAN Chicken-Avocado BLT and this HEAVENLY CREATION was BOMB-Delicious 😍 I had to slow down and breathe in between bites.

Pros: Creative Options, Reasonable prices for the experience , Great Customer Service

Cons: Long lines if you’re not ordering on line, Parking can be tricky if U have poor time manage, Plan 4 Take Out Only…


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11 Aug 2023

Slutty Vegan

Wonderful experience. Staff was welcoming. The place was clean and nicely stocked with merchandise and items. The food was amazing.

Pros: One night stand sandwich, Slutty fries , Vegan chili


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29 Jul 2023

Mouth Waterin and Belly Bustin

As soon as you walk in you’re greeted by the ENTIRE staff! The atmosphere and vibe was dope af.

We had a huge pick up order for 5 people. The order was fresh and quick. They did not mess up anyone’s order!

The One Night Stand was by far the best vegan burger I’ve had, 9.8/10 !
The banana pudding was the absolute best banana pudding ever, vegan or non, 10/10!

There isn’t a bad thing I could think of!

Pros: Food was delicious , Staff was amazing , fast and fresh


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30 Jun 2023

Fast food doesn't get any better than this

This is one of a kind restaurant chain. The burger and fries are amazing.


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07 Jun 2023


As good as they say. Do it.


Pros: 2, Legit, 2

Cons: Quit


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21 May 2023

Vegan Fast Food #GOALS

Fun atmosphere and absolutely delicious food. I loved my Chikn sandwich. The fries and dips were so yummy.


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08 Apr 2023

Slutty vegan junk food

Slutty Vegan on wheels came through Louisville, KY today so naturally we had to check out this famous place we’ve been hearing about. We got there 45 min before they opened and there were already 100 people in line ahead of us. 3 hours later of waiting in line, we FINALLY got our food which were 2 One Night Stand burgers with fries. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint. The food was absolutely delicious and I can see what all the hype is about. Would love to check out the original space in ATL.

Pros: Fun vibe, Amazing fast food, Good music

Cons: Long wait, $$


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16 Mar 2023

A destination in Atlanta

Great vegan burgers and sides. Fun atmosphere, come with a sense of humor! Great music and merchandise for sale.

Pros: Every type of vegan burger possible, Great crispy fries, Has other sides including dessert


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11 Mar 2023

Fun atmosphere & delicious food

This place is so cool! It’s loud, fun, and the food is amazing!


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28 Jan 2023


The HappyCow description says food truck turned brick and mortar, but that lovely food truck is still in operation and traveling the USA!!

Luckily, I caught them when they came to St. Louis, MO last summer. I was first in line and got to hold the Lucky Slut ticket. Fun times!

They had a set menu with only a few things available for this pop-up. No modifications are allowed. I never ate cheese so I always omit even vegan cheese. I was anxious about not being able to omit cheese from their burgers, but it ended up being ok. The cheese blended in with their sauce so I really couldn’t even taste it.

Very tasty, classic feel good burger. Wish I had a shake to go with it.

YEAH BAAABYY!! *Austin Powers voice* This was my favorite and will likely be my go-to. Saucy, sassy, and a lil spicy - just like Tigra. Delicious!!

Simple yet delicious, seasoned crinkle fries.
The sweet potato pies were little pieces of southern heaven. I wish I had bought more!

I also snagged some Slut Dust, a seasoning blend. I’ve since cooked with it at home and I love it!!

I hope to make it down to the ATL soon to try more of the menu. #Veganuary


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20 Oct 2022

Vegan patty

Got the fussy hussy from a food truck. Sauce was amazing. Would have preferred it without pickles. Fries tasted super good.


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Mostly Veg
10 Sep 2022

Can’t go wrong

No burger/sandwich is bad. Love the atmosphere but mostly the food


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Mostly Veg
28 Jul 2022

Black owned Magic

Nothing about this food or vibe is ordinary. We always love the experience 🤤🤤🤤

Pros: Yummy, Comfort foods


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04 Jul 2022

Amazing experience

No doubt one of the best vegan burgers I've ever had and the environment and staff of the place was so fun

Pros: Delicious fries that always come with the burger, Super nice and fun staff, Mix of ingredients for all tastes

Cons: A bit expensive but worth it


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30 Jun 2022

Not open when posted

Hold the posted schedule.


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26 Jun 2022


Best vegan burgers and fries that were perfectly seasoned. Great portions and fun atmosphere


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19 Jun 2022

Over hyped

I wanted to love slutty vegan. They have great branding, the service was great. But the burgers aren’t worth it! $18 for an impossible patty with some toppings. When we ordered from the Ralph David Abernathy location there were fewer options than on the online menu. They only had four burgers and none of the burgers that came with plantains. It tasted like greasy fast food which I didn’t enjoy. If you’re trying to transition to vegan after eating McDonald’s type food you’d you should try it. But a greasy burger for $18 with cheese and plant based meat you can buy at a store, not worth it to me. I also got a banana pudding that was overly sweet. Again it could be my taste but I would not go again.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-19

Pros: Over priced , Greasy , Impossible meat patties only

Cons: Fun


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08 Mar 2022

Great Vegan Fast Food

I was here in January and I ordered the one night stand. The burger was delicious and so were the fries. My non-vegan friend went there with me and he said it’s hard to believe that the food is vegan because it tastes identical to a real burger. I was so impressed that I sent a message to Pinky Cole complimenting her on the food and telling her to open one in Detroit. She didn’t reply but I still really love the concept of the franchise as my area doesn’t have many vegan options. Only complaint is that when my friend and I were walking from this location, we were immediately being followed by someone. As we were walking out of the restaurant, a guy was walking in a completely different direction but when he looked at me he immediately started following me and was looking straight at my purse. We turned to the Martin Luther King Center as it has security and the guy immediately stopped following me and turned the other direction. This isn’t the restaurant’s fault but I suggest being careful if you are a woman walking in this area as this has never happened to me before.

Pros: Great Food, Clever Concept

Cons: Location, was followed by a man when walking out.


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20 Feb 2022

Every vegan must go at least once in life.

I would suggest the Hollywood Hooker, that massive sandwich is something I often crave and upset that I can't have it because Im not in Atlanta anymore! I ordered on Doordash but I would suggest you go to the Restaurant and order it and order carry out.

Pros: Excellent Food


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28 Dec 2021


One of my favorite spots to go anytime I’m back home. It’s DELICIOUS!


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05 Dec 2021

The Sluttiest

Great food. Very savory. My non-vegan friends loved it.


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28 Nov 2021

Best vegan burgers EVER

Hands down- the best vegan burgers you’ll ever eat.

Pros: Variety , Creativity, Everything is delish

Cons: None


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21 Nov 2021

Sloppily Delicious

I ordered one of everything and had no regrets. Everything just got better with every bite. The atmosphere and the vibes are very entertaining.

Pros: Everything is delicious, Vibes

Cons: Nothing


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25 Oct 2021

Sly Southern Vegan Food in Atlanta, GA!

Slutty southern dishes with real pizzazz!

Talk about fun food. This place has some really tasty dishes. We got the Main Chick’n and the super slut burger. The main Chick’n reminded us of McDonald’s chicken McNuggets with its sweet and savory taste. It was delicious and guilt free! The super slut burger was okay but definitely preferred the main Chick’n over that. Both of the dishes came with fries—so good!

Okay so they definitely have to do something about the volume in there. The noise when they shouted into the speaker was deafening. There was no where to sit due to Covid (makes no sense why they wouldn’t but other restaurants let you). It was not pleasant being in there anyway so even if we could sit in there we wouldn’t have.

Service was quick and they were friendly. However, other aspects need to be worked on to make this a better environment suitable for all.

Good deal for the amount of food you receive!

Pros: Delicious dishes



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29 Sep 2021

Slutty Vegan

What can I say? My first time was amazing through and through 😂. The atmosphere was incredible and the employees were super fun. They recommended the Super Slut along with Slutty Fries, slut sauce, and ranch dressing.

The patty that came with the burger was an Impossible patty. The Super Slut included guacamole and jalapeño peppers in addition to vegan cheese and slut sauce. While I really enjoyed the burger, I’ll probably get some thing else next time since I’m not usually a huge fan of guacamole and jalapeños on burgers…likely the One Night Stand next. The french fries were really good and we’re covered with a tasty Slut Dust and were delicious dipped in the ranch dressing.

Overall, great atmosphere and great food. I’ll be back.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-29

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