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1059 Ralph D Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 30310

Raw and vegan cuisine restaurant, operating since 2011. Menu is mostly raw food with sample items such as noodles, sweet corn, seaweed, couscous and hummus, kale salad, raw dessert. Free Wi-Fi. Open Mon-Thu 12:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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21 Reviews

First Review by BrandyTaylor

The Final Destination of my "Favorite Food" Journey - Edit

I heard about Tassili's from the person who convinced me to go vegan. I was hesitant to try "raw food", even though the typical omnivore doesn't realize how often they eat raw themselves (😂). I came alone and tried the wrap and loved it. I was also intrigued by the beautiful myriad of people that made life intersections in this space. Somehow, as I was on my vegan journey & kept being drawn back, the wraps got better and better as I went (and they already started off as amazing!) I don't know if my palate was changing, but it was like I could taste the intricate symphony of flavors in this one wrap more and more clearly as I went. I've tried other wraps besides the original, as well as some raw dishes and rolls on the menu, and I definitely recommend trying them! The Spicy Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks! However, in my opinion, the Spicy Kale Wrap is the most supreme dish I have ever tasted in my life, animal products included! Along the way, I realized I discovered my favorite food. Any time I am in Atlanta, I will make it a point to visit to beautiful yellow house in the West End, where they serve some of the most delicious food in the world.

Updated from previous review on 2017-09-07

Pros: Community, Unique experience, Hosts cultural events

Cons: Not across the globe, I can never get enough!

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yoshi roll - Edit

i got the yoshi roll i've had it before because my friend has had me try hers but the roll itself is seaweed and today it tasted very fresh almost fishy smelling which definitely turned me off as i didn't get that taste when i tried some of my friends. so i ended up taking it out of the wrap and putting it on a plate. i called my order to go the guy was very nice & my food was ready in 15 minutes. i'm not sure why people say they have waited hours for to go food. they're exaggerating a bit. secondly, i found a piece of long hair in my 15 dollar wrap that i was not too happy about. I would have called but they were closed by the time I even ate it. If, i go back i will try the punnay wrap without hair.

Pros: pleasant & friendly staff, delicious and flavorful

Cons: hidden house.

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Love Their Mission - Edit

I love Tassili and her mission and dedication to the community. Even choosing to place her restaurant in what is considered the "hood" is a noble choice.

She is a pillar of an example of teaching the people how to feed themselves and I am thankful for her.

The food is great!

Its called a raw restaurant but I've found that it is not 100% raw and you have to ask qualifying questions to be sure it is meeting your dietary needs.

For example, soy bacon bits are added to the spicy kale salad and that is not offered info.

The service can be very very slow and take an exceeding long time to get food that is already prepared and just needs to be packaged. That can be really frustrating but I trust they are doing their best and plan ahead to accommodate their flow.

Pros: Great menu, Can substitute flour tortilla for seaweed wrap, Pricing is reasonable

Cons: Long waits, crowded, Not 100% raw

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Mouth Watering Wrap!!! - Edit

That PUNANI Wrap !!! My lord !!! Tassili's takes all my money I love it ❤❤

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Love or hate? - Edit

There were so many people here when I went and so many orders, but, I was not impressed. The people were polite to me when directly helping me, but, they offered others to taste or sample food, and they helped another customer who came in after me before helping me. The people ordering were also kinda rude to me, as though I was in the way of their sister and brother hoods. Also, the service is just a bit slow overall. When I ordered vs when I received the food, I really can't understand how it took that long to put salads into a container. So, just let that be known before you go.

Aside from that, I adore the menu. I do! So many great choices! Most seemed to order the wraps which honestly looked like they were the size of a small roll of paper towels in diameter. Seriously. Insane. They had some juices and some popcorn. In the cold case were all the salads available. You can order 1-4 or all of them, with prices increasing accordingly.

I only tried the sampler, but I am glad for not spending more money. The food is too salty for me. Way too salty. Despite the freshness and beautiful veggies, too salty! I would go elsewhere if I wanted raw food in Atlanta.

Pros: Extensive menu, Raw is real, Fresh

Cons: Slow service..., Salty

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Hidden Gem!! - Edit

We are from Montreal, we travel a lot, we eat on the road often, and let me tell you... This place, delivered!!! Solid tatse, spice, portions were generous, all for a very decent price. The staff were very welcoming and helpful. They even allowed us to sample bites before committing.

Pros: Portions, Price, Taste

Cons: Decor, Exterior is not appealing

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Totally Amazing Food - Edit

I was blown away by how yummy raw vegan could be. The food was very full of flavor, nothing bland. The service was friendly but slooooow. It was a very busy Sunday. I had black eyed pea hummus, mild kale salad, and stuffed tomato.

Pros: yummy, cool vibe, friendly service

Cons: slow service

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Mouth Watering Addiction - Edit

Tassili’s offers an eclectic selection of absolutely mouthwatering dishes. I usually order the plates which come in various sizes, simply because I just cannot stop at the kale wrap (a favorite). I also love the hummus, nori roll, deserts, and drinks. Tassili’s serves Wonderful food for the raw foodist, transitioning vegetarian, and even meat eaters. The atmosphere is so warm and loving, it is almost indescribable.

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Remarkable Raw Vegan Restaurant! - Edit

The food, people, and ambiance at Tassili's is remarkable and like no other! But don't take my word for it, ask Atlanta!

Pros: Variety, Taste, Culture/Vibe

Cons: Only one location

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Poor Service, Mediocre Raw Food - Edit

The service is always bad, slow, ignorant. The cashiers will tell you they are order takers and know very little about the food and ingredients. Slow isn't the word. Must be all that ish they are smoking. Don't be in rush or have other things to do. If you order from the menu instead of the order and go case, you will be sucked into a black hole. My friends ordered food that wasn't all of that. It was nasty and the presentation looked aweful. But I give the food an ok because some of the dishes I've had are pretty tasty. Then let's not forget the ghetto rasta flea marketing going on outside on the front porch. Can I just go in and not be hit up by the neighborhood panhandlers and the porch full of people hustling bootleg merchandise, conspiracy theory dvds, and some kind of vegan donuts sold outside on the porch in unsanitary conditions. The restaurant is in a big house so the porch drama happens when you walk up. Every earthy street hustler is posted up at this place either hitting you up as you walk up or inside in the living room as you open the door. Again, I just want to eat and have room to dine. The eating area in the living room usually has some chick selling oils, soap and shea butter. Not the dine in spot and too much going on to be serving food. Good for those new to raw dining and need that street food move. But go to Lovin' It Live if you want food quality. Their service is slow and prices higher than blood pressure. but it is clean and the food is so much better and good.

Pros: Prepared case of certain items, The good stuff is really good, Buy a DVD of who killed Malcolm X

Cons: Service is extremently slow and rachet, Staff is rude, Place is not the cleanest

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Great food - rough service - Edit

I made reservations for a group of 10 and no one seemed to be expecting us. We waited for an hour to be seated. Apparently, you're supposed to order your food at the front counter and wait for it. Some of my guests ordered and paid at the counter. Others were told to order and pay later. Many of us didn't order until we'd been there for more than 30 minutes because we didn't know the process.

The owner asked for feedback on our experience, so I emailed her. It's been a month and I still haven't heard back.

Ultimately the food was delicious and we had a great time but the customer service was terrible! I thought they might have offered a small discount or some type of concession for such a long wait, but we got nothing.

I'm not sure if I'll ever go back, although the raw foods were delicious.

This could be a great experience if you're not in a group, and you just order at the counter and sit down or take your food home.

Pros: great raw vegan food!

Cons: poor customer service!

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Fantastic! - Edit

Yummy, healthy, vegan food. Really nice service. Super cute converted historic house in west end. Spicy kale wrap is a bit much. She suggested a mix of mild and spicy which was yummy but still a little too spicy. Next time I'll get the mild which I'm sure is perfect. The curry plantain is sooo good. The sorrel (might not be spelling it right - drink with ginger and hibiscus) is awesome! This place didn't disappoint. The prices may seem high but the servings are huge and the ingredients fresh. The interior is so charming.

Pros: Great Food, Adorable Interior, Friendly Staff

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sweet southern health food - Edit

My partner and I just ate here and we split the Mandingo wrap. It was huge! The two of us couldn't even finish it and I am 6 feet tall and my partner is 6'7 so we usually are able to finish our meal. She let us sample the spicy kale before we ordered and we were sold! We are both fans of spicy food. Kale is also my favorite green and it was the staple item in the wrap. The flavors on the kale were spicy and delicious. The only criticism is it was dressed with agave nectar which made it too sweet for us. We took our leftovers back to the hotel with us since we are just visiting for one night. We are both vegan and mostly raw and I would recommend this place to anyone with a BIG appetite and craving something sweet and savory!

Pros: spicy kale , large portions, friendly staff

Cons: too much agave sweetness , no drinks in tap, plastic to-go box

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Spicy Kale! - Edit

At first I was unsure about this place. It is on the other side of town from me and just far out of the way. I was unsure about the street parking too. It's a yellow house across the street from Wren's Nest - enter the middle door on the first floor. When I walked in, no one was available to help me. I almost left but a nice gentleman came out at the last second to explain how things work there. I got a sample of everything that was available. It was all delicious but I'll return for more spicy kale. I don't even like kale but whatever they do to it works!

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JUST GO!!! - Edit

Everything about this place is perfect to me! I'm here on business and was double intrigued by the reviews on happycow.com
This place is no joke!! Get yourself a punany wrawp and wonder what you've been eating your whole life cause this food is the truth ♥. The wrawp is also huge...just finished the other half for lunch a day later. Definitely going back before I leave Atlanta later this week.


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Glorious Raw Vegan Food, Lovely People - Edit

On our way through Atlanta today, we stopped here based on the HappyCow listing and their web site. We were not familiar with Atlanta, and while I've read that the West End neighborhood is being renewed, it looked like a work in progress. Frankly, we were uncertain about eating there, but we finally went in. Our enthusiastic conclusion is, DO NOT HESITATE! The personable gentleman behind the counter was very helpful in trying to figure out which dishes to try, and we met the lovely Tassili when she came out of the kitchen to greet some friends. Everyone had a smile - the wonderful food may have had something to do with that!

The food is raw, vegan, and organic. And most of all, DELICIOUS! To sample a number of items, we got a box with servings of 6 items for $21 (though we got a double portion of the Spicy Kale) and had enough to share for lunch and dinner. (Your mileage may vary, but it will be a happy trip.) The Spicy Kale Salad is quite spicy, as advertised, but so tasty we ate through any discomfort. The Karamu Couscous was a good, slightly-sweet counterpoint to the kale's heat, as was the sweeter, and excellent, Sweet Coconut Corn. And the other genius dish was the Curried Plantains, not spicy like the kale, but a wondrous combination of flavors nevertheless. Rounding out our selection was Curried Tofu (I think that's what it was called - it's not listed on their web site). It can be hard to prepare tofu so it's not bland, but this was flavorful.

Our only disappointment (aside from the sauce stain on my shirt!) was that when my wife went to buy a copy of Tassili's book, they were all out. We'll have to get it online!

Pros: Excellent food - great flavors!, Wonderful people, Great price for terrific raw vegan

Cons: None - once we went in

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Pooh Nanny Wraps are delicious! - Edit

Needless to say, upon hearing the name before you taste it can be a bit intriguing, but trust me, no one can find a better name for this delectable wrap of which I have had twice. Each time I have it, it is simply mouth watering, fulfilling and extremely satisfying. You don't have to be a vegan to love this because you will either way from just ONE bite.

Pros: great service, great food, worth the price

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Spicy, but fantastic! - Edit

I found Tassili's Raw Reality using Happy Cow when I planned my trip to Atlanta. I had to make a few u-turns to find it, because the restaurant is located inside what looks like a residential house. Upon entering the building, I soon realized it was indeed a house that had been converted.
The woman who was working the counter was extremely friendly, and offered to let us try a sample of any dish before we ordered it. A few dishes are displayed in a display cabinet and there is a drink refrigerator with different bottled options; a few homemade and other things like Tazo Tea and Naked Juice. You can order a medley of sides of go for an entire entree. My date and I split five different sides. We ordered the Spicy Kale Salad, Karamu Couscous, Sweet Coconut Corn, Edamame Medley, and the Angelic Tomatoes. Everything tasted amazing! Just a warning the Spicy Kale salad is really spicy! I liked it, but my date who has a weak stomach had some issues. They have a mild version as well. The portions were huge, and everything was only $15.
If you've never had raw food before, this is a great place to go for your first experience!

Pros: Giant Portions, Great Pricecs, Friendly Staff

Cons: Plastic plates and flatware, Really Hard to Find

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Spicy Kale Wraps Awesome Service...not so much - Edit

I came in two days ago and got a ton of different stuff. We wanted to eat there but everything was given to us in plastic boxes. I told them we were eating there and they handed us a couple plates. The Kale Wrap was amazing so today I called 50 min ago to place a to go order and gave my friends name as he was picking them up. Sense it's been almost an hour, I got worried (he forgot his cell) so I called to see if he picked them up yet. After several min on the phone and the girl going back and forth with people she said she doesn't know bc she doesn't keeep track of orders. He happened to be in line and over heard her so then she said, "oh he is here now, we're making them." I told her I called almost an hour ago to place the order and her answer was, "I didn't take the order!" It was so rude. And my friend has had to wait forever. He had gotten lost and called them and they couldn't help him. Just horrible cust. service. I would happily have keept driving 30 min one way to buy these wraps but now, I don't think I'll be back. Too bad bc I also am in a local vegan group and could have brought them a lot of buisness. Seems like they don't care to have it.

Pros: Spicy Kale Wrap, Prices

Cons: Horrible Cus service, Served our meal in plastic containers

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shellzz 12 Aug 2013 - The food is awesome & customer service is much better,,give Tassili's another chance! It's the only place I can get late night vegan noms in Atlanta..they are RaWk stars!!!! & Don't get me started on the raw desserts,,can you say 'Afrikan Carob Cake???????  

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Good raw food - Edit

This place is a bit difficult to find, its located next to Wendy's and across the street from Wrens nest, in a yellow house. The food was delicious, having never had raw vegan before I was reluctant but pleasantly surprised, the prices are quite reasonable, and the people were very friendly and offered samples to help us make a decisions

Pros: Healthy, Good prices, Friendly

Cons: Hard to find

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Delicious - Edit

I am eating the food as I am typing lol! Had to rate it...good price point and amazing vegan raw dishes. Everything is good on this plate

Pros: Excellent Food, Good Value, Super Healthy

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