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Vegetarian eatery with smoothie and juice bar. Find choices like acai and granola bowls, rice bowls, burgers, coffee, dessert bars and tarts. Has vegan feta. Open Wed-Sun 8:00am-3:00pm.

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First Review by PotatoesTho


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26 Sep 2023

What has happened to this place?

How disappointing it was to find out your fav restaurant has changed ownership. What a disgrace this place has gone down hill so quickly.
No line out the door was a dead give away.
We only went in for coffee and dessert.
We had 3 waiters serve us, took our order 9 times. NINE TIMES and they still got it wrong. The waiters didn't understand English well and one had the worst dandruff.
How sad, this place was such a hit for so many years.
Will not be going back.
I didn't even want to give 1 star. I rate it no stars.



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04 Sep 2023


I had the pizza and ginger bread latte, both were delicious. I ordered a side and the person I dined with ordered a side, they came out on one plate together which was a bit odd. Nice food but as it's a bit pricey I wouldn't go often.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Bit pricey


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28 Jul 2023

Delicious healthy food

The food is delicious and presented beautifully. Everything is homemade and nutritious.
The cafe has a cosy atmosphere with swings to sit on, and cushioned areas.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Great atmosphere


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28 Jul 2023

Great food

Super friendly staff and the food is so delicious.

Pros: Good serving , Tasty , They don’t serve meat


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15 Jul 2023

a cute brunch spot

the cafe is cute and i loved the açai bowl

Pros: Student discount (50 percent off), Healthy food, Super friendly staff

Cons: The iced matcha was very watery and gross , Weekend surcharge , Can be expensive


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07 May 2023

Horrible experience

Horrible experience.

We arrived at 10:45am
- We were asked if we had a booking, then when we said yes, asked when we made it like we couldn’t have the table
- Both misgendered immediately “girls“ to then sit down and read menu that states we will be paying 12.5% extra today for “#equality”
- Seated at 11am
- Sat down to dirty water glasses, no water
- Wonky table with old tissues already stuffed underneath to try fix it
- Ordered at 11:06am
- Friends Nachos arrived at 11:21am
- Pancakes arrived at 11:36am, 15 minutes later
- Had ordered a coffee, after 35 minutes they told me there was still a wait. I cancelled my coffee muffin deal order and asked for a refund
- Ask to get a take away container and then had to scoop my own meal into a container at the counter cause they said they couldn’t touch it
- Asked for a refund for the muffin coffee deal, only refunded $10 even though I paid $12 and was still charged the surcharge for it on the total bill
- Left at 11:50am

I ended up paying $32.51 for this experience, to be misgendered, given dirty serve wear, sat at a wobbly table, sit for 15 minutes while my friends food went cold, cancelled my coffee cause it didn’t arrive before we were done, was then charged the surcharge for it and the pancakes were incredibly underwhelming.

If I could give less than 1 stars for this experience I would.

Note: the pancakes were $26, I was charged and additional $6.51.

Pros: Nothing, Nada, No how

Cons: Misgendering , Dirty serve wear, Not so tasty


09 Jul 2023

Sounds like you had your nose out of joint from the moment you were "misgendered".

Considering that Melbourne has lost about half of its plant-based cafes in the past year, it's disappointing to see fellow vegans attacking the surviving businesses over petty details like this.


23 Jul 2023


29 Jul 2023

Vegans with a lack of intersectionality is why people don’t like vegans. It’s a Shame you have decided to represent veganism and this business with transphobia.


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31 Mar 2023

Always a winner

Fresh and healthy food, great drinks menu too. My go to when in Melbourne


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18 Feb 2023


Love this place. Super tasty food and wonderful kids menu. My son was so wrapped with his pancakes!!! Wish I lived closer. I'd go weekly.

Pros: The kids menu is perfect!


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15 Jan 2023

Pretty good brunch

It was pretty good, I’d happily return for the health focused brunch in a nice interior


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09 Dec 2022


Lots of options, chill atmosphere.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-09


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23 Oct 2022

Good but SO expensive!

I had to change my review for this place. The food is great, however, it’s not worth the price tag. $100 for brunch for two people! Insane. They add a payment surcharge and a weekend surcharge lol what a joke.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-28


29 Oct 2022

Giving that they use organic and local ingredients I personally don’t think they are expensive, it is 2022, they more likely adapt their pricing to inflations like everyone else except in their case they are still using high quality ingredients instead of cheating on customers and selling them bad ingredients for gold price…I don’t think it is fair to review business in 2022 solely on price especially if you had a good experience there. Also I mean price are on the menu isn’t? So you had a choice to make, you stayed, so you agreed, backlashing them after is strange. Also I a regular there, as a student, I get half price mains all weekdays, I am sure they are not making money there and do that to allow smaller budget people like myself to enjoy their great food… When it comes to the surcharge where are you going out on week end in Melbourne where they don’t apply a surcharge?!? That just means they pay their staff a living wages and following fair work rates that are above $35/hour on week end, a weird things to get upset about? What that saying about you? That waiter shouldn’t be paid fairly?! Anyway, personal opinion, same way that you are untitled to yours of course; but I did find this review pretty unfair and wanted to respectfully voice my opinion on it. Thanks
Ps seriously curious about cafe that doesn’t apply surcharge on weekend in Melbourne?


30 Oct 2022

Appreciate your comment, but I do think $100 is steep for brunch for two people. As a Melbournian born and bred, I have been brunching for a long time 😂 that’s the most expensive one I’ve had at a cafe. Maybe if you’re going for a bottomless brunch somewhere fancy then yeah, but just a regular avo toast, I can’t justify it.


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01 Sep 2022


everyone here is so lovely! i had the nutrition bomb bowl (no avocado, add falafel) and it was so good&hearty. was there a little late so they gave us the last muffin of the day🥰 it was an absolutely delicious lemon poppy seed muffin💓 definitely a nice spot to catch up with friends and have a filling meal. they also do 50% for students 8am-11am wednesday-friday!!!! (but would check their instagram for updates on that before u go x)


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29 Aug 2022

Melbourne’s best

A must when you’re in Melbourne. Whole food, drinks & dessert menu can come vegan! Positive pancakes are the signature

Updated from previous review on 2016-05-03

Pros: Pets welcome in cute courtyard , Amazing smoothies & kids menu , Must try sweet potato peanut butter brownie


15 Oct 2016


12 Aug 2019

That is what the report function is for. This review from the owner of Seratonin will be joining the 2 fake negative reviews against this business from the owner of Vegan Shack in the filtered section


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04 May 2022

Food that makes you happy!

Deeply wish this place was located in my hometown because the concept is simply glorious. The focus on happiness makes you so - well, happy! Had a great salad while my friend had the galaxy smoothie bowl and both were great. Wish I'd had time to try the whole menu (love that it's seasonal!). Have been there for lattes too and they are super yum. Also love that you can choose between different seatings. Only thing is that I wish it was more whole-foods, but it's still better than most. Do go!

Pros: Organic, All vegan, Gluten free

Cons: Wish it was all whole foods


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24 Sep 2021

Great Vegan Friendly Cafe

It was so nice to come across this cafe while out walking. The menu is all plant based and everything on the menu looked lovely. We had the best home made, large carrot cake muffins and great coffee. The staff were very friendly. Will definitely be returning.

Pros: Plant based menu, Friendly staff


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27 Jun 2021

Popular place...I know why!

Busy, popular place and I know why. Great concept, atmosphere and menu. I enjoyed my meal and would easily come again. Obviously, would be great if it was all vegan but do appreciate the wide range of vegan options covered.


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08 May 2021

Best cafe ever

I got the acai bowl and it was literally the best thing that has ever been in my mouth. The gingerbread latte was delicious and the waitress (i think her name is Timmy) is the nicest person I’ve ever met! Thanks serotonin😄

Pros: Coffee, Acai bowl , Staff


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03 Feb 2021

Really tragic change

I’ve been to Serotonin multiple times over the years and absolutely loved it. Today was the first time I went in since Covid and I didn’t have a great experience. I got the Nutrition Bowl and that was nice and a nice big portion size. My partner got the Smiley Avo and didn’t like it too much, the portion size was okayyy, the “toasted bread” wasn’t toasted and the mushy peas was just mint. I got the Chai Latte which was okay at best. My partner got an undrinkable Hot Choc because of the cinnamon in it. The customer service was also quite average.

I really just hope they were having an off day because I’ve had many good meals here.

I’ve also never noticed this but they charge extra for plant milks in drinks - more so than Cow milk. But I do like the fact that they say “Cows Milk”

Pros: Nutrition Bowl, Looks nice

Cons: Cinnamon Everything, Plant Milk costs extra


29 Aug 2022

One bad experience, in a global pandemic probably isn’t worth a negative review now is it 🤣🤣 Head on back in now x


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07 Jan 2021

Happy vibes

It was the second time I've been to Serotonin, and I'm planning to go again soon! If you are planning on going here, this is what you should expect:
-A super cosy space, with unique seating (couches and swings and window seats!) and 'planty' of greenery
-The staff are VERY passionate about the food. Always smiling and excited to run through the menu options with you
- You'll pay a couple dollars more for everything than your typical cafe. I personally don't mind this, because I'm supporting a business that has positive values and obviously puts so much love into its services/products

Pros: Vegan and gf options galore, Very cosy & positive atmosphere, Child/dog friendly & free parking

Cons: Pricey, Only one location :(


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13 Dec 2020


We shared the savoury hemp waffle with added tempeh facon and the positive pancakes. I also got a gingerbread latte and my sister got the peanut butter latte. Beautiful presentation, such lovely staff and the food was absolutely delicious, I couldn’t pick a favourite between the two dishes. The cafe is also really beautifully designed and decorated!

Pros: Delicious food, Health conscious menu , Lovely staff


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20 Dec 2019

Sensational, we’ve been following Serotonin on Insta and it lived up to it!!

Superb menu, service and food experience.

Pros: Menu, Service, Food


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17 Dec 2019

The name says it all - you walk away happy (with some vegan desserts for later!)

My friends and I enjoyed lovely brunch. They had a great menu with lots of variety and options regardless if you are looking at food or drinks. It also had a great atmosphere and super friendly staff. I also couldn't help but take home to vegan desserts as I walked out the door (sadly had to share them with the hubby). I will be going back again for sure.

Pros: Great Food, Friendly Staff, Great atmosphere

Cons: Wait time for a table, Waiting outside for a table, Dealing with friends before their coffee


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08 Sep 2019

Pricey but Delicious

We came here for lunch for the first time. I had a coffee and the “breakfast of champignons.” It was a savoury French toast with mushrooms and tomatoes and kale. I really liked the flavours and the serving size was good. My partner had the positive pancakes which he thought were very nice but thought the extra toppings were a bit expensive. The service was friendly and helpful. I definitely want to try other things there.
I also got a wagon wheel take away to eat on the way home and it was incredible.

Pros: No extra charge for bonsoy

Cons: Expensive, Noisy


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01 Aug 2019

Wow their vegan Pizza!

Incredible menu, great service, a must visit for feel good healthy veggie/vegan food in Melbourne.

Pros: So many options, You feel great after because it’s all healthy , Perfect for plant curious people

Cons: A tad pricey, but worth it for high quality , It’s not next to my house


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08 Jun 2019


Well thought out cafe, lots of healthy food and coffee options, nice helpful staff, and homemade vegan cheese 👍


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07 Jun 2019

healthy happy foodie

the food was fresh tasty and satisfying. drinks were delicious and staff were brilliant.

Pros: so many vegan choices, easy place to find, delivers healthy dishes


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Mostly Veg
20 Mar 2019

Go Serotonin! You do make me so HAPPY :D

Serotonin has become my new favourite brunch spot in Melbourne! The staff were so friendly and gave great suggestions when I couldn't pick what to order. The Galaxy Acai was incredible and adding peanut butter made it even more satiating. Can’t wait to come back and sit on one of the swings with my puppy in the dog-friendly courtyard - what a great idea! I also saw people across the road in the park who had borrowed one of their picnic baskets and blankets, I think the staff even bring the food over to the park! Such a cute idea for a birthday or date!

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