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Serves meat, vegan options available. Casual-fast New American food restaurant featuring the concept of build-your-own bowl with choice of vegetables and proteins. Everything is gluten-free and dairy-free. Sauces are house made and vegan. Has cold pressed juice, raw vegan cheesecake, kombucha, and vegan cheese. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-8:00pm, Sun 11:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by Samovargroup


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17 Sep 2023

Good experience

Lots of choices. Hummus. Beans. 5 veges and tofu. Typical build your own bowl. The bonus is almost everything is GF and all desserts are vegan.



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09 Aug 2023

Flavorful, fast with huge vegan variety

We were thrilled to see the variety of vegan options here. Everything is so well seasoned, and it's easy to put together a healthy, satisfying, and delicious meal. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and happily offers samples of menu options upon request.

Pros: Wide variety of vegan options , Flavorful, Friendly and helpful staff

Michael X. James

Points +937

16 Jul 2023

Way better than expected

I often don't love "healthy" vegan food so when we decided to go here, I was happy to get to eat some healthy food but I figured it wouldn't taste great. Well, it was delicious!! I got the Summer Vegan bowl and my wife built her own. Both were great! I love the Asian tofu and the warm pineapple with cinnamon. The peanut butter cheesecake dessert was really good too! Highly recommend this place.

Pros: Warm pineapple with cinnamon, Asian tofu, Friendly staff


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16 Jul 2023

Tofu was delicious !

Super appealing eatery, great tofu !! Staff knew ingredients of all sauces by heart. I heart that !!

Pros: Delicious, Clean, Healthy!


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01 Jul 2023

So many choices!

I made two bowls (one for today and one for tomorrow!); I'm already planning new combinations to try at my next visit! I especially loved the vegan egg salad, the green beans (so crispy!), and the habanero mango sauce (although two containers would have made my bowl moister!).


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Mostly Veg
25 Jun 2023


Found this gem searching for my very restricted health diet. Sugar-dairy-gluten free only. Seed eatery not only me my needs but exceeded our expectations. My family is hooked and I grabbed a to go bowl for the drive home. Definitely try the ponzu glass noodles and also beet hummus. And yes! You want the vegan cheesecake 😀

Pros: Delicious food! Large selection! sugar free desser, Fabulous service, friendly staff!, Very clean dining room and bathroom

Cons: None!


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31 May 2023

Lunch at Seed

Eat lunch at seed today. Food was delicious, and there were options for me a vegan and my husband who is a meat eater. All we're good. It was great to have some fresh food while visiting the beach, wish there were more options like this.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-31

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Fresh food, Friendly staff

Cons: None

Goody Goody Gumdrop

Points +100

19 Aug 2022

Best meal of our trip

My son and I stopped here on our way home from our beach trip. After a week of hardly any options in the main beach area, boardwalk, this was our best meal of the trip. I did a build your own for both of us and everything was flavored perfectly.
My son is also a picky food eater (he's 6) and he loved everything in his bowl.
Definitely a must stop for us on all future trips.
On the main highway with plenty of parking.

Pros: Lots if options, All items are flavored well, Easy ordering

Cons: Wish it was on the boardwalk


Points +16

16 Aug 2022

Delicious and great vegan options

My husband, my son and I all ordered a la crate bowls there were a ton of vegan option. The tofu is delicious. The purple cabbage, the broccoli, the cucumbers, noodles, kale, beans, quinoa … all of it. Absolutely delicious

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Door dash fast , Great choices


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31 May 2022

flavorful customizable meal

Love how you can create your own adventure here. Every ingredient/ veggie is so uniquely and well flavored. The sauces are great too but each ingredient tastes so good on its own you really do not need sauce. My favorite bases are the kale and the glass noodles highly recommend! Cute little place and you get a lot of food so don’t be intimidated by the price. They also have little vegan cheesecakes which are pretty tasty

Pros: Fresh and tasty ingredients, Healthy, Helpful and patient staff


16 Jun 2022

I couldn’t have said it better! I agree on every aspect with you! And the people and service is amazing! If you get the app you can order ahead and also join the rewards program.. you can earn point that get you up to $10 off & they also have “happy hour” from 3-5 that give you some discounts in certain things if you order in house!! Those cheesecakes & the peanut choc oat bars are 🤤🤌🏽


Points +44

01 Apr 2022

Great place!

My favorite lunch spot as I work in this area often. I would give it five stars if Happy Cow would let me. Just to be clear, everything here is plant-based except for three of their protein options. They have delicious bowls, great plant-based protein options. Everything plant-based here is always very fresh and flavorful. Staff has always been super helpful and friendly. Their bowls are a little more expensive than I would expect, but then everything at the beach always is. The cheesecake serving is small for the price but very good.

Pros: Fresh, delicious food, Friendly staff, Very good plant-based selection

Cons: A little pricey, Does have three protein options not plant-based


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31 Oct 2021


I had no idea what to expect when we walked through the door, but so happy we did. So many great options. I got the regular bowl which was very reasonably priced. WOW - the food was absolutely amazing. Generous portions and terrific vegan protein options. The kale was to die for! The entire restaurant was very clean. While there were some meat options, they had separate serving utensils for each item and I had no worries about cross contamination. The staff was super friendly and helpful with our questions. My cousin is 100% gluten-free, but eats meat. I am 100% vegan. We both enjoyed our delicious meals and can't wait to return again. I'll be dreaming of that kale till then!

Pros: Great options and everything tasted AMAZING!, Super clean., Friendly staff.

Cons: I live in another state and can't visit more often


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Non Veg
31 Oct 2021

Each bite was better than the last

I found this place on line because my cousin, who is vegan, was visiting. I have celiac, so all of the gluten free and vegan options were a plus. We were a bit overwhelmed at the thought of choosing which foods to combine in our bowls, but we were both really impressed. The vegetables were fresh and delicious, the portions generous, and the prices reasonable. We also had fantastic service. I live locally and will definitely be back!

Pros: Fresh and healthy ingredients, A quick vegan meal, Delicious flavor combinations

Cons: Can’t eat there every day


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Mostly Veg
18 Oct 2021

Would definitely go again

I thoroughly enjoyed my bowl at SEED Eatery, and so did my husband. I loved the options they had available, and I will definitely go again next year when we are in Delaware.


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27 Sep 2021


Amidst every seafood restaurant imaginable, I was very happy to find this very vegan-friendly fast casual restaurant on our trip to the beach. Very cute interior, 99% vegan, but I have to admit that the food was nothing particularly enticing. The girl taking our order was also an LEP, so we had a bit of a difficult time making sure everything we got was vegan. We should have just checked their website where everything is clearly marked.

Pros: Healthy and nutritious, Quick service

Cons: LEP staff


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30 Aug 2021

So good!

My whole family, toddlers included, really enjoyed our bowls here. Everything was really delicious.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Indoor seating, Lots of gluten free options

Cons: Portions are a little small


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05 Aug 2021

Real vegan food, so good

I had a regular bowl and the choices are amazing. The Thai tofu is amazing, everything was good. Will definitely eat here again.

Pros: Lots of really good vegan options.

Cons: A little pricey


Points +67

26 Jun 2021

expensive but good

they do salad and grain bowls with lots of vegan options, like spicy chickpeas and tofu. however, it’s not really worth it for the price. my bowl was pretty good but slightly underwhelming. they also have gluten-free vegan mini cheesecakes which were amazing, but again very expensive.

Pros: lots of vegan options , customizable bowls

Cons: expensive, charges extra for vegan cheese


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24 Apr 2021

Delicious raw vegan cheesecakes

Stopped here for dessert. I had the Peanut Butter cheesecake and my daughter had the chocolate. Delicious though they were more mousse like than cheesecake like. 9 dollars for a tiny portion. Still, we were happy for the option and would like to come back for the bowls.

Pros: This restaurant is almost entirely vegan

Cons: Expensive


Points +62

06 Apr 2021

Soooooo good, mostly vegan

Tons of veggies and tofu based bowls, super flavorful!!


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03 Oct 2020

Lots of Options

Tons of vegan options. Food tasted ok. Not really impressed.


Points +220

26 Sep 2020

So delicious!

Enjoyed the options and crafting my own dish. Loved this meal! Would definitely go back.

Pros: Great options , Healthier fare , Large portions

Cons: Pricy, Has meat also


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08 Sep 2020

A smörgåsbord of option (except it isn't Swedish)

Everything in the hefty bowl they build for you tastes distinctive and delicious. The only problem may be that mixing it all together loses the distinctiveness of the individual elements, but that's a minor concern when every ingredient by itself has so much going on.

Pros: Variety, Volume


Points +30

30 Jun 2020

Vegan restaurant with options for non-vegans

Let’s be clear! This restaurant is really a vegan restaurant that provides two non-vegan options. I would give this place five stars if Happy Cow would let me.

The food is great! In an area that has very few vegan options and zero vegan restaurants, this is an oasis!!

Seed Eatery has so many good options. The food is flavored well and everything goes together. I had a build your own bowl with rice noodle, spinach, tofu, chick peas, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, and sesame seeds. Everything has its own flavor, except the spinach, which is raw and not dressed. I could come back a couple times and get a completely different dish each time.

If you are vegan, vegetarian, or omni, you need to try this. Support vegan options in South Delaware!!!

Pros: Nearly all vegan, Food is flavor-FULL, Staff is knowledgeable and friendly

Cons: None


Points +18

25 Jun 2020

Vegan Delight

This establishment is all vegan, with the option of adding chicken, beef or shrimp to your bowl. I have been getting a bowl here weekly since they opened. Flavors are so distinct that you don't even need the sauce...but the sauces are so good that I always use them on something. Whether or not you are vegan, you should try this place. Excellent!

Pros: Fresh, Vegan


Points +317

16 Jun 2020

Awesome fast casual option

The food here is fresh and healthy. I love that you can mix and match different ingredients to make your own bowl. This is how I like to eat at home, so I'm a big fan of a restaurant adopting this formula. I've also noticed they are adding new options as time goes on. The cheezecake is delicious, but very expensive. Kombucha is also delightful.

Pros: healthfulness of ingredients, almost everything is vegan except for meat protein

Cons: can get pricey


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08 Mar 2020

Managed to steer my parents to a healthier resturant

I am in the area to visit my parents who live about 30 minutes south of this restaurant where there really isn't any veg friendly or healthy restaurants. My dad was slightly confused by the concept but it's basically a normal bowl/salad place. My mom had the spinach and potato bases, my dad got the veggie quinoa and potatoes as a base and I got the Japanese kale. For me the kale was great it was kind of a seaweed salad marinade.
The proteins were half vegan half non-veg my father and mother both got the chicken and I got the furikake tofu. The vegetables were a good variety cauliflower, broccoli, chickpeas, Brussels sprouts, beets, carrots, and Thai radishes and I believe one or two others.
We were able to pick our dressings I chose the vinaigrette as did my mother she says it was too vinegary but she also poured it on without tasting it first. I also got the pumpkin seed add on.
My mother got a bottled water and it came to about $50 with my father paying a tip. Each bowl was $14 as a normal bowl, you could get the premium bowl as well for extra.
They had 3 different flavored vegan cheesecakes for $8.50 and a peanut desert. They also had a few varieties of kombucha in their grab and go area with pre-made smoothies.
The decor was plain and bright with the lime green being prominant.

Updated from previous review on 2020-03-08

Pros: Clean, Good food, one of the few veg options in the area

Cons: Seats were a little small for larger people

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