Vegan cafe est. Sep 2018. Serves salads, bowls, wraps and sandwiches. Happy hour on wine/beer 3-6pm. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-7:30pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-4:00pm.

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15 May 2023


This place is incredible. I can see why it has such a high rating on this app!

Pros: Food is fantastic , Great atmosphere , Friendly staff



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05 May 2023

Good, but underwhelming and spendy

I visited Seed Cafe yesterday after reading all of the great reviews. Honestly I probably won't go back. The staff was VERY friendly, the food was fine, but underwhelming, especially for the price... Two tempeh burgers (served with just plain old potato chips) and one smoothie cost $44. I appreciate the degree to which inflation has impacted businesses, but this seemed just ridiculous, especially given the fact that the food wasn't particularly exceptional.

There are MANY good vegan eateries in Minneapolis... I just don't think this place compares to some others.


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03 May 2023

Great spot for vegan grub

Kale salad was delicious. Also tried the TBLT and the kale Caesar wrap. All excellent!


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28 Mar 2023

Great food and great people!

I found Seed Cafe through the 2022 Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge. Their offering was a kale mushroom wrap which was absolutely delicious (and thankfully still on their menu). While waiting for my food, I had a great conversation with the gentleman behind the counter. A solid experience all around.

Pros: Lots of vegan options. It’s a plant-based cafe!


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27 Mar 2023


Went here while visiting MSP for a few days. Definitely worth the drive from downtown! I had the Beach Wrap with a Golden State (beverage) and my husband had the Peanut King bowl and a Matcha Master. We shared a huge sesame cookie. Both of us were stuffed and satisfied. Amazingly good food in a fun, upbeat, bright setting with a local artsy vibe.


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11 Mar 2023

We love this place ❤️

Amazing place to have an ethical meal and do some work on your laptop. Food was vary tasty. Gluten-free options. Very friendly staff.

Pros: Food tastes great 👍 , Gluten-free options , Good for eating and working

Cons: None


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28 Jan 2023

Seed is my fave!

The vibe is perfect. Love this place❤️🌱🌱🌱 #Veganuary

Pros: All vegan, Delish, Environment


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12 Nov 2022

Seed Cafe

Friendly staff, and connected to a yoga studio!!!


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02 Oct 2022

Cute place. Very good.

Quaint place connected to yoga studio. I had the chicken salad on a pretzel bun and was delicious.


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16 Jul 2022

Very good

Fresh, tasty golden bowl. Yummy brownie. Casual dining atmosphere. Yoga studio.

Pros: Vegan, Tasty, Fresh


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15 Jul 2022

Perfect 👍

Easy to find in a strip mall. Varied menu - bowls, smoothies, sandwiches. We shared two bowls and loved both. Smoothie was a perfect complement to the savory bowls.

Pros: Nice sized portions , Loads of flavor, Fun decor attached to a yoga studio

Cons: Nothing


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08 May 2022

Great find — must try

So happy to find this place when in Minneapolis for a wedding. The cardamom chai and tahini chocolate chip cookies are incredible. The food is great!!


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26 Mar 2022

Love this place!

Been here quite a few times and the food has always been so delicious and fresh. So good! Does look like they’ve changed up the menu since the last time I was there so I’ll have to check it out again!

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-26

Pros: Delicious and healthy vegan food , Varied menu with lots of options , Cute little place

Cons: A bit spendy $$$


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05 Mar 2022


Ppl would do dangerous things for food this good

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-05

Pros: Whole spot is vegan

Cons: I didn’t order more


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23 Feb 2022

Fresh and Flavorful

I love how healthy vegan options and flavor coexist at Seed Cafe. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other. The menu has changed quite a bit since covid, but they've kept many of the most popular dishes.

My favs include: roasted vegetable salad, smashed chickpea wrap, BLT, and Kale Caesar salad (their caesar dressing is fantastic!!)


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13 Jan 2022

Bakery Items

There salads and main dishes are great too, though I have a real soft spot for their baked goods.


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16 Dec 2021

Not what I expected

Based on the reviews I had seen, I was expecting to be blown away. I tried two dishes, but they just didn't satisfy me the way I had hoped they would. It was a bit spendy, and in both sandwiches I tried, their saving grace was the sauce. One came with a side of chips, and for paying so much, I think it could've been a more creative and delicious side. The breakfast sandwich was pretty impossible to eat, and for the most part it was slabs of tofu. I got a cookie and that was good. I enjoyed me meal, but it just didn't meet my expectations.

Updated from previous review on 2021-12-16

Pros: Some dishes have bland sides , Hard to eat as a sandwich , A bit bland for my taste

Cons: Spendy


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26 Oct 2021

Great food, great space

Everything is vegan at Seed Plant-Based Cafe!

You can’t go wrong with anything here. Every entree is well-crafted, colorful and delicious.

The vanilla oatmilk latte is the best beverage.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Plenty of free parking , Colorful, Instagrammable entrees. 😅


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04 Oct 2021

5 for amazing food and cute atmosphere!

I had to change my review because Seed Cafe had to drastically change since covid hit! They closed down last winter and survived by selling meal plan kits! I haven’t tried them yet, but I hear they are good.

They reopened for the summer with a small menu. But all the food on the menu is fantastic!

My favorites are the beach bowl and the Caesar salad with extra dressing, avocado and vegan shrimp!

Others that have been with me have tried the BLT, the “chicken” salad, and the tacos! Everyone I have brought there has loved the food!

They are cute and small, we must support them as we can!!

Updated from previous review on 2019-10-26

Pros: All Vegan! , Fun atmosphere!, Good Food

Cons: They need to bring the golden milk back! , They need to bring the seed burrito back!


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24 Jun 2021


You would never guess that this little semi-suburban strip mall had one of the best vegan places ever! The space is open, bright, and colorful, and there was a pop-up happening inside as well. The menu is perfectly sized, with not too many options to choose from, and included coffee beverages. I tried to 'Shrimp Tacos' and not only did they look amazing, they followed through in texture, flavor, and overall delight. I wish I could go back - definitely recommend!

Pros: Amazing food, Perfectly Sized menu

Cons: None


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10 Apr 2021

Fresh and Tasty

I love Seed! I've had the pleasure of dining three times already and can't wait to go back

They always seem to be expanding their menu and it's such a calm, nice place to enjoy a meal.

Pros: Fresh and healthy

Cons: Could get pricey for the amount of food


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10 Mar 2021

So awesome

Can’t wait for them to be able to open again (this isn’t a complaint- I totally understand)! Amazing location with a comfortable and cool dining space. The employees are always great and so is the food. Can’t recommend this place enough.


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03 Jan 2021

Good but small portions

The food here is good and in a super cute neighborhood (bias because we live down the street). However, paying that much for a meal, I expect to leave full and that was not the case. It was good but the portions were not worth the price.

Pros: Good atmosphere , Good flavor, All vegan

Cons: Expensive, Small portions


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06 Dec 2020

Great food!

The food was incredible. I had the breakfast sandwich on the brunch menu and it was the best I’ve ever had hands down. I’m not sure what they put in the sauce but it tasted just like egg yolk and the tofu was the exact texture of an egg. Highly recommend if you have some time to relax and chill - as the kitchen service was VERY slow.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious food, Reasonable prices

Cons: Small menu, Slow kitchen service


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11 Feb 2020

I want to go back.

Had the GOLDEN CHILD. It was huge, awesome, and healthy. I can't wait to try the other items on their menu. It feels like way more than "salads, bowls, wraps and sandwiches".

Pros: All vegan and not greasy

Cons: Need a location in the northern suburbs.


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20 Jan 2020

Great fresh food, cute environment

If you're looking for fresh, flavorful, minimally processes good eats, this is the place to go in the Twin Cities. Hit up a yoga class next door and then pop by for lunch or dinner afterwards.


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29 Dec 2019

Sweet Café

Back before I considered the animals, I loved to eat BLT’s. Seed cafe makes a good one using smoked Tempeh (if you don’t mind liquid smoke flavoring) served with a detox side salad that’s especially satisfying.
Except for the breakfast frittata, I like everything else I’ve tried here. The kale salad is simple but SO tasty. The prices seem high but all thoughtfully prepared and quality. It’s a great spot for work/study time too.

Pros: All Vegan Café, Quality, Sweet space

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