Vegetarian restaurant service Moroccan cuisine. Open Mon-Fri 13:00-00:00, Sat 13:00-01:00, Sun 13:00-00:00.

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First Review by hack_man


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26 Aug 2023

Excellent, but scarce options

Small hole in the wall hidden in one of the Alleys of the Gothic district.

Moroccan slow food with fresh green teas and filled pitas. Despite being fully vegetarian, the vegan options are not even 10% of the menu.

I had the tofu pita with no cheese and no olives, it was delicious and filling. I also drank some excellent tea which is not easy to find nowadays.

Despite the quality, I cannot give 5 starts to a vegetarian place that offers 2 vegan dishes in 2023.



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Mostly Veg
25 Jun 2023


Food was excellent! Staff was very friendly & spoke English. Their signature main (can’t remember the name exactly) “Four Seasons” was out of this world. Bread with tomatoes as a starter was really good. Oat milk with spices was exceedingly yummy and the mint green tea was also good. The dessert apple and cinnamon thingy was not quite as great as the rest of our meal but it, too, was good. And the out-of-the-way vibe was superior. My partner said that even if we never get to Morocco, coming to Salterio made us feel as though we had had a real visit to North Africa. You should go to Salterio for a meal!

Pros: Appetizers and mains were GREAT, Teas were really really good, The hole-in-the-wall vibe was excellent

Cons: Getting there was a bit difficult


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12 Jun 2023

Deliciously cozy slow food

So nice vibes, relaxed, slow food, very nice low light environment, nice ambiance and music! We ordered two different sardos and both were delicious! Highlight to the vermell (with radicchio)!!! Highly recommend!


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31 May 2023


This meal was incredible! I could watch my vegetable Sardo being freshly prepared (and was even asked if I also wanted tomatoes in it - so you can probably customise your order if you’re a picky eater😉and it was sooooooo tasty!

Pros: Flavour, Freshly prepared, Customizable


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07 May 2023

random find

My friend and I were looking for a place to stop for a beer. This place is really cosy but has an awesome funky vibe. I had agua con gas (sparkling water) - Vichy Catalan, which I love. My friend had an estrella galicia. We decided to look at the menu and realised there was no meat on it. We asked if the olives were vegan and they were so we ordered them and they came out straight away. They were delicious. The service is great. We hope to be back😄

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-10


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29 Apr 2023

Great find in the gothic quarter

the food was super nice. we each ordered a "Sardo" which the server explained is a unique dish (briefly- griddled flatbread and vegetables, but that doesn't do it justice). it was made fresh and the portion sizes were generous. highly recommended.

NB. it's a small place so you may need to book in advance. On a Monday evening it was full, and we were turned away, but on a Saturday lunch we were able to walk right in.

Pros: Sarto, Ambience

Cons: Small place


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12 Mar 2023

Authentic little place

Friendly staff and almost everything can be made vegan by leaving the cheese out. Really special dishes and a nice experience.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-12

Cons: Not completely vegan


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04 Feb 2023

Magical atmosphere

Such a wonderful place! i felt like I was in a fantasy story. Tea is actually great and tofu sardo was delicious

Pros: Proper tea, Unic sardo

Cons: Waiting , Small space


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21 Jan 2023

Small and beautiful place

We ate very authentic and delicious food with 6 people there. It may take a while but totally worth it. The golden milk was outstanding.

Pros: Amazing atmosphere , Delicious food and golden milk , Lovely stuff

Cons: It can take a while but worth it


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09 Oct 2022

Absolutely delicious

The food was so tasty and flavourful! Apart from the great food the restaurant is really worth a visit because its just so cute.


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12 Jun 2022


Lovely. And the mushroom sardo was amazing, not many people when we went. So was super chill and cozy


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21 May 2022

Uniquely flavorful

Had a classic sador (tomato, pesto and cheese), moroccan mint tea and olives. It was just amazing!
Plus staff are really friendly too

Pros: Food was tasty, Friendly staff

Cons: A little hidden


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Mostly Veg
23 Mar 2022


A true hidden gem.
I came across this hidden gem via an article about the best places to eat in Barcelona, this restaurant resonated with me as I eat a mainly vegetarian diet and I am extremely fussy about what meat I do eat, especially when abroad!

The restaurant is very intimate and if I was local it would be the perfect place to have a date due to it's relaxing atmosphere.

Due to it's size the service is very personal and effective.

I can't remember the name of the dish I had with 2 lemonades but the quality and flavour was really unexpected for the price I paid. Such a good portion, I was expecting tapas sized!

The staff were very patient with the rude American tourists that came in but really didn't want to eat there and stayed really because they were too lazy to find anywhere else!

Might I add the decor is lovely also.


Pros: The food and drink, price, service

Cons: Abit cramped especially during Covid.


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19 Oct 2019


El local es muy acogedor y el personal es muy agradable. La comida está deliciosa, recomiendo al máximo los sardos y los pastelitos orientales. Su café turco es el mejor café que he probado nunca. Una parada imprescindible si visitas el Call de Barcelona. Volveré.


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07 Aug 2019

Chill Atmosphere, Good for Snacks

Cute little café with a relaxed vibe. A few vegan items, so we went knowing we would just snack a bit. We had tapas & white sangria. All was delicious. They were busy, but still served us promptly enough and were friendly.

Pros: Pretty and tasty food, Friendly staff, Stylish atmosphere

Cons: Small (not a big deal for us)


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30 Apr 2019

All good

We went with baby and stroller, the place is small but we had no problem with stroller since the restaurant was nearly empty. It was early and we missed the crowds. The food was tasty, we had the Four Season which is a bread filled with roasted vegetables and cheese. Also had the eggplant tapas, cane with crisp flat bread. Also a seasonal fruit shake... very pleased with food and atmosphere.


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28 Jan 2019

Tea house

I think it should be noticed that this isn't exactly what you call "a restaurant". It is named a "tea house" on Google and yes they have several pages of different teas on the menu. Don't go there if you expect a normal a la cart menu and a waiter. Well, they have both, but the menu has more pages of teas and only a few items to eat. The waiter serves the food and the drinks but she also serves all the people drinking at the bar, and you are asked to pay in the bar also.
That said, expectations aside, the place is really cute and super small (don't make the same mistake as us and go with a baby and a stroller...BIG mistake!) It's filled up with what seems like locals meeting up with friends to have a tea or some maroceean sweets. On a Sunday evening in January it felt like a Saturday with people drinking, singing and talking. So it has a unmistakable vibe. To the food, the waiter informed us right up when we said we are vegan that they are a vegetarian restaurant (or tea house in this case). So the vegan options wasn't many, but what we had to eat was really really tasty. They serve a special plate called Sardo, which is like a thin big pan pita divided and filled. The tofu one is vegan and really good. There were also two - three more vegan things on the menu, but no more. So if you want a big vegan culinary experience don't go either. If you want a good time outside (without baby and stroller), want to see what the locals do and like the maroceean/Mediterranean vibe GO! It had people waiting for tables outside when we left, so it's clearly popular.

Updated from previous review on 2019-01-28

Pros: Good food , Doesn't serve any meat

Cons: Very small , Few vegan items


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05 Jan 2019

A treasure

Cute and cozy place. The food was great and the service too. The tapas bruschetta was awsome


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02 Jan 2019


Hard to find place in a kind of alleyway. We were stoked to eat a totally delicious starter similar to a bruschetta, juicy and tasty to say the least. As a main my friend opted for a salad, with walnuts, pears.. but a salad after all. I chose their specialty dish sardo and I'm delighted I did, as it was super fresh, tasty.. and yet simple. A thoroughly recommendable dish, even though the starter was hard to top.


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08 Dec 2018

Different food, worthy to try

Quite small place but with nice atmosphere. It's definitely worthy to try because they have more apart of humus and salad buffet.

Pros: Nice different thing , Personal were nice

Cons: It takes time to prepare main plate


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17 Jul 2018

Oh yes

Indeed. This please is a hidden gem. Tucked away in the middle of the gothic quarter. Not a vegan restaurant, but what vegan items they do offer are seriously good.

Seriously, the tofu sador. That's all you need.

Updated from previous review on 2018-07-17

Pros: Perfect atmosphere, Excellent vegan dish

Cons: Not much seating


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09 Jul 2018

everything was... awesome!

Go here.
Order the olives and the bread with tomatoes for starters.
Take the tofu sador as main.
Drink sangria.

You're welcome!

Pros: everything!

Cons: slightly pricey


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21 Jun 2018

delicious and lovely

Lovely, casual, eclectic atmosphere, excellent service, reasonable prices. The Turkish coffee has cardamom pods in it for a really pleasant, almost chocolatey version of the drink, and the vegetarian panini-ish flatbreads were the best thing we’ve eaten in Barcelona so far. There were a lot of vegetarian options, and you can ask to have things made without cheese to expand the vegan options. We spent about $15 per person for hearty, filling vegetarian lunch entrees with drinks. You could spend less if you get tapas instead.


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21 Feb 2018

one of our favorites

They don’t have too many vegan options but what they do serve is very good. The location, atmosphere and the tea are everything you are looking for in old town Barcelona.


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03 Jan 2018

lovely environment

Enjoyed my visit to Salterio. Different type of Moroccan food to what I am used to. It was very tasty! Great environment, lovely music. Only issue was good took a long time to arrive, over an hour. But I think we had a translation issue. Not badly priced €25 for two beers Xmas two sabos.

Pros: great music , cosy relaxed environment , delicious food

Cons: food took a while to arrive.


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29 Nov 2017

Worth a try

Very nice ambiente. Be sure to bring a lot of time – everything is freshly made.

Pros: cozy, Ambiente

Cons: Slow, a little bit expensive


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08 Nov 2017

Unique and Delicious, One Vegan Option

Cozy, cool, unique atmosphere with excellent tea. The delicious taste of the Remedio infusion is still in my mind. Foodwise there is precisely one vegan option, besides olives, namely the tofu sardo. This option is excellent and a good size (and they can modify the ingredients to your taste).

The appetizer bread is bought somewhere else and none of the helpful, excellent staff could guarantee it was vegan.

Do give yourself time to eat here, it is quite small and the kitchen consists of a propane hot plate and a sandwich press. They use it well and are quite efficient as they prepare each sardo to order, but expect to spend 90 minutes here if it's meal time.

Pros: Unique, Great teas, Atmosphere

Cons: Limited vegan options, Takes time

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