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Serves meat, vegan options available. Sells Argentinian empanadas. Has three vegan choices. Tahini tofu; eggplant, pumpkin, wild asparagus, tofu, broccoli & tahini. Wok; broccoli, wild asparagus, carrot, artichoke and soy sauce. Dried tomato; tofu, Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant & dried tomato. Open Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00.

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25 Reviews

First Review by mariabmm


Points +37

05 Dec 2023

Perfect on the go pick me up!

5 different options when we visited, tried 4 of them. All lovely. The spicy one was very spicy! 🥵

Pros: Helpful person behind the counter , Well labelled



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05 Nov 2023

Take out and enjoy

Great empanadas options for a bit of on the hoof “dining” (scoffing). Nice pastry and a good amount of fillings.

Pros: Vegan options available , Clean interior


Points +303

23 Sep 2023

Tasty Argentinian empanadas

They have many vegan options with vegetables and/or meat and cheese substitutes. Their empanadas are really delicious.
3 pieces a beverage: 8,50€.
I highly recommend it!!!

Pros: Many vegan options, Quick service , Fair prices


Points +886

04 Sep 2023

Best vegan empanadas

We found this place by accident and tried all 3 vegan empanadas available and all were delicious. Would definitely recommend.


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06 Jun 2023

Many vegan options

When we visited they had about six different vegan empanadas. I tried three of them. They tasted okay, but nothing special. Wouldn’t go there again.


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12 Mar 2023

Más o menos

Not bad but there only 2 vegan options, also a but overpriced for that one little thing. However the seller told me that they’re handmade.

Cons: Small list of vegan options


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21 Jan 2023

Muchas opciones veganas

No es el único sitio con empanadillas argentinas veganas pero sí el que más opciones tiene. Me alegró mucho ver que tenían toda una sección bien separada con las opciones veganas 😍 Probé la de carne vegetal picante y la de pollo thai, ambas ricas aunque tampoco impresionantes tengo que decir 😅 Además, la chica parecía tener un mal día y eso influye en la experiencia general del lugar por lo que también me toca decirlo 😅 Sorry

A favor: Muchas opciones veganas

En contra: Me faltó sentir buen rollito 😅 Sorry

Pros: Muchas opciones veganas

Cons: Me faltó buen rollito 😅 Sorry


Points +1471

11 Nov 2022

Best vegan empanadas in Barcelona

I have went around Barcelona trying to find a good vegan empanada and this one definitely wins! They have rotating vegan options and had about 5 flavors to choose from, they were all delicious.

We tried multiple days to come here and try them but they were always out of vegan options waiting for their ingredients. On the last day the board was still crossed out on vegan but we walked inside anyways and if you look at the case there’s a large “vegan” sign over the plant based ones. Always just go inside to double check because they make their empanadas multiple times a day. Well worth visit!


Points +555

03 Nov 2022

Good quick lunch

I had one of each of their 4 vegan empanadas and they were all perfectly pleasant. I was in a hurry and got them heated to go and was out of the shop quickly. No complaints.


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15 Oct 2021

La Fábrica

They only had one vegan empanada the day I stopped by. It was filled with vegetables and was a bit bland. My biggest gripe with this empanada is that it was very dry. There’s a lot of potential though. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to stop by here when you’re traveling with a non-vegan. My non-vegan friend loved the other options.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-15


Points +130

30 Jul 2020

Very nice

It was very delicious and very very cheap. The store was clean and the staff was friendly

Cons: Just 3 vegan options


Points +2617

28 Feb 2020

A bit hypocritical..

La Fabrica definitely doesn’t aim for vegan customers, it is very meat focused and everything is cobbled with speciestist propaganda which makes their vegan selection on the menu a bit ridiculous. Also they took the tahini-tofu option of the menu and offer only two vegan options now. They are tasty, though, and a pro is, that this is a fast and cheap option with long opening hours. Still, as an ethical vegan you won’t feel very comfortable there.


Points +492

02 Feb 2020

Cheap empanadas

The empanadas are good and cheap, though not the best ones I had. They didn't have the Tahini ones anymore, therefore they only have 2 vegan options now.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Only 2 vegan options , Mediocre


Points +83

08 Jan 2020

Excellent empanadas

Really great shop, friendly staff, empanadas remind me a lot of being in South America

Pros: Lots of vegetarian options, a few vegan

Cons: No seating inside


Points +124

21 Oct 2019

3 vegan options of empanadas

Nice place for a quick snack. I've tried the wok empanada and the sundried tomato one. Both were very tasty and it's cheap. €1,50 each.


Points +469

21 Oct 2019

Good and cheap

I had both vegan options, you get them warmed up, they were quite good. 2 plus a drink for 5 euros is a great deal. You cannot sit inside which makes it a take away

Pros: 2 vegan options


Points +615

30 Jul 2019

Ok empanada

The empanada was pretty good but not the best I had. Also, they don’t have the one with tahini anymore, so they only have two vegan options.


Points +98

22 Jul 2019

Good for a little snack

Great selection of empanadas if you are a meat eater or vegetarian. There were 3 vegan options on the menu, but only 1 available when I went: the wok. It was tasty and moist although nothing special. I have seen a few more local empanada places around the gothic quarter that advertised vegan options (I just couldn’t find them again) and I’d be tempted to eat from one of them rather than here next time.

Also- my vegan empanada was put in the same bag as my friend’s meat empanadas so if that bothers you make sure to specify a separate bag!


Points +26

20 Jul 2019

Good snack

I got the wok empanada and the tomato one. Both very flavorful! I would have been interested in a spicier one, but I still really enjoyed both.

Pros: 2 vegan options, Menu in español and English

Cons: Few drink options


Points +42

18 Jun 2019

Cheap vegan eats!

Delicious vegan (and omni) food for cheap in the heart of Barcelona. Definitely worth checking out and great for on-the-go. The Wok and Sundried Tomato flavours are amazing, sadly the Tofu Tahini option wasn’t available when I went.

Pros: Cheap!, Great location, Food was delicious

Cons: Meat options :(, Only 3 vegan options, Quite busy


Points +362

16 Jun 2019

Good lunch option!

I went to the one on Barceloneta near the beach. They were out of the tomato based vegan one and I wanted 3 each of the vegan ones. I instead ordered the mushroom veggie one. All were somewhat tasty; I liked the crunch of their empanadas in particular. The wok was my favorite. For the €6.50 I paid, it was very reasonable and appropriately filling! Recommendable if you want a cheap, filling meal on the go

Pros: Cheap, Filling if you get 3 + drink, Good for on the go

Cons: 1 veg option was out. Possibly discontinued?


Points +140

11 Jun 2019

No options

They don't offer the vegan options all the time. They only offer 2 now and had neither when I came. Was very disappointed since the other empanadas looked really good.


Points +38

17 Feb 2019


They have three vegan empanada options. I had the Wok Empanada and the Tomate Seco Empanada and both were very good. They didn’t have the third vegan empanada available. The gentlemen behind the counter were very nice and welcoming and fluent in English. Also one of them was cute...

Pros: Three vegan options , Good customer service

Cons: They only serve empanadas and drinks , They have only one bathroom and it’s very small


Points +52

09 Feb 2019

Yummy snack

We ordered 12 vegan empanadas for 20€. The prizes are the same no matter if you choose vegan or non-vegan. Staff is friendly and you can take the empanadas with you to snack on the way.

Pros: Tasty

Cons: No place to sit inside


Points +1062

28 Dec 2018

Good empanadas

Had some of their vegan empanadas at work and their were pretty good. They are good as a snack.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Non-vegan options

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