Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafe on the 2nd floor of Ryubo department store offering Okinawan cuisine. Vegans could have taco rice, champuruu, a burger, fruit parfait, and smoothies etc. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-8:00pm. Last order 7.30pm.

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First Review by Ruddegur


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18 Feb 2024

Good options

Everything is clearly labeled, and there are quite a few vegan options. I had the multigrain burger, tea, and an amagashi sundae. The burger was delicious; the multigrain bun was especially good. The sundae was really sweet and very tasty. I also bought some scones to take away, which were tasty, too. Prices were relatively inexpensive, and the service was good.

Updated from previous review on 2024-02-18

Pros: Tasty, Many options, Relatively inexpensive



Points +71

04 Jan 2024

Solid food

Went here a few times when I just wanted to relax! Staff super friendly and food is yummy


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29 Dec 2023

Good choice of food, fast and a nice place to rest

There are many vegan options from main meals to breakfast (pancakes) and desserts. The taco rice (an Okinawa speciality but usually with meat) and drink set was very good value.

Pros: Good choice, Good value, Helpful staff


Points +114

15 Aug 2023


Ich war während meiner Woche in Naha 3x hier essen und es hat alles total gut geschmeckt. Absolut empfehlenswert!

Pros: Geschmack, Auswahl

Cons: Ambiente ausbaufähig, Getränke solala


Points +170

18 Jul 2023

Solid option for vegan food and coffee

This cafe is a safe haven for vegans in Naha. They have coffee with milk alternatives, vegan pancakes and vegan dinner options!


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05 Jul 2023

Japan vs. America

there is a distinct difference in veganism between American and Japanese vegan food. I have gone to several places while in Japan, and the most recent has been Rakuen Cafe. I have gone to several places while in Naha, Japan. Vegan food in Japan they choice ingredients that are very earthy, with distinct differences in texture and flavor as well.

Very unique yet enjoyable!


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13 Jun 2023


It was a while ago but I tried their curry and ice cream. It wasn’t anything special but they were one of the few reliable options in this area.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-13


Points +346

05 May 2023

Great vege options

Had lots of vegan options clearly marked on the menu. I had the Vege Taco Rice and soy milk ice latte. Both were good. The taco rice was nothing too crazy but happy to have ticked an Okinawan special off the list.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-05

Pros: Lots of vegan options


Points +960

24 Apr 2023

5 stars!

I came here and tried the taco rice bowl and the veggie rice bowl. Both are super delicious and I’ll be back!! 😍

Okay I came back to try the curry and the burger. Both are good!!

I came back a 3rd time for pancakes. They’re super awesome!

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-20


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17 Jul 2022

Convenient location and good hours

The food was great and its nice they are open in the evening too. It also had large seating and a good assortment of entrees and desserts


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10 Oct 2021

Great pancakes

Tons of vegan options, rice bowls, salads, curry, three types of pancakes (two sweet and one savory) and desserts. I really liked the vegan soft serve, made from soy milk. It has a nice texture and not overly sweet. They also have free wifi. Nice place for working too.

Pros: Vegan pancakes and ice cream, Hipster vibe

Cons: Bit expensive


Points +313

08 May 2021

Many vegan options

Over 80% of dishes are vegan. What I really liked that they clearly marked the ones as vegan, even with the nice vegan symbol, wich others even vegan places don't do (e.g. naming with the misleading "plant based", etc. names). I really wish they become fully vegan at some point. The cafe is spacious. Many tables to seat. Social distance measures very well organized. Unfortunately only deserts were available this time, but I think that this is temporary due to corona based lack of customers. Anyway I enjoyed the vegan strawberry pancakes and the ice cream. Wish them to resume full business soon. Not possible to give them 5 stars because not fully vegan, otherwise I would.

Pros: Many vegan dishes, clearly marked.

Cons: Only deserts and drinks this time.


Points +569

03 May 2021

Centrally located & sophisticated veggies

Lots of options and open from breakfast to dinner. Pancakes with tofu cream. Healthy salads at a reasonable price. They also sell gluten free sweets from a vegan cafe outside of Naha here.


Points +1667

27 Aug 2020

3.5 stars, almost all vegan

Modern cafe where almost everything is vegan. The portions are small for the price, and the tastes are nice, but nothing special. The drinks are quite nice, and the coffee is a nice addition in the set menu.


Points +80

06 Jul 2020

Wonderful vegetarian restaurant!

This restaurant was wonderful! I had the whole grain burger and it was delicious along with the sweet potato fries. It’s not easy to find vegetarian/vegan food in Naha or Okinawa in general so this was great.

Pros: Many options , Nice area

Cons: Have to find somewhere to pay for parking , Inside of a mall


Points +621

25 Jan 2020

Visited multiple times during my stay cause it was just so good!

Great location, super fast friendly service, delicious, cheap considering the quality, lots of vegan options to choose from... where can you go wrong? And damn those pancakes. Make sure you visit when you travel Naha!


Points +414

11 Jan 2020

Went 3 times

Due to its close proximity to our accommodation, we went 3 times. We had the burgers, which I really enjoyed and the cassava fries, which are delicious. Tried the sundae, which is definitely Japanese flavours, and yummy. We also tried pancakes for breakfast and the taco rice. All the food is nice. I recommend it.

Pros: Vegan menu, Nice space, Good location


Points +1824

07 Dec 2019

Good vegan selection and modern environment

Read more in this vegan Okinawa guide: https://itravelforveganfood.com/vegan-okinawa-guide/

Located on the 2/F of Ryubo Department Store next to Prefectural Office Station, Rakuen Cafe is a modern cafe that has a good selection of clearly marked vegan options.

You can find vegan taco rice, burger, pancake, ice cream parfait and more here. The green leaf symbol you see on the menu means vegan. At the time of visit, they carry some baked goods like cookies from Detox Cafe Felicidad.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options, Good food and environment


Points +31

27 Nov 2019


The menu clearly states which options are vegan, making it easy to choose. They also have cards at the counter you can present to staff which have different dietary requirements listed on them. This way the staff can guide you with your choices.
Really good food - highly recommend the avocado and taco open sandwich.

Pros: Lots of vegan options that are displayed easily!


Points +25

07 Nov 2019

Convenient restaurant in Ryubo department store with vegan options

Several vegan options that are clearly marked on the menu, there is also a system where you can take a card that says “I am vegan” and hand to the staff for help in ordering. The food is amazing, the salad bowl has a wide variety of vegetables and is very good value.

Pros: Clearly marked vegan options, Lots of space, quiet and relaxed vibe


Points +171

07 Oct 2019

I keep going back!

In my 3 days in Naha I have gone everyday, I have tried both vegan parfaits and the salad bowl. Don’t think, just go!


Points +491

22 Aug 2019

Pancakes 😍

We went for breakfast and both got the pancakes. They were really tasty, the candied nuts topped it off. Would definitely recommend for a nice breakfast 😊


Points +54

29 Jun 2019

Plenty of Vegan Choices

Had vegan dinner here which I enjoyed. My wife is non-vegan and also enjoyed her vegan meal. Many savoury and sweet vegan dishes which were clearly marked. Note it is located inside a shopping centre but is still very pleasant sitting there.


Points +65

12 Jun 2019

Nice Breakfast

I had a breakfast in Rakuen Caffe. My friend took pancakes. I tasted these pancakes a little. Normally I don’t eat pancakes but these once were really good. With brown sugar syrup, and roasted peanuts in whipped cream. Really interesting, original for foreigners flavor. I took a sandwich with burger like tofu (forgot the name of the dish) and avocado and smoothies. Smoothie was in a pineapple shell, nicely decorated in a “south paradise” manner. The Caffe space was elegant, modern but cousy with rattan chairs and natural wooden desks. For lunch or dinner they serve vegan burgers, vegan version of traditional Okinawa “Tako Rice” as well as meat dishes. Opens at 8 a.m. Located conveniently close to famous Kokusaidai Dori. Recommend.

Pros: Clean, modern, esthetic space, Convenient location , Fresh flowers on the table


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29 May 2019

Worthy of 5 stars

So based on pictures, I thought this looked like an OK place to try out. I honestly wasn’t sure my two kids would eat great but it was close and had vegan labels. I was so wrong. This restaurant is amazing! We are planning to eat our way through the menu while on our vacation here. The pancakes were fantastic-and that white sauce and (candied nuts?) on it reminded me of banana cream pie. So sweet and fantastic. My picky toddler devoured the topping to my taco bowl. My husband loved his non vegan burger and is ready to try their vegan burger next time. We will go back for sure!

Extra pros:
Easy to find
Friendly staff
English speaking
Mostly vegan/minimal non vegan options
Lots of vegan sweets and even fancy ice cream

Pros: Cheap (for vegan/Japan), Fantastic flavors, Lots of seating


Points +217

29 Apr 2019

Really good burger

I purchased the burger set deal which includes a burger, cassava and a drink (came to ¥1296). Burger nicer than I expected it to be, it says it’s a multigrain burger but it wasn’t dry and didn’t have that dry texture, would definitely order again! The portion isn’t that big so if you’re really hungry I’d suggest maybe ordering something to have on the side. The pancakes I ordered on the other hand were larger than I thought they were gonna be (then again was priced at ¥1134 for pancakes and drink) the white sauce which I believe was made from tofu was okay, wasn’t amazing. The pancake set deal drink only included the soft drinks selection but the cashier lady was nice enough to let me have the tea I wanted to order instead.

Pros: Very good burger , Easy location

Cons: Does serve meat , Price not great for portion size


Points +66

04 Apr 2019

Rueken review

Convenient decent size cafe located on the 2nd floor of the mall. Food was great and clearly labeled vegan items.

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