Vegan restaurant. Makes dishes with herbs and spices and with influence from different countries like Tibet and Vietnam. Sample dishes such as fried soy meat, stir fried noodles, spring rolls, and dumplings. Uses organic Okinawa grown vegetables. Last orders for lunch at 2:30pm and tea at 4:30pm. Reservations only at night. Vegan ethnic and Italian course meals, party plans available. Located one minute away from Naha City/Kokusai Dori/Matsuo.

夜は予約制のみ。ヴィーガンエスニックやイタリアンコース料理、パーティープランあり。 Open Mon 5:30pm-8:30pm, Thu-Sun 5:30pm-8:00pm, 8:00pm-12:00am. Closed Tue-Wed.

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First Review by Bunyip


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16 Oct 2023


All the food tasted and looked amazing. The interior was nicely decorated and it felt a little spacious for a Japanese restaurant. We made a reservation for 6PM and therefore we did not have to wait too long. It might be smart to make a reservation at early hours like we did as it is a small business.

Pros: Great Asian food (mostly non-Japanese), Great atmosphere , Nice staff

Cons: Nothing



Points +233

25 Aug 2023

Great food and atmosphere

Lots of different options, many made with local fruits and vegetables. Fried soy meat is especially good! Daily dessert selection is great.

Pros: Relaxing atmosphere, Local fruits and vegetables, Plenty of options


20 Sep 2023

Thanks ! I’m going to Okinawa and was scared there were no vegan places


Points +44

04 Apr 2023

Peaceful & yuuuuum

The attention to detail they put into the food they serve is apparent❤️ it takes a little bit of time for the food to come out as they only have one chef but the atmosphere is nice to relax in. The blueberry lassi was amazing! As was the taco rice and karrage don. Highly recommend!

Pros: Healthy and very tasty


Points +77

30 Mar 2023

Really good vegan place

Food was incredible, the kaarage was really tasty!
Also had the seasonal fruit lassi (was strawberry), excellent !
Was a bit costy, but was totally worth 😊

Pros: Vegan, Lots of choice, Calm and relaxing

Cons: Bit expensive


Points +511

11 Mar 2023


They had delicious food - recommend their coconut curry ! It's nice for a little special treat. I found their food to be quite gentle and satisfying. The staff are also incredibly kind and friendly :)

Pros: Vegan options, Friendly, Fresh

Cons: Pricey


Points +652

05 Mar 2023


We had such a great lunch here! Cute place, all handmade vegan dishes using local ingredients, and kind staff.

Pros: All vegan dishes, Local ingredients , Super tasty food


Points +41

12 Feb 2023

Hidden Gem

Been here twice and aside from the lovely food my biggest recommendation goes out to the soy lassi with seasonal fruits. The first time I had it was with dragonfruits and the second time it was with local strawberries and I felt like I was drinking heaven both times 😩💕✨💛


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Mostly Veg
21 Dec 2022

Delicious Lunch

The tofu karrage was amazing! Still thinking about how crunchy and delicious it was. Got a coconut curry for main dish and was so flavorful. Chai was perfect as well.

Pros: Flavorful


Points +30

06 Nov 2022

Great food and experience

This place is nice. You can get Indian, Thai and Japanese dishes, and everything feels top-quality. I had a karaage bowl and loved it. The produce was delicious. But the price is fairly high.

NB: You can eat here for dinner! Just make a reservation on their website first.

Pros: Healthy-feeling , Vegan desserts too, Very tasty

Cons: Expensive compared to other Naha restaurants


Points +178

27 Sep 2021

The best vegan restaurant I’ve been in Okinawa

Was pretty difficult to find vegan options in Okinawa, and gladly I found this one, food is so good!


Points +621

25 Jan 2020

1 3/4 hour wait...

I visited back in October 2019 and we waited almost 2 hours for the first plate of dinner when there was only one other table. Yes the food was delicious, and you could tell everything was made with love and fresh ingredients... but sadly because it was also on the expensive side: I would say it wasn’t worth the wait.

Wish I could rate it higher based on the taste and the friendly staff but I must’ve visited on a bad night?? Good luck


Points +414

11 Jan 2020

Great food, but can be expensive

The food was really good here, but ended up being our most expensive meal so far in our month trip. But dont let that put you off. Definitely worth a go.

Pros: All vegan, Great food, lots of choice, Lovely space

Cons: Pricey


Points +1824

07 Dec 2019

Delicious vegan options near Naha

Read more in this vegan Okinawa guide:

Lala Zorba is a vegan restaurant specializing in Asian Ethnic cuisine as well as some local dishes. Keep in mind that it only opens at night time from Thursday to Monday.

You can find dishes like curry plates, dumplings, buddha bowl, soba, desserts and drinks. They also features some set meals with a few courses.

The dumpling set that I tried include an appetizer plate, dumplings, soy chicken, and a spicy fried noodles which I changed to Okinawa soba. The okinawa soba turns out to be my favorite with its varied toppings, chewy noodles, and flavorful soup.

Pros: All vegan, Convenient location, Tasty food

Cons: Overuse soy chicken pieces


Points +289

28 Sep 2019

Very cozy

Went with a friend an hour before the closure so the dishes were all sold out, except for the Nepalese Noodles, they were so tasty! I also tried the apple cidrum. Super recommended if you are in Kokusai-dori!


Points +399

21 Sep 2019

Maybe one of best meals I've had in Japan??

I don't know how much of a snob you have to be to leave a bad review for this restaurant. This was one of the BEST meals ive had in Japan. Food didn't take too long. Every dish was shockingly good. In vegan dining I'd say it's rare to find flavours this deep and rich. I don't know how they do it. I went for the Dumpling set and Masala Tofu. Simply put it was amazing, will try go again before I leave to taste the rest of the menu!! 10/10!! P.s oh yeah it's definitely not cheap, but worth it absolutely.

Pros: AMAZING FLAVOURS, perfectly delicious! 10/10, Such a pleasant atmosphere, and nice smells., So many options! It was really hard to choose!

Cons: Yeah it's just expensive.


Points +491

22 Aug 2019

Tasty but expensive

Most expensive meal we had in Japan but it was really tasty! If you have the budget I'd say its worth visiting. Get the coconut curry!

Pros: Very tasty food

Cons: Expensive


Points +202

13 Aug 2019

Amazing food!

We were originally shocked by the prices, so much more expensive than our standard meals here! But once we ate the food, it was worth it, and compared to prices back in the UK, not that expensive.

We decided to get a selection of plates rather than a set. We tried the fried “chicken”, tofu tikka masala, dumplings and tofu salad. The salad was fresh and delicious, love the tofu with tikka masala sauce - definitely want to recreate at home, the dumplings had a green curry like filling. Everything tasted so fresh and the portions were big, definitely worth it! The staff are lovely and the menu is available with English.

Pros: Lots of options , Creative dishes

Cons: Expensive in comparison to other options


Points +44

05 Aug 2019

Nice but expensive food, incredibly slow service

We were so excited to eat here given the previous reviews. I hate leaving bad reviews - especially for veggie/vegan places, but I wish I’d have known what we were getting ourselves in for!

We had to ask for table water which seems quite unusual in our dining experiences in Japan so far. We ordered a beer and a cocktail. The beer came out quickly, but we had to ask about the cocktail and it didn’t arrive until after the first course which was disappointing. There were really long gaps between each course - I appreciate a pause between courses but this was too much.

The food was okay - we had the dumpling set meal. The appetiser was a collection of random things which were quite nice and had a few different veggies in. I’m not so sure how well they all went together. We shared fried gyoza and the dumplings with tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was really lovely but sadly both dumplings were quite watery and didn’t taste of too much. Next we had karaage which was okay too, not the best we’ve tried on our trip to Japan. After what felt like hours, we then received our final course of noodles. They were fine, but by the time we received them we had pretty much given up.

Our meal cost ¥9500 which is by far the most expensive meal we’ve eaten in Japan but sadly it was one of the worst, too. By this point we’d been there for 2 hours so we were just glad to leave.

Pros: Nice, chilled decor, Lots of vegan options (it’s all vegan, I believe)

Cons: Incredibly expensive, Very slow service, Food is just “okay”


Points +457

21 Jul 2019

Nice variety of flavors

Really worth it. Generous portions, tasty. The gyoza are great.


Points +3311

04 Jun 2019

Delicious food but very slow service

An interesting restaurant with a bit of a spiritual vibe. The staff was kind and friendly, and the food tasted great! We had the fried gyoza, the Nepali style friend noodles, the Okinawa soba vegetable soup, and a parfait for dessert. Everything was delicious, but the service was very slow despite the small number of other customers. All of our dishes came one by one with a bit of a waiting time in between, and the dessert took more than 40 minutes that we almost gave up and left.

Cons: Very slow service


Points +235

24 Mar 2019

A must visit!!!

Their vegan dumplings and tofu tikka were absolutely mind blowing!!!! Definitely recommended.


Points +88

19 Jan 2019

A Must Visit in Naha

I love everything about this place! The atmosphere, the decorations, the layout, the friendly staff, the eclectic and tasty food. Easy to find and highly recommended place to visit if you are in Naha! Thank you La La Zorba!

Pros: Variety of Vegan options, Beautiful atmosphere, Friendly Staff


Points +91

14 Jan 2019

Very nice experience

We have had a great time here. The staff was super friendly. The food was healthy and very tasty!

Pros: All vegan


Points +424

28 Dec 2018

Tasty ethnic and Okinawan food.

Loved this welcoming place, 100% vegan. Enjoyed a relaxed and very tasty meal. The staff and owner are delightful, the food did not disappoint, and as we left and descended the spiral staircase the waitress stood at the door and waved.

Pros: Comprehensive selection of varied dishes. , Table and bar seating, delicious food., Very pleasant, friendly staff.

Cons: Steep staircase. Hard to find without Google.


Points +97

03 Sep 2018

not where it says it is

Who ever put the location for this place put it completely wrong. About 700m off. Confused us for ages. It said it was in a market area but not in it at all. Anyway when we found it the food was good! Not many other options around

Pros: good food, good price

Cons: directions off happy cow are erong


Points +159

17 Jul 2018

Great food!

Pure vegan restaurant with the heart in the right place. I ordered the Vietnamese spring rolls, tibetian dumplings and fried soy meat. The spring rolls took a while to come to the table but they were delicious so totally worth the wait. Not like the average deep fried from the freezer spring rolls, but really good quality and prepared at the spot in the house. The dumplings were a bit dry and not the best I’ve had, but they sure went down. The fired soymeat was coated with something crispy and a nice sweet and chili sauce, very cool! The orders I made were maybe not the healthiest, but there were plenty of other meals to choose from! I wanted to come back again, but they were closed. Short opening hours, so make sure to double check before going there.

Updated from previous review on 2018-07-17

Pros: Nice atmosphere , Loving staff , Very tasty

Cons: Short opening hours


Points +28

25 Dec 2017

Nice atmosphere!

A sweet little restaurant tucked away up a side street. Interesting mix of foods, all vegetarian. We must have gone after a busy point, as we learned that half of our order was unavailable. But still, good food and pleasant atmosphere.

Pros: Mix of dishes, Reasonable pricing

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