Japanese and fusion cuisine influenced by the Ancient Ryukyu period. Serves a 4-course lunch plus meal combos, and later a 5 or 6 course dinner. Menus include millet hamburg streak, millet carbonara pasta, veggie taco, gyoza, tan-tan ramen, cakes and soft serve ice cream. No msg or gmo. Park at the attached garage, and validate your receipt with the restaurant. Currently temporarily open at weekends; take out available. Open Fri-Sun 11:30am-6:00pm.

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First Review by kim2121


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09 May 2021

Nice vegan choice in Naha

Nice and friendly atmosphere.. We ordered taco rice, vegan burger, falafel, ice cream and tart! Good taste!

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-09

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-09

Pros: All vegan, Nice location , Beautiful place

Cons: Many mosquitos outside!



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08 May 2021

Cozy vegan restaurant

They have limited opening right now Fri-Sunday 11:00-17:30.

Had a tasty wholesome sandwich lunch set.


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30 Oct 2020

My favorite Vegan restaurant on Okinawa

I travel a lot and this place is a real gem! The food is absolutely fantastic, the waitstaff was extremely pleasant. They do have a menu in English and that made ordering easy given my limited Japanese. The atmosphere was also fantastic, I really enjoyed my experience all around.


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02 Sep 2020

Lovely cafe

Got take out from here, but wished I could’ve stayed! Great ambiance; the kind of place I’d want to spend all day in working remotely while enjoying various meals throughout. Got to try 3 dishes and highly recommend the vegan fish sandwich. Really great tastes.


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25 Jan 2020

Highly recommended!

Great location, friendly staff, fantastic menu with good quality produce and flavours. The carrot cake in particular was a stand out! Orion beer on tap and lovely interior style. Will not disappoint!


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11 Jan 2020

Lovely space

This place has such a nice natural feel to it. We both had the mexican burger, which I loved, and shared a chocolate tofu cake and a icecream sundae, that came with puffed millet. I would recommend.

Pros: All vegan, Lovely space, Excellent food

Cons: Maybe a bit expensive for the size


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07 Dec 2019

High-end but satisfying vegan experience

Read more in this vegan Okinawa guide:

Using seasonal local produce and Japan ‘5 grains’ like millet, Ukishima Garden is a high quality, if not a bit expensive, vegan restaurant in the Naha area.

Their lunch time and dinner time menus are different. At lunch, you can find plates, curry, burgers, and other desserts and drinks. At dinner time, you can choose between a 4- or 6-course set, which includes salad, appetizer, main, desserts and more. At the time of visit, the dinner set already includes a drink and you are not required to order a separate one.

The 4-course dinner meal I tried is great. The famous Okinawa dish, taco rice, is the main I chose for this meal. It uses Okinawa tofu as the mince crumble. Paired with salsa, shredded lettuce and brown rice. The appetizer plate, salad and ice cream are all delicious as well. The set comes to 3630 yen after tax.

The decor and atmosphere is another high point of Ukishima Garden. The outside garden is a great choice to enjoy your lunch, and upstairs tatami seating lets you experience a more traditional side of Japan.

Overall Ukishima Garden is a great vegan restaurant with well-prepared food if you don’t mind spending a bit more.

Pros: All vegan, Beautifully made food, Friendly staff and moody atmosphere

Cons: A bit expensive


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10 Oct 2019

Yummmmmy & organic foodie

Had a yummy special lunch set meal.. Super likey the fried stuff and tofu soupy. It come with a salad before and a soy ice cream after. This set cost approx sgd $28 after tax of 10%. This set is alliums free. They also have melting millet bowl which is allium free too. Cafe has a v good ambience!


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22 Sep 2019


I love this place. Atmosphere was so pleasant and the food was delicious. The millet (mochikibi?) sauce dish was my favourite! Please check this place out 👌

Pros: Really tasty and healthy!

Cons: 悲しいコーヒー… My coffee was quite sad...


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29 Jul 2019

Good for fancy people

They have only course menu, and it was something like 2800yen or 3800yen plus must order a drink. Each plates are tiny portions and good ones and.. atmosphere is very cool and great for fancy date but just not for me who loves one or two mains and feeds well.

Pros: Cool, Fancy, Organic

Cons: Pricy, Small portions


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24 Jul 2019

Great place!

Arrive early there was a little line up and some people had to come back later. Small place, but really nice vibe. No GMO, no GMS, real good food.
We took the 6 services meals and we did not regret!

Cons: The kombucha portion could be bigger for the price


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20 Jul 2019

Tout simplement fantastique

Nous avons essayé le 6 services et c’était succulent

Pros: 100% végane , Sans GMS, Bon kombucha

Cons: Serveur un peu stressé par l’achalandage


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28 Jun 2019

Emphasis on local produce

Great emphasis on local produce, with the possibility of tasting local delicacies like gōyā, the bitter melon from Okinawa.
Dishes we tried included: dolma with Okinawa gōyā, tofu with Okinawan seaweed, carbonara spaghetti, millet balls with veggie stir-fry, and a nice mango cheesecake with avocado ice-cream.
The staff was also very friendly and welcoming.

Pros: emphasis on local produce , local ingredients


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04 Jun 2019


A very cute and cozy restaurant serving delicious food. We went there for lunch and had the beet soup, the taco rice lunch set and the plat au millet lunch set. The food was delicious, but I wished there was just a bit more variety for lunch. There were many dishes on the dinner menu that I would have loved to try, but unfortunately we left that afternoon and had no time. I guess I'll have to go back again one day.


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17 May 2019

High-end vegan place

Excellent staff, outdoor seating and fancy food. I ordered the plate with a tasting selection of locally grown organic dishes - not all up to my taste, but carefully crafted and beautifully presented. Nice selection of liquor. The place is a bit pricey, but definitely good for a dinner treat.


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29 Apr 2019

Tasty food

Taco rice was really good, the gyoza was amazingggggg! Sparkling wine was nice and the orange cake was okay. My meal came to ¥3,790 - this is isn’t somewhere I would eat every day (just a note I went dinner time - I’m unsure if lunch is cheaper).

Pros: Close to my hostel , Good food

Cons: Expensive for what I got, Didn’t have the sangria I wanted to order


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24 Mar 2019

Vegan oasis

Such a cozy place with really fresh local veg in their dishes. Recommended!


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19 Mar 2019

Warm atmosphere

Friendly and welcoming service. I spoke in Japanese but staff also speaks English I believe. Music is playing in the background but not very distracting at all.

Pros: All plant-based options, Staff was friendly and allayed any concerns , Taste was great. I ordered to-go for same dish.

Cons: Can be a little pricey , Walk might be a bit far for some people


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15 Mar 2019


Très bon. Service rapide. Personnel très sympathique. Bonne adresse !

Pros: Personnel sympathique

Cons: Prix des bières un peu élevée


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27 Feb 2019

really tasty

really tasty food; very expensive.

Pros: totally vegan

Cons: expensive


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14 Jan 2019

Very nice!

We were just in time for a tasty lunch. The staff was very friendly and the service was quick. We really enjoyed our lunch here.

Pros: Lot vegan options


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15 Nov 2018

Closed (until further notice.)

Check the website. I found out the hard way.

Pros: Not sure.

Cons: Closed until further notice.


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08 Oct 2018

Very special place

Awesome food, nice decor with good ambiance. Really feel a chilled island life. Will definitely come back.


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11 Sep 2018

Expensive but good

The restaurant is lovely and quite, the staff nice and helpfull. We went for diner, I got the yambaru mushroom spaghetti with creamy tomato sauce, my husband got the Chili and we shared tofu cheese. Everything was delicious but the portions were quite small. I would recommend the 5 course menu if you’re hungry.

Pros: Local ingredients, Quality of food , Ambiance

Cons: Small portion , High price


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16 Jul 2018

Beautiful place

The place is very pretty and has a peaceful and fresh vibe. We sat upstairs which has the traditional Japanese floor seating, so be sure to stay downstairs if you got stiff knees. Two of the starters were not available for the day so we had a green salad and vegan dumplings. The salad was plain with only green leaves and a few pieces of carrot and cabbage. We had the hamburg steak which came with no side and the taco rice. Overall everything was nice, but quite plain in flavour. I was still a bit hungry after this meal, good if you wanna loose some waistline and have a healthy, peaceful dining experience but if you’re starving you should go someplace else. Definitely a good place for a date, cosy and beautiful!

Pros: Pretty interior, Healthy

Cons: Small portions


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10 Jul 2018

Dinner is better

I tried this place at lunch and it was not that impressive.
Then I heard that this place is better at night.
I tried it and, it was okay but nothing special.
Expensive wines makes you sober as you drink more.
But I would come back.

Pros: Close to the airport

Cons: Expensive, Small portion


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14 May 2018

Expensive vegan food

The food was great, but too expensive. I ordered a vegan steak kind of thing at it was 1500 yen and tiny ration with a piece of vegetable. Maybe it’s because it was dinner time and lunch is more affordable.

Pros: All vegan, Nice space, Innovative cooking

Cons: Expensive , Small portions

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