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Est. 2011. Vegetarian Mexican cuisine restaurant uses some soy meats, plus vegan cheese is available on request. Each day they offer a daily dish and a soup - vegans please inquire. Does offer vegan baked goods. Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-11:00pm, Sun 10:00am-10:00pm.

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15 Jul 2023

Don't care about customers

Ordered from here in November. When I picked up, I asked if there was dessert available. I was told the only thing there was were fried plantains, so I ordered what I thought was a side (they’re a plain side for multiple cultures). I waited 20 min. for the plantains, though the restaurant was empty. I got home and realized the plastic bag holding the food was completely full of liquid—the hot plantains had, unbeknown to me, been topped with a cold cream inside a regular flip-top Styrofoam container, so the cream had totally melted and spilled into the bag in the 10 min. drive home. I called and complained to the manager, but all he offered was a free dessert “next time.” The next day, I discovered the cream had spilled all over deep into the backseat of my spotless car. Realizing it was far beyond my ability to clean, as a large volume of sugared liquid had soaked deep into the seat cushions, I went in person to speak to the owner, Sylvia, to ask that they cover the cleaning needed due to negligence on the part of the restaurant with a terrible result for a repeat customer.

I calmly explained everything in fluent Spanish. Her male associate/partner became visibly upset at what I was saying, and he then grabbed the container with the remaining plantains out of my hand (I’d brought it to show how/why the cream spilled) and threw it in the trash hard. Stunned at the aggression, taking something I’d paid for, I asked if she wanted to come see my car parked in front, to understand how bad it was. She refused but said they’d cover the cleaning, to go ahead and get it done and let them know the cost. Panicked by the aggressive man, I left without getting her personal contact details, thinking I’d contact the restaurant. I did a bunch of research to find a detailer that would spot clean just an area for less than $200 and had it cleaned, which took 2 visits, for a bit over $50 with tip—an incredible price, and having worked in service, I know that’s not a large comp for a restaurant—and I got an invoice from the detailer.

I contacted the restaurant multiple times by FB message, as they don’t have an email, once getting in contact with the owner who again assured me she’d pay me before I never heard back from her again. I ultimately had to “eat” the cost of the order, including the plantains that spilled and which the man took from me/threw away, plus the cost of cleaning, never mind lost time and gas driving around.

A horrific approach to customer service.

Pros: Food is just ok

Cons: Rude/lying owners, Incorrectly packed food, Extremely slow



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09 Jul 2023

Very good food

I think this is the most authentic Mexican food I have tried at a veg restaurant!


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16 Jun 2023

La Reina

I had to walk a long ways to get here while on a work trip but it was so worth it.

This is my favorite place I’ve eaten at in Chicago. It was recommended by a friend and I’d recommend to anyone who loves Mexican food.

Pros: Good prices , Variety of vegan meats, Friendly service


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27 May 2023

Finally a steak taco w/o the 🐄!!

Soooo flavorful and delicious!!


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30 Apr 2023

Real South of the Border food

I don't pretend to be anywhere close to a discerning expert on 'Mexican' fare, I can appreciate good food and really appreciate a place that chooses to be vegetarian. I've been here the last few times I've been in Chicago, most recently having the vegetable huaraches with added faux-beef (only because I know I need the protein; I'm not a big fan of even faux-meat). I'd never had huaraches before, but they were awfully good. It was a huge portion, though, so arrive hungry or bring a to-go doggy container.
I'd also recommend the Tres Leches cake. I don't like super-sweet food, and can attest that this isn't cloyingly sweet. A delight.

Pros: Excellent and wide variety of food, Friendly staff


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15 Apr 2023

Great Mexican heathy option for vegan and vegetarian

Great if you love Mexican food but without the grease and meat. Vegan cheese option are available.

Pros: Mostly vegan options, Friendly staff , Great prices


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10 Aug 2022

Can I just say Yummy 😋

OMG the BEST Vegan Carne asada Tacos Ever!!!! 🌮 😋 if you don't want tacos there's so many other amazing dishes to choose from.

Cons: None


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13 Jun 2022

100% authentic

Got the tacos asada and they were yummy! Staff was friendly, they really know what they're doing. Would give five stars if they were fully vegan!!

Pros: Highly authentic vegan Mexican food, Friendly staff

Cons: Serves real cheese


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19 May 2022

Solid AF

Great classic Mexican. Super burrito is a beast.


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Non Veg
12 Feb 2022

Great food and horchata

Delicious food! Love going here to get some tamales!


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02 Feb 2022


I am OBSESSED with this place! Everything I've had from here has been amazing. And vegan horchata is *chefs kiss* I will go here every chance I get. 😍


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30 Dec 2021

Pleasantly surprised

Overall we had a great experience, waitress made us feel welcomed and appreciated, food was good and menu has more to explore so we will go back again and again #Veganuary

Pros: Big menu , Parking right outside restaurant , Fair pricing

Cons: Chips a little too greasy , Salsa was good but room for improvement


31 Dec 2021

Wow looks really comforting…mind if I ask, what did you order?


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22 Dec 2021


The tortas! The tortas! The tacos! Also, BYOB? Yeah. Best ever.


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29 Oct 2021

Buena comida

Ventured from the Gold Coast in the rain to try out the queen and she did not disappoint. The tacos were magnificent! Ordered carnitas, asada, and Al pastor. The asada was the best to me. I also ordered a chorizo quesadilla which was good but I more preferred the tacos. If you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican food then this is your place!


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25 Sep 2021

the best!

If I could only eat at one place for the rest of my life, it would probably be here. Extremely diverse menu with emphasis on wellness and health!! Definitely try the daily specials and the vegan tres leches😄

Pros: Everything is available vegan! , Health-focused


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08 Sep 2021

Run, don't walk

I cannot recommend this enough. I was introduced by a non-veg friend and was immensely impressed by the authenticity, the options, the quality, and the atmosphere. More interestingly a lot of meat-eating friends have come to call this a repeated favorite. My father who is picky about Mexican food and even more obstinate about vegan food absolutely loved it. In my opinion, this is the best vegan Mexican spot in the city.


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28 Aug 2021

Authentic Mexican food with lots of vegan options!

What a great place! Just about everything can be vegan. All of the faux meats and cheeses (tofu and potato) are made in-house. Delicious and filling. Loved it!

Pros: Mostly vegan , Extensive menu , Authentic Mexican

Cons: They serve cow cheese and eggs


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06 Aug 2021

vegan options galore!

everything on the menu can be modified to be vegan or is already vegan. it’s so overwhelming to have so many options! there are vegan meat alternatives for so many types of meat. overall i’m really glad i got my tacos and they were very satisfying! they were pretty small, so 3 was the perfect amount for me.


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12 Jun 2021

Best vegan chicharrón

I was never a fan of chicharrón en salsa verde before being vegan, but the chicharrón from this place was amazing! Even my mom who eats meat loved it. Quesadilla La Reina del Sur never disappoints!

Warning! This chicharrón is only for the spicy food lovers:)

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08 Jun 2021


The food is so delicious, every time. I recommend the Fajita de Poyo de Soya! You really can't go wrong here. The food is authentic, the chips are tasty, and the health juices/smoothies are wonderful.

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15 May 2021

Gold standard for its niche

Imitation chicharrón. El Faro ain't got that. Vegan dessert options. Faro ain't got that. Portions are big and reasonably priced. Hate to compare since they are trying to be different things --hours of operation can tell you as much-- but yeah this place is a lil bit better.


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30 Apr 2021

Delicious and Affordable!

A rare combo in Chicago, they’ve got top notch food at incredibly reasonable prices; very much so worth giving a shot!


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27 Feb 2021

Mexican Veg Cuisine

The best vegan tamales in town. Very affordable authentic Mexican cuisine. 👌👌


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28 Dec 2020

Great Mexican food

After regularly being disappointed by sad excuses of veggie tacos elsewhere ordering from Quesadilla was awesome! Each taco and different dish creatively made Mexican recipes vegan, keeping them flavorful and filling. Really reasonably priced too. We really liked the Barbacoa Taco and Carnitas taco.


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11 Oct 2020

great vegan options

Ordered ahead online and pick up was super quick. Had vegan tamales and a vegan asada quesadilla, both super good

Pros: lots of vegan and vegetarian options, quick


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03 Feb 2020

Delicious, fast, family owned.

Great menu beyond just tacos and burritos. Authentic Delicious fresh food served up quickly. Friendly and efficient staff. We come often!

Pros: Lots of vegan options & juices, Not just tacos and burritos, Authentic Regional flavors

Cons: Fake meat in everything, Some items (tamales) by default have fake meat


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10 Jan 2020

excellent food!!

I started coming here about 8 years ago, and every time I visit Chicago I get a meal here. The food is consistently some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. I usually get tacos with a variety of vegan meats - my favorites are the chorizo and carnitas. The vegan horchata is also a must have. The staff is also consistently friendly and helpful, creating a nice atmosphere for eating, despite the rather run-down location. I highly recommend!!

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