Serves meat, vegan options available. Vietnamese/Japanese restaurant located in a basement (not wheelchair accessible). Offering starters and main dishes with vegan "beef," "chicken," and tofu. Open Tue-Sun 10:00-22:00.

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First Review by dorémifasollasido


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18 Feb 2024

Vegan section in menu!

We had very tasty sushi, the pad thai noodles and udon red curry with vegan beef.
I didn’t like the „green tea“, but it’s fine because the food was soooo delicious.



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13 Jan 2024

Lots of tasty vegan dishes

There is a large selection of vegan dishes with vegan chicken, beef or tofu. In addition to many pasta and rice dishes, there are also very exciting starters. There is an extra double page in the menu for vegan dishes.
The food was very tasty. Although the restaurant is located in a basement without windows, it is quite cozy.

Pros: Separate Vegan Menu, A lot of vegan options, tasty


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28 Sep 2023

Food was ok, atmosphere not really nice

They have quite a bit of vegan options on separate pages in the menu.
I had vegan sushi and vegetables. It was ok, the vegetables had this typical taste like when you eat in a chinese restaurant, which makes me wonder how much glutamate might be in the meal. The meals came quite fast, which also doesn't indicate fresh, high quality food to me.

Pros: extra vegan menu

Cons: taste was like from a chinese restaurant kitchen, restaurant is downstairs without windows


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14 Aug 2023


I was there with my vegetarian friend. We both enjoyed our food. And they have Kofola.


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23 Jul 2023

Nice option for Karlsbad

Restaurant has a section in the menu that is vegan. The main dishes came when we were still eating the starters. My udon noodles with red curry were nice. The pad thai with vegan beef, that my husband ordered, had probably fried egg in it. We asked the waiter, he went back to the kitchen and claimed it was “tofu residue”, but it looked and tasted like egg (my husband is not vegan, so it was okay). So if you order pad thai, clearly state you want no egg, just to be sure.
Vegan beef was very delicious.

Pros: A lot of options in the menu, Dishes with tofu, vegan chicken or vegan beef

Cons: Pad Thai probably not vegan.


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20 May 2023

Very good!

We went there twice and liked it. The staff is very friendly and the dishes arrived super quickly. We would go there again and recommend visiting this place.

Pros: Plenty of vegan dishes , Almost no waiting time for the food, Good prices


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21 Apr 2023

Heerlijk vegan eten

Veel veganistische opties en heel erg lekker eten!

Pros: Veel vegan opties, Lekker, Vriendelijk personeel


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07 Apr 2023

Lovely restaurant

A real gem for vegans visiting Karlsbad. Lots of vegan starters and mains on a separate section within the menu. The food we ordered was delicious and prices are moderate.

Pros: Separate Vegan Menu, Vegan Sarters & Mains, Friendly Staff


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01 Apr 2023

Very delicious!

They have a variety of vegan options! We tried to taste as many as possible and all of them were very delicious! We can absolutely recommend going here!

Pros: Variety of vegan options


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28 Feb 2023

Lots of vegan options

Very surprised about the variety of vegan options

Pros: A lot of vegan options, Delicious , Cheap


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04 Feb 2023

Amazing (: I would give 5 stars but this app is dumb

Came here for a birthday trip. This place didn’t disappoint they have loads of vegan options and a variety of menus (one for rolls and one for everything else) we are going back tomorrow to try some more.

Pros: Staff speaks English/Czech , Friendly and nice environment


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31 Dec 2022

Great experience

Good food, good prices. We got the fried PadThai with tofu and vegan chicken and the blueberry smoothie with coconut milk. It is delicious if you like sweet food and definitely get the blueberry smoothie. Loved the options in the separate vegan menu, it was hard to choose between so many. We will come back if we get the chance!

Pros: Many options, separate vegan menu, Good prices, Friendly staff

Cons: A bit too sweet


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29 Sep 2022

Good food good prices

אופציות טבעוניות אמיתיות, ולא סתם מנות צד כמו סלט. יש להם שני עמודים שלמים בתוך התפריט עם אופציות טבעוניות שמכילות "עוף" טבעוני, "בקר" טבעוני וטופו.
בגלל ביקורות קודמות פה בhappy cow קצת חששנו והלכנו על בטוח עם מנות הטופו שהיו מעולות: אטריות אודון עם טופו וירקות ומרק פו עם טופו מטוגן. לקחנו גם מנת פתיחה ספרינג רולס (בתפריט נקרא סאמר רולס).

בגלל מה שנכתב פה לפני לא פיתחנו שיחה עמוקה עם המלצרית באנגלית, אבל היא הבינה מיד מה ביקשנו וקיבלנו בדיוק את זה.

האוכל גם הגיע מאוד מהר, והמלצרית תקתקה במהירות את השירות. ממש אהבנו את אטריות האודון. אוכל אסייתי במיטבו.

שלוש מנות ובירה עלו לנו 405 קרונות צ'כיות (ספטמבר 2022) שזה בין הזולים שהיו לנו באזור.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-29

Pros: הרבה אפשרויות טבעוניות , שירות מהיר ומקצועי, טעים

Cons: אין חלונות (אבל האווירה נעימה, חמימה ואותנטית)


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03 Sep 2022


They have separate vegan menu

Salad looking fresh plants on the plate tasted like vinegar I am not sure it felt like “don’t eat this” sign

Fried noodle dish was nice but not amazing
Price was reasonable and staff was very friendly


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03 Sep 2022

average taste

we had the pho soup and stir fried which was okay - nothing special though. the staff is very friendly and super fast! I also like that they had a vegan menu. Interior meh (it’s underground)

Pros: vegan menu, friendly staff and very fast, cheap

Cons: average taste


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12 Aug 2022

Was tasty!

I can recommend this place. The waiters spoke a bit English and were friendly, the vegan udon noodles were tasty.

Pros: Many vegan options , Friendly service , Good food

Cons: A little pricey for Karlovy Vary


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02 Feb 2022

Lecker schmecker

Wir besuchten dieses Restaurant gegen 17 Uhr.
Nachdem wir den Berg bezwungen haben, wollten wir entspannt etwas essen und fanden nur wenige Vegane Optionen in Karlsberg.

Pros: Preis Leistung , Ambiente

Cons: Verständlichkeit , Wartezeit


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12 Jan 2022

Vegan vietnamese food

Good vegan selection. Menu in English. Definitely get the blueberry coconut smoothie, it's so yummy! Not sure if the use glutamat, I asked them but stuff didn't understood me. Furthermore they served me fishsauce for the rolls and I could smell fish inside my main dish too. So not sure if all dishes are 100% vegan. But that's nothing new when you eat out at Asian places.

Pros: Vegan vietnamese selection.

Cons: Fishsauce in some dishes


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17 Oct 2021

Lots of veggie options

Lots of vegan options 👍And very tasty! Tofu is much better than the vegan beef. I went twice and loved the udon noodles with tofu. Also enjoyed the ginger tea :)

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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18 Sep 2021

Don't know what vegan means

Well, I ordered "Fried Pad Thai with vegan chicken" and "Steamed buns with BIO vegetable" and especialy asked if it was all vegan. They said yes, so I waited for my food (I was taking it to go) when I got it I went out and (luckily) checked if the food is OK and it wasn't... My "vegan" noodles was all covered in eggs (and also there were supposted to be 3 dumplings, I got only 2, but that's not the main problem here). I went back to get the food remade, but they told me they CAN'T make it without an egg! They returned my money and quickly sent me away. Without food.
When I was talking to the lady she said that some vegans want eggs and that vegan means without cheese... So be avare what you are ordering and make sure if it is really vegan.

Pros: Offering (hopefully) vegan meat alternatives.

Cons: Don't now what vegans eat., I left without food and hungry.


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05 Aug 2021

Some vegan options

I definitely didn't expect that it would be so good given the first impression but it had at least 6 or 7 vegan options on the menu without counting fries and salad.

Pros: 6 or 7 vegan options


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02 Aug 2021


Ich war von der Speisekarte überwältigt, da es hier soooooo viele vegane Gerichte gibt.
Das Personal war sehr freundlich und die Einrichtung ist auch nett.
Schade, dass mein Magen so klein ist und ich nicht direkt alles essen konnte. Ich muss wohl noch mal hier Urlaub machen. :D

Pros: Viele vegane Gerichte, Sehr günstig


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29 Jul 2021

Absolutely fantastic

We were really surprised to find such a good option for vegan food in a relatively small town like this.
The menu can be a bit overwhelming at first, but keep an eye out for the word "chay", which means vegetarian in vietnamese.
Thr staff was really friendly and super fast, the food was incredibly cheap and the taste was absolutely fantastic.
I can't wait to visit again.


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28 Jul 2020

Wish I had this restaurant at home

I would give 5 stars, if I could :)
The menu is very very big, so everyone can find something. Meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. Even the vegan options are numerous. Mostly you can choose if you want the meal you want with tofu, vegan chicken oder vegan beef. Plus there ary many delicious starters like spring rolls, summer rolls, dumplings, buns, soups and so on. When you read this, don't hesitate and go there. Thank me later. Trust me.

Pros: Pay by card

Cons: Just inside and in the cellar


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04 Jul 2020

Good choise for vegans

Good choice of vegan dishes.
Only 3 stars because the stuff has hard time speaking english and got half or our orders wrong. It took us several attempts to get what we wanted.


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16 Jun 2020

Vegans BEWARE: meat !

We ordered different kinds of dumplings (all with vegetable fillings) and specifically verified with the waitress that they have to be vegan. She ensured they are vegan but when they arrived and we started eating we realized there was fish and meat inside.
When we talked to her about this, she just smiled and pretended she didn't understand even though she did understand us before.
The main dish was way too oily and not tasty at all.

Cons: Meat inside our dish


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03 Mar 2020

Good surprise

Good choice for vegan food in this small city. Vietnamese starters were good (dumplings filled with vegetables or spring rolls with vegan "beef" meat) and main dishes very tasty.
Good portions, meat alternatives and staff very friendly.

Pros: Good food, Friendly staff, Cheap

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