Vegetarian cafe offering several vegan choices on the menu. Menu offerings may include wraps, salads, noodle dishes, vegetable spring rolls, and more. Became a vegetarian cafe August 2021. Open Tue-Sat 10:00-16:00. Closed Sun.

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First Review by thomastng


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28 Aug 2023

What a find!!

If you're in Dumfries, or in the area, this is deffo the place to go for vegans. So many options including loads of cakes. Dog-friendly. Reasonably priced.

Pros: Food, Dog-friendly, Loads of options



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12 Aug 2023

Delicious Vietnamese food

Many vegan options and tasty Vietnamese as well as traditional British. Very good value.


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05 Jul 2023

Lunch with Friend

Day trip to Dumfries. Very welcoming cafe/restaurant. Excellent customer service. Great food choices for vegans and vegetarians. Great food. Excellent value for money. Would definitely recommend.

Pros: Great choice of vegan and vegetarian options, Great customer Service, Welcoming and Friendly Environment

Cons: None


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01 Jul 2023

Great Find!

My Granma is from Dumfries and mentioned she had seen a ‘new’ Vegetarian restaurant she wanted us to visit. So we went. What a lovely surprise! The place has been there for many years.
Really delicious authentic Vietnamese food with lots of traditional sandwiches and soups you would expect in a cafe, vegan and vegetarian cakes too. A real surprise! If we were local we would be regulars!
Well worth a visit

Pros: Options , Fresh food , Authentic


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23 May 2023

Frisch und lecker

Bei unserem Besuch hatten wir eine Süsskartoffel-Karotten Suppe, vegane Haggies und gefülltes vietnamesisches Omelett. Alles war frisch zubereitet und sehr lecker.
Vielen Dank


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Non Veg
10 Jan 2023

Great food, lots of greens

I created an account just to review them. Stunning food, good prices, lots of greens. hope to pass town again just to eat here

Pros: Awareness of dietary requirements, Gluten free options , Lots of greens in the plate!


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18 Sep 2022

Absolutely great

Popped into Dumfries for the afternoon, was delighted to find a fully vegetarian cafe on the app. I went to check there were vegan options, I asked the lady and she was very helpful, confirming that I was a vegan when ordering to make sure she got it right.

Traditional cafe stuff, Sandwiches, jacket spuds as well as some more exotic Asian things, all sounded delicious, but as was just in for lunch I chose a sandwich.

They had a few vegan cakes, I went for the berry crumble on the recommendation from the server, was absolutely lovely! She even checked if I wanted some vegan ice cream (was on holiday so of course I did)

Pros: Plenty of vegan options, Minimal chance of cross contamination , Very cheap for what you get

Cons: None


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28 Jul 2022

Fully veggie cafe in Dumfries

So great to have a fully vegetarian cafe in Dumfries, with plenty vegan options. Very reasonably priced as well. I can’t wait to go back and try something else!


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19 Jun 2022

A great Birthday lunch, on my first visit to Dumfries!

Well, this was my first time visiting Dumfries - and I would come back….just for this cafe! I am vegan, so had done my Google research before visiting, to find that Pumpernickel was the ONLY vegetarian/vegan place to eat. I didn’t need to worry, though, as there was loads of choice on the menu to suit vegans and vegetarians alike; I had one of the Thai-inspired tofu dishes with tamarind, and it was a really tasty, plate-filling, and great value dish! I certainly didn’t leave hungry!! My friend isn’t vegetarian or vegan, but she really enjoyed her choice of meal too 😊.

It’s a 10/10 from me! Thank you x

Pros: Great value for money, Really tasty, Nice decor

Cons: Nothing spoilt my visit!


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Non Veg
27 May 2022

Just perfect cafe

I am a recent ‘regular’ to Pumpernickel, and I am super impressed by the huge verity of food, the excellent service, the friendly atmosphere by staff and customers alike. When I arrive, James the owner, now automatically serves me my perfect coffee and warm fresh cheese scone, I feel like a Queen with such service. James and his wife work unbelievably hard, the food all freshly made from natural ingredients, and such yummy food. I’ve enjoyed trying out the Asian food, and the home baking is fab. I have witnessed customers asking about the products and the staff are great at explaining anything the customers ask. Dumfries is lucky to have such a lovely cafe on its doorstep.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-27

Pros: Excellent communication., Rich inviting option of food., Clean place.

Cons: Never enough time to have more food… ;-)

Wild C

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16 May 2022

Great location, friendly staff, terrible approach with menu

We called in after hearing it had gone veggie. Dumfries has been in need of a 100% meat-free place, so we were keen to support it. My partner enjoyed his Thai burger and I had a lovely pot of tea. Prices very reasonable for a town centre and the staff were polite.

The reason for only three stars is that I had no idea what to order, due to the bizarre menu system. Each table had a printed, laminated, quite old-fashioned looking menu that had typical café options, like sandwiches and baked potatoes. All very cheesy and nothing on it was labelled vegan, though the blackboard outside said vegan options. So I asked what was vegan. I was directed to a printout on the wall, that didn't list any dishes, it just listed ingredients that are used in dishes (e.g. tofu). So, I was none-the-wiser about what I could actually order. I wasn't going to sit there and say, "I'll have the tofu". There were also photos of dishes on the wall, such as dumplings, though none were labelled vegan, even though some looked as if they probably were. None of these dishes were listed on the table menu. There were also no prices on display, and no allergen information (which is now a legal requirement.) So I asked the person serving, again, what was vegan and how I should order, as I was confused. They just pointed to the list on the wall again. The whole experience was quite stressful and I got tea instead. If they produce a proper menu, that lists the dishes they actually serve, with vegan options labelled and prices for each, I'd gladly go back.

Pros: Good location, Low prices for a town centre, No meat

Cons: Really bizarre ordering system, No actual menu


25 May 2022

Hi We are vegan and have been many times to Pumpernickel since it stopped serving meat and fish. We were there today and wanted to let you know they now have a laminated list of all the vegan dishes they do and on the blackboard it said they were all priced at £7.50. The other laminated menu with filled rolls, baked potatoes etc has always had the prices on it and you can just substitute anything with cheese or mayonnaise for vegan cheese and vegan mayonnaise and they have vegan ham, bacon, haggis, chicken etc Every meal we have had has been delicious and they also do vegan Empire biscuits and other vegan cake options which we take away. We hope that you give it another try as we love the food there, especially the Vietnamese dishes and it's great to have so many vegan options in a cafe in Dumfries.

Wild C

30 Jan 2023

OK, will give it another try. I have honestly never been so confused by a cafe!


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30 Apr 2022

Great it's gone veg*n!

Update - April 2022
Been many times since my first review. Their savoury Vietnamese dishes are great, I've had several of the tofu ones. Also been enjoying more puddings, including different fruit crumble/bakes, the Empire biscuit, and today an amazing raspberry and coconut tart on a shortbready base, with vegan ice cream. Yum.

Original review
First time in Pumpernickel, as I'd heard it had gone fully vegetarian and vegan. They have kept their usual menu but all the options are vegetarian/vegan (eg veggie 'ham, bacon' etc.) One of the owners is Vietnamese and so we tried these dishes - spring rolls, and two different tofu ones - all fabulous! They came with fried rice and salad and dipping sauces.
It had obviously been busy, we went at 2pm and only a few tables were left, but then it was quietening down.
The blackboard had the specials on, all sounded great and are good value.
Only two suggestions - label which dishes are vegan or vegan version (ie some of the noodles are not suitable), and maybe have a couple of vegan cakes. (They had a large cake display, but not vegan at present.)
We'll be going back.

Update - returned early Oct 2021. Tried the crepes (nice! savoury 'mince' and beansprouts inside) and friend had the Thai veg burger, also good. Also had CAKE!! Apple crumble pie. Friend had previously had takeaway and had vegan raspberry cake. Was busy Fri 12-2, but other days in week are quieter.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-30

Pros: Fully veg*n, Great to have tofu on the menu, Good value


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26 Apr 2022

unexpected treat

Such an unexpected treat to find a fully veggie-vegan cafe in Dumfries! We were only looking for a decent coffee place, but once we saw the "all veggie/vegan" words on the menu we stayed for lunch. Could have stayed all day TBH ! A big menu of snacks, sandwiches, toasties etc, all using vegan meat substitutes, but for us the daily chalkboard menu was the big hit — about 10 different specials, with lots of Vietnamese (chef is Vietnamese heritage) tofu dishes, vegan lasagne etc. We had the fried tofu in tamarind sauce with noodles, and a thick, intense, root veg curry. Both amazing with large portions for a really decent price (£6.95 each). Friendly, welcoming owner who told me that the move to fully veggie/vegan was quite recent, and has raised a few eyebrows among locals but has proved popular. Nice to hear. Great place, Strongly recommend. Only downside for us is that they'd run out of vegan cake that day!

Pros: generous portions, really good value, authentic home made food

Cons: ran out of vegan cake!


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06 Apr 2022

Delicious great oriental food

Pumpernickel serve extraordinary beautifully cooked Vietnamese vegan and vegetarian food. The cafe stands out for how good its cook is - the tofu and rice are prepared to perfection. I have become a regular and love the fried tofu which is served in several different flavours including lemongrass, tamarind and hot chilli.
However if you visit when just passing through I'd recommend the crepes. Vietnamese cuisine has a distinct French influence and there are some very nice dishes which show that heritage (Or you could just visit twice and try a couple of different meals!)
Friendly staff, spotlessly clean, quick turnaround and very reasonable prices. Not to be missed!

Pros: Delicious beautifully cooked food, Exotic Vietnamese cuisine which is fun to explore, Friendly


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22 Jan 2022

Good food

Really tasty food and lots of options. The menu is all vegetarian and will do vegan where possible. Even did me a BLT as a request

Pros: No meat at all, Really tasty food, All made fresh

Cons: Waiting till it goes all vegan


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20 Oct 2021

Best Vegan place to eat in Dumfries

We were warmly greeted at the door and told what vegan options were available, there were so many. In the end we had the dumplings and spring rolls, they were both so delicious. Even though we were quite full we still ordered a slice of apple crumble pie, it was so good! I would highly recommend Pumpernickel to any vegan coming to Dumfries.

Pros: Lots of vegan options. , Lovely staff


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20 Sep 2021

Great to have a local vegan / veggie cafe

Although we live in Dumfries this was our first visit to Pumpernickel coffee shop. We recently found out that it had gone fully vegetarian/vegan which is what prompted us to go. We had the same dishes as the previous two reviewers. which were delicious. They did have home made vegan biscuits which we didn't try and it sounds like they might have vegan cakes in the future which would be great. It has the usual cafe type menu with breakfasts, soup, sandwiches, toasties, baguettes, baked potatoes etc. as well as Vietnamese and Thai inspired dishes. We will definitely be back to try out more things on the menu.

Pros: Locally owned with very friendly staff, Extensive menu for vegans, Tasty home made food.

Cons: No vegan cakes as yet 🙂


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10 Sep 2021

Always great soups and now fully Vegetarian.

Always had good soup options, but now has a fully Vegetarian menu with some really tasty Vegan options.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-10

Pros: All Vegetarian , Vegan options, Fresh and homemade

Cons: None

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