• CLOSED: Pu Yuan Su Shi Shu Guo Wu

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An all vegan street vendor/restaurant. Seating/to-go options available. Sign reads "be vegan, make peace," Street sign labeled vegan at top above Chinese characters. Name in Chinese: 菩缘素食蔬果屋. Reported closed February 2023.

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First Review by oikogenia


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01 Jan 2020


The lady there was so nice and welcoming! She showed me all the ingredients she had, made recommendations and prepared food especially for me: it was delicious! She also wanted me to try something different at the end of the meal, so she quickly made another sample, that was also very good.
It is a very basic place, but we chatted about veganism and food in different countries and I had a lovely time there!

Pros: Cheap, fresh, welcoming



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16 Nov 2019

So tasty and cheap!

We searched for this place with HappyCow and discovered it on the other side of the rode. The woman working there was really nice and the food was delicious. I would totally recommend this place!!!

Pros: really friendly owner, portion size and price were perfect , freshly made food


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29 Jul 2019

Yummy vegan

Very nice welcoming boss lady.
Yummy food.

Pros: All vegan , noodle in soup or dry.

Cons: Cheap


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25 May 2019

Delicious and cheap!

Delicious noodle with great price!
Lady offered us fried or soup noodle. We had both, both are delicioius. The fried noodle was so delicious, we order it again. The lady was so friendly and kind.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Friendly staff, Cheap


Points +418

25 May 2019

Vegan restaurant run by friendly people

There is no English menu, but staff translated for us and gave us recommendations, we had the thick noodle in soup with dumplings, and one dry noodle dish, ended up ordering the dry noodle dish again as it was so good.

The staff are so friendly and bubbly, gave us a complimentary dessert at the start (Almond tofu with red beans).


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16 Mar 2019

Wonderful noodles

After quite a long walk in town, we finally arrived in this charming restaurant. One of the best we tried on the island! The dry flat noodles were amazing.


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Mostly Veg
06 Feb 2019

Delicious food and great service!

What an experience! The owners are two sisters who speak great English and are very patient. The dumpling soup was healthy and filling. Try the oat milk as well. I got a full meal and drink for only NT$80, which is great value!


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16 Jul 2018

Vegan food for a great price

Super welcoming staff.
English spoken.

Uses almond based milk.

vegan mikal

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19 May 2018

Perfect for vegan tourists to Anping

This small venue is run by devotees of Supreme Master Ching Hai - but is not a full-fledged Loving Hut.

The owner speaks great English and is very friendly, but I suggest having a look at what others are ordering before making your selection. It's a place of noodles and bits and pieces, and you may get enough food for $100 or you might need to eat twice as much to fill you up! See how you go.

Best of all, this venue is a true Taiwanese experience: there's no globalisation at work here! It's genuine Taiwanese food - only vegan.

Give it a go. The venue looked like they need far more customers to keep going, and it would be a shame for a worthwhile vegan venue like this to disappear.

Pros: All vegan, Friendly, Quick - cooked to order


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Non Veg
24 Mar 2018



Cons: 便宜CP值高


Points +327

25 Feb 2018

Small place with inexpensive food

This small restaurant is located minutes away by foot from the historic section of Tainan, close to An-Ping fort. A bit tricky to find, but worth the few minutes of effort to get there.

The food was inexpensive, filling, and tasty. The two people working there were both friendly and welcoming. One spoke great English and helped us decide what to order. The menu is pretty limited (only three choices, all somewhat similar).

Would have gone back had we been in Tainan longer.

Pros: Very inexpensive, Friendly staff

Cons: A bit tricky to find, Small menu


Points +848

02 Feb 2018

Great rustic food, good value

As stated in other reviews this is unfortunately next to a seafood stall so it does smell of fish. This can be remedied by eating at the table furthest in.

One of the staff spoke great English. There is a cabinet with fake meats, noodles and greens you can put in a basket and they served up heated. We also got a big bowl of a lovely hearty dumpling soup, with big portions.

They also gave us some local soybean and coffee drinks and some sweet bread with vegetables on it to try for free but couldn't finish the bread. It was tons and SO cheap!

Pros: great lovely rustic taiwanese cuisine, really good value for money, big portions

Cons: next to a seafood stall, very basic canteen style seating


Points +17

14 Aug 2017


We had a delicious noodle soup with chewy noodles that tastes own-made. I drank all the broth, wich i normally don't. Just to explain how yummy it was! Only 50dollar. Go here for lunch when exploring anping area!


Points +76

22 Dec 2016

Tasty, not greasy and cheap

Two very friendly sisters who own this restaurant were super helpful and made a dish for my celiac partner. Together it came to just over $100! The food was delicious and not greasy. I definitely go again. There was no English menu but the staff are super helpful and speak English.

Pros: great prices. delicious, super friendly owners

Cons: no English menu

Rick Akerboom

Points +77

08 Jan 2016

Great experience.

Place run by two very friendly sisters. They offered me to try the food before I ordered (small pre made dishes). They use mainly organic ingredients. Everything I had was tasty. Most food is boiled and not fried. I went twice and both times paid less than 100.

Pros: Organic , Friendly talkative owners


Points +41

11 Sep 2015


I was lost in Aping and try to find a vegan restaurant, a girl from a tea shop offer me a ride to this place.
the stuff is super friendly and speaks English to (at least one of the two). so I was absent taste an amazing noddle soup and delicious Taiwanese tea.
it was one of the culinary highlights so far in Taiwan.


Points +145

13 Apr 2015

great place near the pier.

We had an awesome lunch there and payed for a table full of good food for 3 only 190 NTD. Very friendly English speaking owner.
Loved it!

Pros: open air , buffet and lunch box , buffet dishes will be heated and cooked again

Cons: next to a fish restaurant, lunch vis a vis to the

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