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Small vegetarian wholefood cafe. Directions: From Central Station (east exit) at the Bremen court southbound (right), approx. 200 meters on the right side. Open Mon-Fri 12:00-00:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-00:00.

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First Review by Marco


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27 Jul 2019

Weakest vegan spot in town

As a vegan, you don’t really need to pay Prütt a visit. Being the oldest fully vegetarian restaurant in Münster, it has nevertheless failed to keep up with modern times and add more vegan options to their menu. Staff is sometimes even confused about what vegan actually means - Pity!
Prütt is said to have improved. Will go there soon and, if appropriate, change this review.



Points +101

20 Jun 2019

1 Stern

Das älteste vegetarische Restaurant in Münster hängt bei veganen Angebot weit hinterher!

Cons: Kaum vegane Optionen, Teuer


Points +194

10 May 2019

Super leckere vegane Gerichte!

Sehr lecker! Das Frühstücksbüffet kann ich auch nur empfehlen :)


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17 Sep 2018


I visited only once and had a vegan version of a vegetarian pizza (see photo). The staff tried their best to make it more tasty by addig an big clot of tapenade as cheese replacement which resulted in a slightly strange and not very tasty combination. The staff was friendly and the beer was good though. If I was in the area I would definitely give them a second chance, but I was not overly thrilled.

Pros: Friendly staff, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Vegan options could me more and better


Points +247

26 Mar 2018

extremely limited vegan options.

This place was fairly mediocre. Slow service, boring menu, and very limited vegan options. Menu said all fresh food etc but it didn’t taste like it. The vegan options are just vegetarian options without cheese and/or yogurt -which makes it dry and unappealing. Can’t even get soy milk with coffee... There are better options for vegans in Münster. Large portion sizes


Points +28

23 Apr 2016


The cafe is located nearby the central station and the centre of Münster...
Nice atmosphere and friendly waiters and waitresses...
Some vegan meals and coffee specialities can be offered with soy milk...
Prices are okay... Pets are welcomed...


Points +48

05 Apr 2016

Unfriendly Service and Ordinary Food

Because of some special wishes, which were already mentioned on our reservation details, the waitress threaded us not very friendly.

Our first sight : Customers are not welcomed here. Are we in a traditional german "Brauhaus", where offers bad and unfriendly service in the name of tradition?

Then, we had to wait 30 Min. for our first round of Semi-warm beers. And it took fast a hour to get our dishes at noon on very calm saturday in Prütt. If the cafe is not packed, while waitreses are hanging just around, isn`t it normal to expect a fast service?

The food was edible, too fatty and not tasty! Almost 10 Euro for ordinary Pasta with some veggies.

They do offer a local beer brand. Wish they could also offer it cold and fresh.

I would not recommend this cafe. Service needs a hardcore Improvement.

Pros: In the Center, Petfriendly, Local Beer

Cons: Unfriendly Service, Extremly Slow, Pricey


Points +265

01 Aug 2015

nice place

Café Prütt is a nice place for vegetarian whole food, but the vegan options are limited. Even though it's worth a try.

Pros: cozy atmosphere, nice for vegetarians

Cons: too few vegan options


Points +27

18 Aug 2014

Authentic and Pleasant Environment

Just a quick review:
-really good vegetarian options
-vegan rather rare but adjustable menu
-atmosphere rather traditional than "hip"
-nice place to go for a rainy sunday afternoon, but not for excessive vegan dining :)


Points +17

10 Jun 2011

Very good (whole)food for a good value of money


Prutt is located centrally nearby the main train station of Muenster. It is a more or less small cafe/restaurant with a nice interior in a reduced and functional design.
Due to limited capacities of seating it is recommended to make a reservation, especially for dinner.

Food and drinks

The menu offers different appetizers, soups, dishes, pizzas and deserts. There is also a daily changing lunch special available for a very fair pricing.
For vegans the situation is quite confusing: the menu states that vegan meals are marked as those. But a deeper look into the menu reveals that none of the meals is marked. Moreover the detailed description explains that only on request meals are available as a vegan option.
What Prutt makes special is the usage of fresh goods from suppliers with local production and that the meals are preferably offered as a wholefood variant. Moreover the menu contains a detailed descriptions section that explains the restaurant's philosophy and production methods and that lists the restaurant's suppliers.

During my few stays at the restaurant for dinner as well as for lunch the quality and the taste of the meals was always excellent.


In general the service staff was friendly and helpful, but some members could be a little bit more attentive.


The prices at Prutt are ok and compared to none-vegetarian restaurants in Muenster absolutely competitive - in total a good value for money.


I definitely recommend to go to Prutt to have lunch or dinner. I am already looking forward for my next visit to Muenster area.

Pros: excellent food, wholefood, good value


Points +1429

20 Sep 2008

Not for Vegans....

Visited this place on a recent visit to Muenster. Very pleasant cafe, with nice atmosphere. Well designed. Only problem was the food! Actually, the food was tasty enough, though nothing great, but there was very little for vegans. This is the kind of place you often find in Europe that is vegetarian, which means that every dish is loaded with cheese and dairy. Their menu actually indicates with a V which dishes are vegan. There were two on the entire menu, one salad and one main. We ordered a calzone without the feta cheese, and it came instead covered in mozzarella. Had a salad as well. OK, but nothing to get excited about. Not in any rush to go back. AGain, if you are in Muenster, it's serves the purpose, but hardly worth going out of the way for.

Pros: REally cozy cafe

Cons: Unfriendly staff, little for vegans, watch out for the cheese!


22 Feb 2013

Hi Pete,

I totally agree with everything you have written about this Cafe. I live in Muenster and checked it several times during the years. First thing, the menu doesn't offer a big variety, it's more on snacks and pizzas (wholemeal only!). But they should be ashamed about what they offer for vegans. On their website ( http://www.pruett-cafe.de/ ), they write that the choices for vegans are "nicht so groo" (not so big), but in fact, there is not 1 single dish marked as vegan, although they have have this sign (v!) in the menu. They write that they could alter some dishes (e.g. omit the cream on the tomato soup; the feta cheese in the greek salad; the cheese on the pizza), but that's the point, you will always have to ask if the cook can do it and, from my experience, they are not really keen on that.

It's really a shame, the only vegetarian restaurant in Muenster, but, to be honest, not worth a visit, at least not for vegans. Veggies can try their luck, it's on the street right behind the railway station.


Points +153

Non Veg
14 Jan 2007

One of the great things of Muenster

Our visits to Muenster are not complete without eating here. We travel by train and it is very close to the central station a short walk from the city center. Prütt regularly has new items on the menu, always healthy and usually very tasty. All dishes are organic, some are vegan. It started in the 1980's as a meeting place for people with alternative lyfestyles, but it has developed into a great restaurant. They have take-out too.

Pros: great food

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