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LA based chain of cold pressed juice shops. Sells chilled bottles of juices, smoothies, and nut milks. Some outlets offer freezes, which are a soft-serve like vegan frozen treat made from juice or nut milk. Some branches might be fully vegan. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-8:00pm.

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First Review by gr8vegan


Points +275

27 May 2019

Be careful! Not organic.

Looks like a great juice bar but serves non organic juices.

Cons: Not organic



Points +76

Mostly Veg
17 Jun 2014


As juice bars go I would say this one is average, they say its mostly organic, but who knows.. I have also heard that the juices are not totally fresh, but again who knows. They taste good, there is a large selection and the servers are nice.

Pros: Taste , Selection , Servers

Cons: Not all organic


Points +3635

30 Mar 2012

Grab-n-Go Juices

I had read about this place on happycow, and here's my Pressed Juicery review.

This is a tiny, tiny storefront in a shopping plaza courtyard behind A Votre Sante restaurant. You won't see it from San Vicente Blvd, you have to park first, then walk into the courtyard. There is shared, open air seating.

All the juices are already pre-pressed and bottled. You choose from a list of around 15 different kinds of juices (green blends, carrot, coconut, etc...). Each bottle costs from $6.50 up to $8.00 for the almond milk.

Taste is good. Twice I've had the "greens 2" (kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon). My husband likes the "roots 1" (beet, carrot, kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery).

Convenient grab and go.


Points +16

16 Nov 2011

Awesome selection

My, oh my, this place is awesome! Needless to say they make really tasty fresh and good for you juices. They also deliver them too! But every time I come in, the staff is very nice and friendly. They are very knowledgeable and are always able to answer all of my questions. But the best thing about this place is probably the wide variety of different juices they have.


Points +6

Non Veg
11 Nov 2011

so many to choose from

Pressed Juicery is absolutely awesome!!! They have the most amazing variety of pressed juices and best of all they figured out how to make them all taste fantastic. I always stop by when go pass it.

Pros: location, taste, variety


Points +18

11 Nov 2011

great tasting

I go to this place every other day religiously. They have great customer service and always make me feel welcomed. Their pressed juices taste out of this world and best of all they are exactly what your body needs (especially me since I normally hate anything healthy or green)


Points +11

Mostly Veg
09 Nov 2011

great deal

I have been doing this cleanse diet and thank god pressed juicer delivers! They are great!!!

Pros: fresh, deliver, delishious


Points +16

09 Nov 2011

Great juices

I went there with a friend few weeks ago because I was curious to give it a try. I sampled couple different combinations and was pleasantly surprised. Their juices taste really good and they are good for you to. This is definitely a win win for me.


Points +44

23 Mar 2011

The best juice

You havn't tried great tasting, freshly pressed juice until you have it from this place. I have tried every kind the make and they are all delicious and drinkable. Even the ones without lemon and ginger, which adds some sweetness, spice and kick, taste great!

Pros: healthy, delicious, deliver to your door

Cons: pricey


Points +2359

09 Jan 2011

Mostly detox Juice place

I was dining at Le Pain Quotidien and noticed a long line of people collecting cartons of juices. I had to investigate further in the commotion. Its basically a door in the courtyard. You can park down below and get validated at Le Pain, not sure if Pressed Juicery validates. I think most customers get this stuff delivered to their houses. I'm anti detox and juicing since its complete quackery that more nutrients will make you more healthy or that there is some way to detox the body. The body detoxes itself and stopping eating the toxic foods gives your body a chance to heal, it doesn't matter if you replace bad foods with juice or potatoes you'll "detox" all the same. That being said, its a cute shop with good carrot juice and a few other blends that aren't detox drinks. I think most people just abuse it for crash and burn weightloss dieting.

Pros: fresh juices

Cons: detox bs

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