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Serves meat, vegan options available. Offers pizza by the slice. A few marked vegan options include soup, salad, and garlic topped marinara pizza. Located just outside of the Sukhumvit / Asok stations on the outside of Terminal 21 mall. Open Mon-Sun 10:30am-12:00am.

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First Review by jojoinbrighton


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13 May 2023

Tasty vegan pizza!

We loved the food there, vegan pizza takes a little longer because they told us have to make it but it was worth the 15 minutes wait, which is not even that long. We ordered marinara, barley salad and vegan pizza with mushrooms and eggplant and it was all delicious. Tasted fresh, vegan mozzarella was tasty and overall a great experience! They have quite a few vegan options, we will definitely go back!



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10 Mar 2023

Great pit stop for vegan

Offered many vegan options but could always just grab a slice of the vegan pizza. Little pricey.

Pros: Decent options

Cons: Slightly expensive.


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16 Feb 2023

Such good takeaway, nice atmosphere inside

Love this place. We mainly order takeaway and it comes quickly and still hot. Packaged well so the toppings don’t fall off.
The restaurant is nice, with a good atmosphere and cheese boards to try (vegan of course). Definitely recommend.


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13 Feb 2023

Forget the pizza…eat the cheese platter!

We went by the “take a slice”-window during lunch time and learned that the pizza slices marked with “v” are vegetarian and none was marked with “w” (vegan). So we decided to come back for dinner and I’m happy we did.
I ordered the vegan nut cheese platter for starters and 🤯 it was soooooo good! 5 different vegan cheeses with perfect italian bread.
The pizza afterwards was a bit disappointing. Not bad, but nothing special either. So we ordered another piece of our favorite cheese as dessert.
This place opens super early, so the cheese platter is a wonderful breakfast as well.

Pros: Vegan cheeses also for take away, Nice staff

Cons: Not cheap, but worth it


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26 Jan 2023

Best vegan cheese I’ve had

After eating I thought maybe it wasn’t actually vegan until I rechecked the reviews.. the cheese was that convincing…
115 for one big piece of pizza, good price.


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24 Feb 2022

Cheese are amazing! Put on a vegan pizza Lol!!!

I was recommend by a friend, we really enjoyed our dinner here with aperol spritz, Aldo have wines, I’d a very after work place. Full of people depending on what time you go.
Right under the bts Asok.

Cons: Not nice place


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29 Dec 2020

Amazing pizza

Have ordered the eggplant vegan pizza several times and it never disappoints!

Pros: Delicious pizza , Quite a few vegan options


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23 Mar 2020

Delicious and large portions

We enjoyed the pizza Lago Verde - with vegan cheese and huge chunks of mushroom and zucchini! Super tasty.
Also has many salad options, plus grilled vegetables!


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17 Aug 2019

Buzzing little gem!

Delicious vegan options - pizzas, salads etc. Small, busy place next to underground and sky trains, perfect for grabbing a quick bite or take away.


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11 Aug 2019

Best vegan mozzarella - ever

The vegan mozzarella here is unlike any I’ve ever tried. It was weirdly stringy - not unlike “real” mozzarella. The dough was perfectly crisp and fluffy, and mushrooms were sautéed to perfection.

I would highly recommend this place!

They also sell vegan cheeses at 290 baht per 100g. I didn’t buy any but they look very promising!

Would have given 5 stars if happy cow allowed for it.


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23 Jul 2019

i have lived off the marinara pizza

ate the pizza like 4meals in a row and didnt get tired. some of the best pizza i have ever ingested


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23 Jun 2019

Great deli Italian food

Food is great with quite some vegan options. Considering the average price of Italian food in Bangkok, it's also good value for money


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05 Jun 2019

Yummy vegan pizza!

Great vegan pizza slices in Bangkok. The vegan mozzarella is super stringy and cheesy!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, including appetisers., Good English speaking staff. , Near BTS station.

Cons: Small.


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03 Mar 2019

Pizzas w/ vegan cheese🧡

The vegan options at Pala Pizza are really great. Over time, they have included more vegan options and included it in the menu. Pizzas are made to order and feature vegan cheese. The crust is delicious and fresh, the vegan cheese is really good such a treat. The deli in the back sells a variety of home made vegan cashew cheeses. There are risottos and pastas which are also served vegan and if requested gluten free. Such good value for the food, hope dessert options will follow soon. It is cheap and cheerful and popular, so there may be a wait if you want to sit on a busy night eg: Friday and Saturday.

Pros: Good vegan options, Well priced, Delicious

Cons: Limited seating, No vegan desserts yet


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03 Dec 2018

Best fresh vegan pizza in Bangkok

The pizza is delicious and they use fresh ingredients. They told me to wait for 20 mins for the vegan pizza as they need to make it new. The queue would be quite long if you arrive there at peek hour. The staff can speak good English but they are not really friendly with us. Maybe because they wanted us finish fast so they can serve others who are still waiting outside. They should open at bigger place.

Pros: Fresh ingredients

Cons: Small space


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08 Nov 2018

Must come

Love this place.
Nice food, staff and vibe.
The staff know how to cater for vegan customers.
Will come back again.

Pros: Good food, friendly staff, nice vibe

Cons: Meat hanging at the counter


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12 Oct 2018

Great Vegan Pizza

Don't buy the cheese-less vegan pizza in the window. Get one of the many vegan choices made fresh with vegan cheese (takes about 15min). Very delicious, generously topped slices. 260 baht for two big slices. This place is great!


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Mostly Veg
21 Aug 2018


Last time i was in Bangkok i ordered a Vegan Pizza with melting Vegan Mozzarella and it was to die for
The crust was crunchy the topping juicy and of course the vegan mozzarella topped it all
The service is very friendly and we felt very welcome and taken care of
I also liked that the pizza price was extremly reasonable compared to other venues
I definetly will be back when i am in BKK again....shame we dont have a place like this in Koh Samui
Keep up the good work 😋😋😋

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18 May 2018

Best Italian Vegetarian and Vegan Venue in Bangkok

We live in Bangkok, and we love healthy vegetarian and vegan food. We eat mostly vegan, but sometimes cheese is okay. We love love love Pala Pizza Roma. They have recently become much more vegan aware, and now always have some vegan specials available (ask for the little table stand menu with specials of the day on it - one side will have vegan options). Also, they are happy to customise menu options to make them vegan or vegetarian. The pizza is delicious - the vegetable special is full of yummy spinach, but might have feta cheese in it, I'm not sure. But do go inside and sit down, because there are great options on the ordinary menu as well. I love the lentil soup (vegan) and I often have the pasta puttanesca and ask them to swap the anchovies for mushrooms. Other regular menu options are All' Arrabiata, Pesto, Farrotto (a delicious risotto made from farrow - ask for it to be veganised) and The special vegan menu currently has portobello mushrooms on grilled polenta, and it is delicious! They also advertise vegan coffee options, but the one time I asked for it they were out of soy milk. Not sure if that was just an unlucky day. For sit down customers they offer free delicious olive oil and bread as a starter, and you can also ask for chilli oil to drizzle on your pasta in place of parmesan.

Pros: Delicious authentic italian food, Great, convenient location right at Asok BTS & MRT, Helpful staff, willing to veganise dishes

Cons: Very popular, may have to wait for a table

Mike Munsie

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02 Sep 2017

vegan pizza option

the pizza shop is on ground level at the front of Terminal 21 under Asok Station ... I had a slice of the marinata pizza (฿50) that was a basic pizza base with a tomato sauce and garlic topping ... make sure they re-heat the pizza to get the best taste

Pros: vegan pizza option


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09 Jun 2017

Decent vegan pizza

Can sit inside or grab a slice takeaway, although they rarely have the one vegan pizza in the takeaway window. Tastes okay, dough quite thick. They also have a calzone/pie-type dish that is vegan and can be eaten takeaway, which tastes better than the pizza.


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29 Jan 2017

Good on the Go

This place was just as described. Little walk up counter pizza parlor, where you order by the slice right there.
We got the marinara pizza slice, it is basically pizza bread with marinara on top and some spices. We took it on the go going to another vegan restaurant, and it was a nice starter. It's definitely not a *good* vegan pizza but its decent and does the job.
Its sort of like having garlic bread with marinara on top. That being said, i'm sure you could sit down and have them put lots of veggies on it but it would probably still be average.
No complaining! For 45baht/slice this was as expected.

Pros: on the go, take out, good location

Cons: average


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30 Aug 2015

Can't complain

Like the previous reviewer, you can choose to complain about this restaurant's lack of care if you like, and he's correct in his complaints. However I personally think that it's a little bit much to expect this bustling restaurant that serves both eat in and take-away customers at the hugely busy MRT/BTS interchange, to be worrying about which utensils they use for each pizza. Especially seeing as the vast majority of customers will be non-vegan. I instead am thankful that a pizza restaurant actually has a vegan offering, so that I can get some fresh food to take away when I'm changing trains like a normal person, because most pizza restaurants don't offer that.

The vegan pizza is called 'marinara', and it's essentially just dough with tomato sauce on it. And I would say that yes, it does taste as bland as it sounds, even though they try to give it a little more flavour with herbs. But even though it's fairly tasteless, that doesn't mean that it's inedible, and it's better than nothing if you're in a rush.

If you want a really delicious, vegan focussed, sit-down meal, and you have a bit of time, then the excellent 'May Veggie Home' is only a five minute walk from this pizza restaurant. However if you're with some carnivorous friends that you can't convince to go vegan for the night, or if you just need something quick to take-away, then I'm actually very thankful that they have a vegan offering, because let's face it, most pizza places don't.


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26 May 2015

Vegan options not handled properly

Even though Pala Pizza offers vegan options, from my past experience, it seems like there is not proper handling of vegan food. The vegan pizza is picked up with the same utensils used to pick up non-vegan pizza, which is contaminated with cheese. Last time I was there and ordered a vegan slice (which was over 5 months back), I found a piece of cheese on it. I have not been back since.
I believe a restaurant offering vegan options, should know how to separate and handle the vegan food properly to avoid contamination from animal protein.


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03 May 2015

Vegan Pizza by the Slice

I was super excited to discover this place when I googled "Vegan Pizza Bangkok"! The vegan pizza option is a marinara pizza with plenty of garlic and it's ridiculously good. You can order by the slice, 1/2 meter or meter. They label vegan options on the menu and there were also soups and salads to choose from.
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