Serves meat, vegan options available. Pierogi restaurant with labeled vegan options. Relocated from Sławkowska 25. Open Mon-Fri 12:00-18:00.

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First Review by EmAndTheWorld


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25 Jun 2023

Mixed feelings

Pierogi were good, some of the best I've had. There were a very few vegan options. Barszcz czerwony was on meat which I found disappointing, especially since traditional polish barszcz is vegan. Also, cutlery was plastic. Place is really small and rather ugly. There is no bathroom.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-16

Pros: Vegan options , Good food

Cons: Plastic cutlery , No bathroom , Really small and ugly place



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13 Nov 2020

Good food, could have had more variety

Serves meat, has a good enough variety of vegan options (about one sweet one and three or four savoury ones). Went there September 2020, so the menu might have been limited because of the Covid outbreak. The waitress accidentally put cream on my blueberry pierogi and was very accommodating about me being vegan. Good food, huge portions, good value for money.


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07 Aug 2020

Covid review

Was there during the Covid outbreak which is probably not the best measurement, however staff looked annoyed that I want to eat there and gave me only takeaway. Food is delicious but hard to rate when eaten out of a plastic box.

Pros: Very tasty food, Lots of vegan options

Cons: Staff a bit mean, Place is tiny


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09 Mar 2020


We ate the mushroom, lentil and onion and the spinach and garlic pierogi, both were delicious. The serving size was huge for the price

Pros: Huge servings

Cons: Could have been more options without mushrooms


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29 Feb 2020

Vegan pierogi

Visited here on our trip to Kraków as I had heard they did vegan pierogi. They had about half a dozen vegan options including a sweet one. I went for the sauerkraut and mushroom ones with onions on the top. They were delicious and great value for money. Service was quick- prepared as we waited with a small seating area inside. Located in old town.

Pros: Vegan pierogi menu


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23 Feb 2020

Najlepsze pierogi w Krakowie

Najlepsze pierogi jakie jadłam, może miejsce jest małe ale za to ma swój klimat. Polecam! Duży wybór smaków 😃

Pros: Wiele smaków do wyboru, Miła obsługa , Świeze produkty


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21 Feb 2020

Simple but good food

The staff is rather unfriendly. I wanted to order but they just ignored me. Also the space is small and i dont think it had a bathroom. However, they have many vegan options and we enjoyed the food a lot. So this is the place to go for vegans to try this traditional Polish dish.

Pros: Many vegan options, clean

Cons: Small, unfriendly staff


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14 Feb 2020

Great place

Really great place, many veggie and vegan options. The prices are cool, between 15 and 20 zloty for 12 pierogis.

Cons: Very small place, only 4 tables.


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13 Feb 2020


Cute, little restaurant with quite a lot vegan pierogi options, even sweet pierogi. Super friendly staff.
Unfortunately, there was no sign on the door saying that they close at 7pm in the winter season, so we had to come back a day later :(

Pros: Many vegan options, Authentic

Cons: Very small place, sometimes already full


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11 Feb 2020


I tried them all and omg they were so good!


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Mostly Veg
02 Feb 2020

Amazing pierogi

This incredibly small place serves some incredibly delicious vegan pirogi and soups. There is also an option to mix different flavours of pirogi into one dish.

Updated from previous review on 2020-02-01

Pros: Varied selection, Friendly staff, Big portions

Cons: No bathroom


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28 Jan 2020

Traditional food at a traditional place

I have a bit mixed feelings about this place. I am pretty sure this place has not changed over the last 30 years, maybe longer - the interior, furniture, staff that is not smiling, nothing fancy. But, pierogi are a Polish classics and this is probably the best place to taste them in Kraków, since their have the widest vegan offer! Their menu are pierogi at its best, really tasty, plenty of both sweet and savoury options. And very tasty. So I believe you should give this place a try, at least once.

Pros: Location, Great selection of vegan options, Tasty

Cons: Very small, not for big groups, Staff not extremely friendly


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27 Jan 2020

Best pierogi in Kraków

So good. They had 8 vegan pierogi options. I tried them all and they were all good. I came here with meat eaters and they loved theirs too. It was so good that the next day someone suggested that we go back for lunch - so we did. It was amazing and I’m already missing them. It was also pretty cheap which was nice. Next time I’m in Kraków I will be returning.


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13 Jan 2020

Strange but delicious

We had the apple cinnamon rice piergowy. On the expensive side but it was something I’m glad to have tried.

5-6 vegan options, mostly savoury.

Pros: 5-6 vegan options, mostly savoury. , Family owned and run

Cons: Took some time


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16 Dec 2019

Vegan Pierogis

We wanted to try pierogis and saw that this place had vegan options. It is a very small place but they offer a wide range of pierogis, with several vegan options. I tried ones with potato and onion and I loved them.


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28 Nov 2019


Tiny, no loo and it closes at 8pm... but delicious vegan dumplings! Great to be able to try this Polish dish


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27 Nov 2019

Great !

Glad to not have to miss out on Perogi ! Quiet a few vegan options and separate on the menu ! (We tried them all ) are favourites where mushroom and onion and cinnamon and apple ! Cheap as to expect in Poland and easy to find ! Friendly staff who spoke English and menu was in English !


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24 Oct 2019

Multiple vegan options and tasty food

This place is tiny, but offers a wide range of piroggi. There are 8ish vegan options sweet and savory. I had some with spinach and potatoes, great. And the prices are very fair too.

Pros: Lots of options , Cheap, Tasty


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07 Oct 2019

Really tasty!

Small place, just a few tables but some couples were sharing and it all works well!
The waitress was really friendly and helped us choose, I got one of each of the vegan options and they were all delicious. I'd love to go back to have more, they flavour combinations were really well thought out. I especially liked the sesame ones, and the Chinese style ones were an interesting and tasty change! Very good prices and they do take-away too.


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07 Oct 2019

Really tasty and great vegan options

Small and unimpressive looking restaurant, but don't let you fool: Great vegan Pierogi. sweet and savory ones. 100% recommended

Would give 5 stars if it would be possible for not vegetarian restaurants...

Pros: Sweet and savory vegan Pierogi options , Amazingly fair prices one portion under 4 €


Points +22

04 Sep 2019

Vegan pierogi

The best vegan pierogi in Krakow! Clearly marked vegan options. Tiny place 😊


Points +184

01 Sep 2019

Super yum vegan pierogi

A quaint place with only a few tables, but the staff are super helpful and you can always get takeaway if it’s full. Most other places only serve one flavour of vegan pierogi. At only 2 zloty per dumpling, we decided to fill our plates with a selection of the flavours. I tried the sauerkraut and mushrooms, the broccoli, olive and soybeans, the spinach, garlic and sesame, as well as the sweet apple and cinnamon flavours. All of them very super tasty, fresh and served with a smile 🙂

If you're interested in reading my vegan guide to Krakow, you can check it out here:


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26 Aug 2019

Fantastic vegan options!

A traditional small kitchen which serves vegan pierogi. Absolutely delicious - I had the ones with spinach and garlic and they were superb.

Pros: Vegan options , Cheap , Takeaway option

Cons: Small restaurant so limited seating


Points +160

16 Aug 2019

Traditional, but vegan!

This restaurant is very small, but their selection of vegan pierogis isn't! It's so lovely to be able to try a traditional polish dish but veganized. Unlike most traditional restaurants that only have one kind of vegan pierogis, here you can find a variety of options. There's also the option to get a plate of different flavours of your choice (in this case you pay 2 zloty per piece). Delicious and very wallet-friendly!

Pros: Many vegan options of pierogis, Low price, Great location


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07 Aug 2019

Great Pierogi

Smaczne pierogi! Delicious pierogi, love that they offer vegan pierogi on their menu - it's why this place caught my eye in the first place. The space itself is rather small and cramped inside, no outdoor seating at the time of my visit. They have free WiFi and the wait is relatively short. The price is hard to beat - starting at 15 złoty for 10 pierogi! Our party of 4 got various pierogi flavors across the vegan, vegetarian, and meat menu sections - you can do 2 different flavors, 5 of each. The only flavor that wasn't great was the smoked salmon spinach - besides for that, amazing flavors! I loved the vegan mushroom and lentil pierogi. Some suggestions for the establishment - fry up the pierogi a bit more and offer beer.

Pros: Vegan pierogi, Traditional flavors, Fun new flavor

Cons: Small space


Points +435

29 Jul 2019

Nice vegan Pierogi

A very tiny restaurant, but with a lot of vegan options for this traditional dish, also sweet ones! We tried the pierogi with lentils and it was very nice, my first time eating this dish😄also a take-away option


Points +92

26 Jul 2019

Vegan Pierogi Options

The best vegan pierogi we ate in Krakow. There are several vegan pierogi options on the menu to choose from.

Pros: Several vegan options, Super cheap

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