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Serves meat, vegan options available. Pierogi shop in old town offering a few vegan labeled choices: mushroom and cabbage pierogi, ratatouille pierogi, berry pierogi, and beetroot soup. Open Mon-Thu 12:00-22:00, Fri-Sat 12:00-23:00, Sun 12:00-22:00.

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First Review by Francescalis


Points +93

15 Sep 2023

Few vegan pierogi

The vegan pierogi that I had were nice but there was only on savory (cabbage, mushroom, and onion) and one sweet (strawberry) kind. In addition, minimum ration of pierogi is 8.
I would have prefered to order more variety and less quantity of total pierogi.
The decor tries to invoke a traditional polish look but combined with it's location in the middle of old town, it makes it look like a tourist trap instead.

Pros: Convenient location

Cons: Few vegan options



Points +194

09 Aug 2023

Super leckere vegane Pierogi

Eine vegane herzhafte Sorte (Sauerkraut-Zwiebel-Pilze) und eine süße Sorte mit Früchten der Saison sowie eine Rote-Beete-Suppe sind vegan. Wir hatten die herzhaften Pierogi und sie waren super lecker. Preise haben eher Touristenniveau. Aber das Restaurant ist auch sehr wunderschön eingerichtet und für das Erlebnis lohnt es sich.

Pros: Leckeres Essen, Nettes Personal, auch englischsprechend, Toll eingerichtetes Restaurant

Cons: Vegane Auswahl könnte etwas größer sein


Points +114

03 Aug 2023

best vegan pierogi in town

there are a couple of vegan pierogi, sweet ones and even a vegan beetroot soup!


Points +328

17 Jul 2023

Tasty Pierogi

Decent pierogi, went there on the first day in Krakow for lunch as it was on the way from the train station to my accommodation.

Vegan options are limited but what I had was good and worth the price.

Pros: Affordable, Tasty perogi

Cons: Few vegan options


Points +118

08 Jul 2023

Good for the price

It was nice to taste something local. I had pierogi with lentil filling and it was a really tasty and comforting experience! 😊

I also got the strawberry ones. First they served those with cream (even though I stated I wanted them vegan when ordering) but when mentioned, they remade them without the cream. Strawberry pierogis tasted fine when I sprinkled sugar on top of them.

It's a small place, has indoor and outdoor seating. Maybe a bit unclear which are vegan and which can be made vegan upon request.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-08

Pros: Affordable, Both indoor and outdoor seating

Cons: A bit unclear which are vegan and which vegetarian


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07 Jul 2023

Is that cream vegan?

I had fruit strawberries dumplings. I don't know if the cream was vegan. It didn't seem like much to me. I went to ask and they told me it wasn't. And I emphasized that I wanted vegan. That disappointed me a bit. I don't know if I can recommend it. The restaurant is otherwise nice.


Points +313

29 Jun 2023

Good and nice

It’s nice to have a vegan variation here. Just overall they could be a bit improved, but was a nice snack:)


Points +29

05 May 2023

Very tasty pierogi

They have the only one vegan salt options and two sweet. Those one with lentils and carrot are wery delicious.


Points +112

18 Mar 2023

Beautiful pierogi

Clearly labelled vegan options in a cute local restaurant. Only a few vegan options but i went with the intention of trying the Cabage and mushroom pierogi and i couldnt fault them at all.

Pros: Clearly labelled options , Quick service , Traditional local food


Points +1094

20 Feb 2023

Just good and quick

3.5. It was nice, but I think the one I had with lentils in them were a but too ‘vegan’. It didnt taste amazing, more like a veganised version. But I felt healthy and they were good. Relatively quick but not that quick for fast food with a 15 minute wait and one person in front of us.


Points +533

14 Feb 2023

Unclear about their vegan options

I appreciate when a place serving traditional food introduces vegan options. They should, however, be more consistent in how they label the dishes, for instance, by distinguishing between those that are always vegan and those that can be made vegan upon request. Make sure to clearly state that you want a vegan option when ordering because, with bad luck, you might end up receiving vegan pierogi with non-vegan cream on top of them.


Points +658

01 Jan 2023


vegan options are clearly labelled but the pierogi are nothing special. the restaurant is nicely decorated and waitresses wear traditional Slavic outfits so it's nice experience but I'd suggest not coming here for the food itself!

Pros: clearly labelled, decorations

Cons: Boring vegan options


Points +157

31 Dec 2022

Nice traditional place

Nice little place next to the main square. Big portions and very lovely staff. The mushroom soup served in bread is marked as vegetarian on the menu but we went through ingredients etc with the staff and it is in fact vegan - and we highly recommend it! #Veganuary

Pros: Great location, Traditional, Cheap


Points +177

30 Sep 2022

Vegetarische polnische Vielfalt

Wir haben sehr lecker vegetarisch gegessen für wenig Geld und traditionell.


Points +70

18 Sep 2022

Nice traditional place, be careful with the barzscz!

Nice place with traditional decorations. Three vegan options (soup, pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms, and sweet pierogi), which is in my opinion sufficient for such a place. I was happy to taste traditional food in vegan form. But be carefull with the barszcz (beetroot soup)!!! On the menu, there is offered just one option of this soup and it has the vegan sign. When you order at the bar, the staff asks you whether you want to have it served in a mug (to drink it) or in a bowl (to eat it with a spoon). I chose the bowl option and was pretty shocked when found dumplings filled with meat inside!!! The waitress told me that those meat dumplings are served in the bowl option. Well, I think that in this case, there shall be both options stated in the menu so that the guest can clearly recognize which option is vegan and which not! Moreover in a restaurant in the tourist city centre where you can expect a lot of foreign guest who are not comfy with Polish traditions of soup serving😒

Pros: City centre, Traditional cuisine

Cons: Only a few vegan options, A meal with vegan sign may be served with meat!!!


Points +104

18 Sep 2022

Traditional and Cozy

It's a cute restaurant in the city centre, worth a visit. The food is tasty, however, very traditional for 🥟🥟 lovers.

Pros: Traditional 🥟🥟 , Cute decoration , Tasty food and full plates

Cons: Noisy, Just two vegan 🥟 🥟 and one soup


Points +249

27 Aug 2022

Good and cheap

They have some good and relatively cheap (in comparison to Warsaw) Pierogi. They have two vegan options, I had the one with onion and mushrooms and it was really tasty! We also had some very good Borschtsch (polish beetroot soup).

I can not only recommend this restaurant because of the food, but also because you'll find several places from the same company all over the old town

Pros: Nice decoration, Good taste, Many locations


Points +40

16 Jul 2022


Only one vegan option for pierogi

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-16


Points +215

25 May 2022

Vegan pierogi’s!

We were very happy to find vegan pierogi’s! There were 2 vegan savoury pierogi options and 1 vegan sweet one and also a beetroot soup! We had the 2 savoury ones which were cabbage, mushroom and onion, and red cabbage, onion and garlic. They were really good and the lemonade was too😍🤤


Points +93

23 Mar 2022

Vegan pierogis

There were 3 vegan options (one sweet and two savoury).


Points +249

10 Dec 2021

Our first pierogi!

This place had two clearly labelled vegan, one savoury and one sweet. They also had veggie cheese and meat eater options. The restaurant is really cute and the service was good.


Points +344

05 Dec 2021


I tried mushroom and cabbage pierogi - delicious, maybe too oily. Beetroot soup served in mug. Surprisingly tasty.

Pros: traditional , stylish interior , quite cheap


Points +255

09 Oct 2021

Good place to try traditional food

We went here to try the traditional food. It’s a very authentic and traditional place and the dumplings, but especially the beetroot soup were amazing. Unfortunately, there were only 2 vegan options for dumplings when I came to the place: seasonal fruit (which was raspberry) and cabbage/mushrooms. Hopefully there will be more options in the future :)
We were a group of 10 people and couldn’t get seats inside at first, but they really open up quickly so just be patient ☺️ in regard to that, the waitress was overwhelmed by the large number of people and told us to either go and sit outside or go to another place which wasn’t the nicest recommendation in my opinion.

Pros: Cheap, Traditional food

Cons: Only 2 vegan options


Points +20

09 Aug 2021


The pierogis were pretty nice and tasted well. Not much vegan options, maybe even too pricey but I had 3 hours in Krakow, wanted local food and was hungry. The portions are huge. There is no vegan sour scream or sauce available.

Pros: Big portion sizes available

Cons: Not much vegan options, no vegan sauce


Points +4115

20 Jul 2021

good clearly labeled vegan pierogis

nice traditional restaurant with cute decor. could do with more vegan options though.


Points +31

Mostly Veg
21 Aug 2020

Delicious and great service

The place is nice, the personal is really friendly, the food is delicious, I don't give them five starts just because they have very limited vegan options, hopefully they expand their menu ❤️. Nevertheless, I totally recommended it

Pros: Delicious, good portions

Cons: Not so many vegan options


Points +108

09 Aug 2020

My favourite pierogi place

My favourite place for pierogi in Kraków. A few vegetarian and vegan options, great food and beers inside nice folklore style restaurant.

Pros: Vegetarian and vegan options , Delicious food , Beautiful painted restaurant

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