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Serves meat, vegan options available. Cooks pizza in 3 minutes. Has vegan cheese, sauce, and variety of veggies. Salads as well. Open Mon-Thu 11:00-01:00, Fri-Sat 11:00-02:00, Sun 11:00-01:00.

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31 Jan 2024


This was dramatically overhyped by all the reviews I've read. The pizza wasn't that nice. There was a very long wait, and our pizza was missing a couple of the toppings it was supposed to have. The base was nice, but nothing incredible. The menu was fully in Polish and we had no idea what we were actually ordering. They claim the pizzas are ready in 3 minutes and that's not the case at all.

Pros: Nice base , A couple of vegan options

Cons: Very expensive , Missing toppings, Chaotic service



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28 Jan 2024


they do a really tasty, and quick vegan pizza here. i believe they have 2 vegan menu items or you can customise your own . i’ve visited twice and both times had the same item from the menu (i can’t remember the name, but it’s the one with the vegan bacon which i would definitely recommend!)


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16 Dec 2023

Tasty and quick but high contamination

Pizza was lovely and tasty but when they were making my partner’s (meat) pizza they would pick up the meat with gloves and then stick the same gloves in all the veg toppings which isn’t normally okay with me but I was very hungry after being at an excursion all day. However putting that to the back of my mind the pizza was very tasty and I’d love to know what vegan mozzarella they used because it was exceptional.

Pros: Quick , Central to old town , Tasty

Cons: Contamination with meat


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04 Dec 2023

Quick vegan option

We came here after a day trip, we were hungry and wanted something as soon as possible. The queue was huge, but moved quite quickly. The pizza was nice, but wouldn't go out of my way to have it again. Would much rather have had more tasty vegan food elsewhere.


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03 Aug 2023

it was ok

it's an okay vegan pizza in krakow

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-03


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01 Aug 2023

Fast vegan pizza

The pizza was good and ready in 3 minutes. The vegan mozza was tasty.
You can create your own pizza. They also have vegan beacon.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-31


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17 Jul 2023

Decent quick food

Stopped in here for a quick dinner following a long day of travel. Really quick service and the food was pretty good.

Sadly the pizza wasn't made to what was listed on the menu but was good nonetheless.

Pros: Tasty pizza, Quick meal

Cons: Order was wrong


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10 Jul 2023

Nothing to write home about

This is a pretty run of the mill pizza place, the crust is good - but the sauces aren't the best. Would rate 3 stars, but they have vegan options you wouldn't normally see. They get a point for that.


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01 Jul 2023

Tamaño y sabor perfectos

Puedes customizar tu propia pizza o pedir alguna de su menú, en el cual hay 2 pizzas veganas y creo que también se puede pedir la margarita pero con queso vegano. Yo pedí del menú una pizza Nieboczek, y de las salsas que habían a parte pregunté cuáles eran veganas y me dijeron que lo eran la salsa balsámica, todos los tipos de salsas hechas de aceitunas y una de tomate, que fue la que pedí y que me gustó mucho. También podías añadirle rúcula o espinacas por encima (yo escogí espinacas). El tamaño de las pizzas estaba genial y el precio era bueno. El personal fue amable y las pizza sabía genial.

Pros: Tamaño, Precio, Sabor


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29 Jun 2023

Decent food on the move.

We visited Pizzatopia for a quick pit stop after our trip to Auschwitz. There were a couple of decent vegan options the opportunity to customise your pizza. It was baked fresh in front of you in less than 5 minutes and had a nice terrace to sit in. The toppings were nice but I found the dough exceptional with great crunch but soft dough inside. It’s in an ideal spot just near the main square and reasonably priced considering where it’s located. Overall a very tasty & convenient experience.

Pros: Location, Quality dough & ingredients , Good value


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22 May 2023

Really good vegan pizza

Really good vegan pizza and it was quick to get the food

Pros: 2 vegan pizzas on the menu, Really good and tasty pizza, Fast service


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30 Apr 2023

Nice vegan

You can customize the ingredients, add vegan cheese.

Pros: A couple of vegan options , There's an area to sit and eat


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25 Apr 2023

Okay but nothing great

An interesting idea of making pizzas in 5 minutes with the ingredients of one's choice. They also have a few "ready" options on the menu, one of which is vegan. I think they should have a more efficient system of identifying which order belongs to a particular customer (how about order numbers?) because it gets confusing if more than one person orders something similar. At least once, someone else grabbed my pizza before I made it to the counter. In addition, they should re-think their use of disposables (luckily, the awful plastic cutlery is already gone but they still serve lemonade in single-use cups and with straws). The pizza is usually pretty good - they have vegan cheese and a nice selection of veggies and sauces. They also have vegan bacon but, for some weird reason, it's only available with one specific type of pizza from the fixed menu (it's not possible to change the ingredients), which is a pity. Also, the place can get quite crowded and it sometimes seems that the place might not be super clean.

Update: The vegan bacon is now available as a meat alternative for all pizzas. They've also introduced order numbers to avoid confusion. Adding one extra star. Still waiting for the moment they ditch disposables, though.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-25

Pros: Interesting concept, Vegan cheese (and now also bacon), Opening hours

Cons: The use of disposables, Sometimes the orders can get confused


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18 Apr 2023

Nice and cozy place

I liked it a lot! Great location, cool vibe! Pizza had a great dough, toppings were as usual but they also have vegan bacon which is nice. I recommend!

Pros: Very good pizza dough, Cool atmosphere, Very fast

Cons: Pizza was good, but not the best I have had


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08 Apr 2023

Ok if you're hungry

We really needed some food while doing our old town tour, so we stopped here to snack. They have vegan options on the menu which I think is nice. They came fast and were very affordable. The taste was ok, nothing special. You can come here if you're hungry and there's nothing else around!

Pros: vegan pizza option, central, old town, fast and affordable

Cons: ok taste, not special, very busy always


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29 Mar 2023


Loved this place, the selection of sauces / veggies to put on the pizza is great for vegetarians and vegans. Quick service too.


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20 Feb 2023

Nice place to sit for a while

3.9 Relaxed place with a lot of seating. You can build your pizza. The pizzas are not round like a wheel but elongated. The pizza was tasty but not to strong.

Pros: A lot of seating


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15 Feb 2023

Fast pizza

They have two vegan pizza’s on the menu that you can choose, but you can also put together your own pizza. I had the Nieboczek pizza (with vegan bacon) with balsamic dressing (this is the only vegan dressing besides the oils).

The pizza was ready in a few minutes. They cleaned the pizza knife after cutting a meat pizza)

Pros: Pizza is ready quickly , Not expensive


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18 Jan 2023


Arrived at Kraków after 11pm and not many places were still open. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that this place was serving vegan pizzas that late, otherwise probably wouldn't have eaten anything proper until the next day 😅 on top of that the pizzas we got were really good and had vegan cheese and vegan bacon.

Pros: Meat/Cheese substitutes , Open at late hours , Friendly staff


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01 Jan 2023

Cheap tasty pizza

I got the vegan margarita pizza and it was very tasty. You can make your own pizza with a choice of vegan cheese and vegan bacon.


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13 Dec 2022

Tasty, cheap and fast

I had some really tasty vegan pizza, had vegan bacon, vegan cheese and some veggies. You can ask for as many toppings as you want.
Nice to go for a quick and tasty bite!

Pros: Affordable, Filling, Tasty


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08 Oct 2022

Nice Pizzas

Tasty pizzas and good service

Pros: Vegan options, Terrace


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19 Sep 2022

Really good pizza

Good pizza with Vegan cheese and bacon. Reasonably priced. You can choose your own toppings


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11 Sep 2022

Very nice vegan pizza!

Was a little bit of a wait to order because it was busy, but once ordered it was very quick, and the Vegan pizza was great! Decent price for the pizza and it filled me up, can choose your own toppings too if you wanted to.


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17 Aug 2022

Quick and tasty pizza

A very cool pizza house in Cracow. You create your own pizza by picking a base, sauce, cheese (vegan mozzarella), veggies and toppings such as rosemary olive oil or spinach. Sadly, has no meat substitutes. Your pizza is ready in three minutes. This place is often very crowded.


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26 Jun 2022


Delicious pizza! can choose your own toppings but we went for the two that are on the menu to make ordering easy! Had the iced teas and they were delicious too! Only thing is it can be a bit stressful ordering and waiting for your food to be called out and listening for the name of yours and having to take it to your table juggling your drink! But apart from that its great!


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18 Apr 2022

Fresh and fast

Loved being able to choose my own toppings - including vegan cheese.

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