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Upscale super market inside JR Shinosaka station 2nd floor ARDE Shopping street. Offers two kinds of vegan rice balls (Onigiris 梅干しと昆布のおにぎりはビーガンです). Also serves some vegan snacks, soy milk, fruits, teas and more.

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04 Jan 2020

Here’s how to peel the Triangle Onigiri Wrap

There are numbers written as 1, 2 and 3

So first pick up the tab on top of the triangle says 1 and peel all around, then pull off 2 and 3 horizontally now the Nori seaweed and rice got together and Nori still fresh and crisp (we like it that way) so enjoy !! Inside there’s Kombu seaweed or red Umeboshi salty plum, either one are vegan and I’d say 99% of those two kinds sold all over in Japan are vegan but many has a lot of additives.. but at this store it’s only Rice, seaweed and salt !! Amazing!!

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