Serves meat, vegan options available. Specializes in udon noodles served with a range of fresh veg sides and spices. Broth specifically listed as vegan option (no dashi). Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-8:00pm. Closed Thur.

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First Review by Liss29


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25 Nov 2023

Super delicious udon!

May need to queue up for a while if in a group larger than 2 - I went solo and waited 10mins before skipping the line to enter the restaurant. Let the staff know you require the vegetarian menu before you enter. They also serve warm tea upon sitting down. Udon was great, the broth was delicious and tempura was also amazing as well. Seems like this place is quite popular with locals as well.



Points +37

25 Nov 2023


Best Vegan Udon broth I have ever had. The noodles were perfect as well and the tempura was fantastic. After a morning of lots of walking, it was the perfect lunch.

Pros: Incredible food, Beautiful atmosphere , Generous portion size


Points +75

26 Sep 2023

Great udon in a cosy restaurant

Service: you have to be waiting on numbered seats until you get seated at a table. There is an English menu that has a vegetarian part. The staff speaks English fluently enough to take orders.

Atmosphere: little cosy restaurant with 3 tables and several seats at a bar. There is a second floor, but i didn't see what was there.

Food: has two vegan options. Udon tastes great, single topping is provided. Medium size meal. Has proper spices if you want to give your noodles more flavour

Pros: You can spice up your meal yourself using.. spices


Points +53

30 Aug 2023


A few vegetarian options available on the menu. Menu in english. I had a tofu set menu with tempura and it was delicious. Nice setting too. The staff helped us understand how to eat it!


Points +20

14 Aug 2023

Very tasty

They have multiple options, and an easy to understand menu.


Points +291

13 Aug 2023

Nice traditional udon place / veggies options

Separate menu, kind and considerate waiters despite a little language barrier😄great taste and options, even seasonal menu.
You can call and make reservation but only for 5pm opening time. No later timing.


Points +33

27 Jun 2023

Beautiful udon in calm setting

Delicious nicely presented vegan Udon with vegetable tempura. Also had tasty aubergine with sweet miso (vegetarian) as a side. Very welcoming staff. A haven from the Kyoto crowds and heat.

Pros: Quiet environment , Beautifully presented , Delicious udon noodles


Points +203

06 Jun 2023

No vegan ramen

They didn’t have the vegan ramen at 14 on a Tuesday.


Points +95

29 May 2023

Traditional delicious Udon

The vegan / vegetarian option is very traditional Japanese food and especially great if you wish to try tempura / udon while walking through the busy city center of Kyoto. There also are two side dishes that are presumably vegan: the fried lotus root (レンコンチップス) and deep fried aubergine with sweet miso paste.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-29

Pros: Traditional udon, Convenient location, Price is good

Cons: Only 1 main dish and two sides are vegan , Can be crowded


Points +1109

21 May 2023

Traditional and delicious

This Udon restaurant on the main street of Kyoto offers a great range of traditional Japanese noodles and soups. They have whole wheat noodles, and a vegetarian broth.
Definitely worth a go, and great if you’re dining with omnivore friends!

Pros: Hot tea upon entry, English menu, Traditional atmosphere


Points +11

Mostly Veg
21 May 2023

Amazing experience

Try the house omen with tempura !! Amazing


Points +365

25 Apr 2023

Vegan udon!

Great place to try a vegan version of udon. Very tasty.


Points +18

05 Apr 2023

No vegetarian options available due to “selling out”

Queued outside from 30min after they opened, but they were apparently sold out of vegetarian options by the time we ordered. Absolute waste of time, no apology for not having any vegetarian options available.


Points +53

19 Mar 2023

Vegan udon!

Good choice of vegan udon noodles, delicious and traditional. I added a vegetable tempura set which was also tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-19


Points +335

23 Jan 2023

SO tasty

Vegan omen meal with tempura - SO delicious! The only difference between my meal and my friends was that I had a sweet potato tempura piece instead of a shrimp tempura LOL so my meal did not feel like it was lacking at all. Great place!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-23

Pros: Delicious , English menu

Cons: Slight wait to get in


Points +121

03 Jan 2023


Vegan option is not labelled as such in the menu but the restaurant has a sign outside that they're vegetarian / vegan friendly. I simply asked them to make the vegetarian dish vegan and they immediately understood.
The dish was very good, I'd recommend going there.

Pros: High quality soba

Cons: Only one vegan option, Need to wait outside for a while


Points +335

23 Jan 2021

Udon and more

The waiter tells me they have more vegan options here than at the ginkakuji branch. Not as many during corona times but hopefully the vegan options will increase again as normalcy returns!

Pros: Vegan options including tempura, Staff used to foreigners, English on menu


Points +19

11 Apr 2020

Closed during covid

No notice. Just letter on the door in Japanese


Points +26

09 Mar 2020

Definitely worth going here

Super nice tasting food the atmosphere is pleasing the people are great

Pros: Great vegan options , Presentation

Cons: Not a vegan restaurant


Points +20

07 Mar 2020

Delicious and fun

We absolutely loved the food here. 100% free from animal products, clearly stated on their menu. Putting it altogether in the broth as you eat makes for a fun experience as well. We’d love to go back!

Pros: Clearly vegan, Great food, Fun experience


Points +212

29 Nov 2019

Delicious udon

Separate vegetarian (vegan) menu (ask) with tasty options. The udon was delicious and they say on the menu how to eat which is helpful if you’re new in Japan! Quite a small restaurant right near the Gion district but on the main road, but lovely and cosy inside with friendly nice staff.


Points +377

09 Nov 2019


Smooth tasty udon in generous portion

Pros: Easily accessible , Reasonably priced


Points +144

22 Oct 2019

Traditional vegan noodles

I had a very tasty udon noodles and vegan tempura here. There are two set meals with optional sides to add on. It’s around 2000¥ which is a bit pricey.


Points +300

08 Oct 2019

Very flavorful

Great udon place. The vegetable option was really good. I would definitely come back here again!

Pros: Great taste, Vegan option available

Cons: Cost


Points +94

01 Oct 2019

Delicious noodles

There are Japanese vegan dishes. Everything was delicious. The staff is helpful. there are not many tables, you may have to wait.


Points +25

29 Sep 2019

Loved it

Delicious omen. Had choice of three set meals and extras. Food and service great


Points +553

13 Sep 2019

Good vegan food

Great place for udon noodles, few options for vegan food and nice staff

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