A regular grocery store that carries some products for vegans and vegetarians. Has non-dairy milks and ice cream, non-dairy cheese, hummus, frozen foods items like pizza and Amy's brand meals. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-8:00pm.

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17 Jan 2024

Good experience

Nice shop in azabu tokyo i like this shop



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28 Jan 2023

Expensive but fun to browse

Decidedly not a vegan store (they even sell foie gras 🤢), and very expensive, but being here felt like being back home in the US. I enjoyed taking my time browsing here, and I stocked up on OmniTuna here. (Make your own makizushi with it— wrap up some tuna, mayo, and rice up in a seaweed sheet. YUM!)


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Mostly Veg
13 Jun 2022


I never paid any attention to National Azabu because I thought of it as a glorified US mini market with overpized Western brands of processed breakfast cereals or whatever.

So wrong! I went to check it out because I was nearby and l wanted to look for the recently released omni-tuna -- I've read a lot of hate about this one online, yet it tastes just like any normal soy mince but with a flakey texture, and the macros are pretty decent as well.

I was blown away by the amount of explicitly vegan stuff they carry, and the prices are pretty decent as well -- makes me uneasy to think it's because they want to get rid of the stock and stop carrying those items, but let's take advantage of it while we can.

The non-dairy milk and the make-your-own-nut-butter station were especially amazing to me, felt like being back in Europe. They also have rice cakes, which were my go-to carbs for a long time and are stupidly hard to find here. I'll attach pics of everything I saw.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-13

Pros: Amazing selection of veggie milks, Products clearly labeled, Vegan items on discount

Cons: Maybe clearing stock?, Some stuff is still very overpriced (rice cakes)


17 Jun 2022

Looks like everything is on sale 😬, is it only the vegan ones?


19 Jun 2022

No, there were all kinds of stuff on sale, but it does indeed look like destocking, right? 😭 I'll try to go take another look next month!


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19 Jan 2020

Various vegan options (that aren’t available in other stores)

It’s expensive but sometimes I treat myself to a trip here. Love the freshly baked paninis, frozen hummus, falafels, waffles, pancakes (waffles and pancakes are gluten free too). There’s some really good oat bars i love as well. Nutritional yeast, egg replacer, vegan cheese, butter, ice creams, and vegan meats are available too. So many snacks! Vegan pesto and other sauces are there as well. When I most recently went I got a mochi snack filled with soy cream. Was seriously good. Really the only con is that it is expensive and usually pretty crowded.

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-19

Pros: Lots of vegan options , International Food

Cons: Expensive


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18 Apr 2019

Good selection of fruit and veg

It is probably not the cheapest place but it has a wide selection of produce including some tricky to find items like frozen açai, rye bread and my beloved Pukka herbal teas! Friendly staff

Pros: Large selection


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20 Jun 2018

best selection of vegetarian products at a mainstream store in Tokyo

This store has a vegetarian mark on the price tag of vegan/vegetarian products. It's the only grocery store in Tokyo I know that does this. Unfortunately it doesn't specify if things are vegan so vegans will have to check labels.

Some of the choices are Cocofrio non-dairy coconut ice cream, corn tortillas, whole wheat tortillas, Provamel soy pudding, non dairy milks (soymilk is sometimes sold in bulk), Cucina Amore premade quinoa salad, Sheese, Veggy Cheesy vegan tofu cheese, Amy's frozen products including pizzas, and Kurakon hummus.

They do sometimes sell items at higher prices than other stores, but they have sales and also carry items that you rarely find anywhere else.

Price checking might be a good idea, but I recommend this place a lot for those on trips to Tokyo who don't have time to go to different shops for the best bargain, or those who want to try products that aren't easily found anywhere else.

I've also heard that they plan to expand the range of vegan/vegetarian products that they offer, and also that you can grind your own peanut butter there. Hope to try next time.

When I visited they were providing delivery via Honestbee and had a discount code for first-time users.

Pros: Has a vegetarian mark on price tags, Best selection of products, Has sales

Cons: Some products sold at higher prices than elsewhere

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